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Keep an eye out for the new and improved, the one stop shop for all of your local moving needs in the greater Philadelphia area

#Litemovers Moving Tip 4: Try to visit your new place a couple of days before you are going to move in to pre-clean bathroom and kitchen. It is also a good idea to stock them up with all the essentials: clean towels, shower curtains, toilet paper, and some basic food. After a long and arduous day of moving you will be dying for a hot shower, so it is better to be prepared. Moving to a new place really can be a refreshing, energizing experience – if you approach it correctly. Think over and organize the whole thing carefully and it won’t be long till your housewarming party!

#Litemovers Spring Moving Tip 6745: Organize. Organize. Organize. Finally, throughout the move process, there is one major key to saving time and even money: organization. Doing the small things in advance will make sure that you’re not overspending, overpacking or overexerting yourself as you move.

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#Litemovers offers a free, convenient, and hassle free online request service, just visit us at for your free quote

#Litemovers Spring Moving Tip 610: Seal your boxes: Make sure to seal all of your boxes tightly to keep pollen out, which can indirectly affect your health. Apply one or two layers of thick packing tape to all of the openings of the box and creases where pollen may enter. Just because your boxes are inside the house, doesn't mean that they're safe from being contaminated with pollen. If you leave your windows open during the spring, pollen can easily blow in and cover the surfaces of your home in a light yellow/green dust. It may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but it can be affecting your health.

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When finding the moving company that fits your needs, remember to ask about insurance and licenses... especially after the rash of unlicensed companies operating in the New Jersey area

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#Litemovers has grown into a staple in the greater Philadelphia area due to our genuine respect for the client experience... remember, the lowest price isn't always the best option when moving your family and belongings... just ask these people

#Litemovers Spring Moving Tip 98: Stay Ahead of Your Bills. A little final housekeeping in the home you’re leaving could save you additional costs on bills. Before you move, make sure you’ve set up an appropriate date to turn off your utilities and any other monthly maintenance fees that are associated with your home.

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We value our clients and their feedback, be sure to use peer review sites such as Yelp!, Google, and the BBB to rate your friends at #Litemovers

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Spring cleaning and don't have time to make it to a donation center? There are a variety of groups that will come to you, always be sure to research before contacting
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