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Greek burgers with feta and olives

Hi everybody!:)
10 days ago, we asked from you to choose which recipes would you like us to cook next for the blog.
We promised that we'd cook the first two you'll choose from a list of 5 recipes.
Well, the Poll has closed and the first two recipes were:
a) Greek burgers with feta and olives
b) Octopus with olives and ouzo
Seems that olives are quite popular this summer aren't they?:)

As promised, the 1st recipe is ready and it's published in the blog: Greek burgers with feta and olives

Here in Greece, we love our hamburgers. 
But they’re very different from the US version; plain ground meat is almost never used for burgers.
The traditional Greek hamburgers are beef patties called biftekia/mpiftekia (pronounced beef-tek-ya). They are made by mixing the meat with herbs and/or spices, onion, bread and olive oil. 

They’re usually served with freshly cut French fries. People also order tzatziki and horiatiki Greek salad as side dishes. If you never tried Greek burgers before, you really don’t know what you’re missing! It’s guaranteed they’ll be a huge hit in any backyard BBQ. The flavor and the aroma when you grill those delicious burgers on a charcoal grill (the classic way of grilling meat in Greece) are really hard to describe. Simply put, it’s amazing!

This recipe was created one day that we decided to include both olives and feta; the result was so delicious we ended up making this again and again, and one day we wrote down and measured the ingredients to share it with all of you through our blog. It would be a shame not to do so!
Kali oreksi!

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+LittleCookingTips Panos-Mirella Thank you for clarifying!  I'll try to log in with my Twitter account next time.

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Did you know that you can also make TRADITIONAL Italian pizza dough with milk? Ourselves we didn't.
This is a recipe +Loretta Sebastiani shared, an old recipe of her grandmother. 
Thank you for teaching us the Authentic Italian traditions dear Loretta! 
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We like to think that we try to:) Thank you dear +Loretta Sebastiani !
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How to clean and cut a butternut! An amazing video by +Christian Gagnon !
Découvrez Rapidement Comment Peler, Épépiner et Couper une Courge Butternut  :)

#courge   #butternut   #musquée   #couper   #peler   #truc   #astuce   #cuisine   #culinaire   #doityourself   #vidéo   #tuto   #technique  
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You are always welcome dear +Christian Gagnon ! Your work is always very useful!:) Have a wonderful day friend!
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Hello guys!

Another "Video Selections" update is here! This time, we have chosen:
1.  How to clean squid, by +Howdini 
Wonderful instructions for cleaning a whole squid.
2. How to clean a trout, by +Howdini 
Cleaning a trout for stuffing!
3. How to debeard mussels by +Howdini 
A wonderful video with instructions for removing the beard from mussels!

We hope you'll fing them interesting! You can access them from the homepage
and our videos page:

PS: Please also check our Poll this week on G+ and vote which recipes you 'd like us to cook next:

#video #videos #cookingvideo   #cookingtips #squid #trout #mussels  
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Have a beautiful morning guys! :D
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Check out those Shrimp tacos from they guys at +thewoksoflife ! Sarah nailed this!
Shrimp Tacos w Grilled Mango & Mint Guacamole is bright, delicious, healthy, and packed with flavor! Just check out those close-up shots of the mint guacamole. You know you want some.

‪#‎ontheblog‬ ‪#‎tacos‬ ‪#‎mexican‬ ‪#‎summertime‬ ‪#‎fresh‬ ‪#‎delicious‬ ‪#‎dinnerideas‬‪#‎recipe‬ ‪#‎healthy‬
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Have them in circles
2,348 people
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Delicious, easy cream cheese and dill tagliatelle by +Gabriela Borowiec ! A simple, quick recipe, perfect for a weekday.
Use Google Chrome (right click>Translate to English) it's very easy to follow the steps.
Thank you for the yummy recipe Gabriela!
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Swordfish and eggplant spaghetti by +cinzia galiano ! What an excellent idea, isn't it?
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You are very welcome +cinzia galiano​!
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An excellent, slowly roasted, spiced up, affordable  lamb recipe from +Johan Zietsman ! You don't want to miss this post!
Poor Man's Roast
Having a small family is sometimes a hindrance to a food blogger. With just the missus and myself, things get tricky when thinking up new ways to prepare food, given the small quantity required. The normal way around the problem is to invite friends or fami...
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What would YOU like us to cook next?


