Sad News...
We have sad news to report.  Our goal with the 1,000 community challenge was to show the world the size of the community willing to support the long-term safety and security of the Litecoin network with many individuals donating 1 LTC each.  That might show the vendors that Litecoin is in it for the long-term.  Unfortunately, that goal has already failed.  Somebody, we know not who, unexpectedly donated 2,000 LTC, blowing away the matching challenge after 19 new donors had joined.  Thanks to anonymous!
So this is actually great news!
We want to continue the 1,000 community member goal for the stated reasons.  We hope people will continue to donate 1 LTC each to show the long-term seriousness of our community.  If someone else wants to accelerate this by being the next matching challenge sponsor, please contact us privately.
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