Thank you for voting on the Poll guys!
Well, we have our 2 winners:
1) Burgers with feta and olives (44%)
2) Octopus with olives and ouzo (28%)

Again, thank you VERY MUCH for your participation! We appreciate all your support!
The recipes...are coming right up!

Hi guys!
This time we  want YOU to choose what do you want to see next in our blog.
We have selected 5 of our favorite recipes and we don't know which one to cook first. So we want your help! :)
The first two recipes will be the next ones we 'll cook! 
Thank you in advance! :)
29 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Octopus with olive and ouzo
Greek burgers with feta and olives
Grilled feta parcels with capers
Zucchini pie without fyllo
Sea bass in garlic and wine sauce
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Thank you Sharee +Savory Spicerack ! :) yes we will!
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An excellent Horiatiki salad shared by the great guys +Flavorteaze - Greek Foods and Gourmet Selections , for a true Horiatiki Greek Salad.
Anette, the blogger writing the recipe nailed it.
Did you know that the classic Greek Salad aka Horiatiki (meaning artisan) does not contain any lettuce or such greens? In the US when you ask for a Greek salad you are served lettuce with tomato, Kalamata olives, and Feta. Here is a recipe as well as tips and tricks to an amazing authentic Greek Salad for the hot days of summer.
Learn how to make traditional Greek Salad the way they do it in Athens! So simple, yet so delicious.
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Delicious Falafel recipe by +Kushi S ! Can't wait to try those!
Baked Falafel is easy to make and healthier version of falafel with patties crispy on outside and chewy and delicious inside.This is vegan and gluten free recipe. 
Recipe :
Pin it for later :

#food   #foodporn   #lunch   #recipe   #dinner   #foodie   #vegan   #vegetarian   #glutenfree   
Baked Falafel is easy to make and healthier version of falafel with patties crispy on outside and chewy and delicious inside.This is vegan and gluten free recipe. You can serve this as snack / appetizer. I have served it with...
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You're very welcome +Kushi S ! Excellent recipe.
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Little Cooking Tips, Greek, Mediterranean and International recipes!

Who are we

We are Mirella and Panos. A couple in their late 30’s from Athens, Greece, that has always enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes. Our friends would very often tell us "you guys are doing the wrong job!", as our professions are -unfortunately- not cooking-related.

How we started

We noticed that when we shared our recipes with other people, they were very often excited about them. So, we thought that we must be doing something right. That is why we decided to put all of our recipes in one place, making it easier to share them with everyone! Thus, we created our first blog, started publishing them and became food bloggers!

Soon, we discovered that the people interested in reading the recipes were a lot more than we initially anticipated. We didn’t think that there would be such interest from around the world for our recipes.

What’s cooking

Our recipes are often made with organic ingredients which we prefer to buy locally from smaller shops and firms. Our cuisine is mostly Greek and Mediterranean, with a preference on the traditional, rustic way of making the dishes. But since we love trying new flavors and ingredients, we also cook some popular international dishes even though it’s not always easy to find some of the ingredients here in Athens.

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Ακόμα όμορφη, αλλά δυστυχώς σε μεγάλη έκταση τσιμεντοποιημένη και χτισμένη η μέχρι πριν 15-20 χρόνια παρθένα παραλία της Χιλιαδούς. Αξίζει την επίσκεψη ακόμα (ειδικά με την όμορφη διαδρομή μέσα στα έλατα και στις καστανιές από Στενή - Στρόπωνες), αλλά θα απογοητεύσει όσους την είχαν γνωρίσει παλιά που δεν είχε τα τσιμέντα...
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Αγαπημένος προορισμός για περπάτημα, ένα από τα ελάχιστα εναπομείναντα μικρά δάση της Αθήνας, ευτυχώς παρθένο και ΜΗ εμπορευματοποιημένο. Πολλά συγχαρητήρια στο Σύλλογο φίλων του Άλσους που το φροντίζει.
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