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LOL :-) THAT just woke me up :-)
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My goodness, what visual treasure is this blog!?
This Fiji Mermaid is only one of several wonderous props, costume parts and stop motion projects that Swedish Jacob Petersson's mind and hands have birthed.
Ham her Jacob Petersson fra Sverige laver nogle vilde props - som f.eks. denne Fiji Mermaid.
Prøv at surf lidt rundt på hans blog og se flere finurligheder...
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In the dusty corner of an ancient sailors  tavern in Port Moresby it sits, it's true origin lost among a century of tall-tales, the Fiji mermaid. Some say it's hoax, some believe it's a  creature of magic, some whisper of a D...
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Neal the man. 
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I want it to pan across to Carl Sagan looking smug.
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It's almost painful, and even more apropos in the day of autocorrect.
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It's my understanding that the Danes actually came down from Sweden back then, but I could be mistaken.
Otherwise I have no objections to this. ;)
I have always loved the Vikings! ;)

Thanks to +Daniele Di Rubbo 
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Have them in circles
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...because vintage Hollywood and belly dance almost always makes a great visual combo.
Yvonne De Carlo best known as Lily Munster as a Bellydancer in a western movie named Salome.

Salome Where She Danced (1945) YVONNE DE CARLO

+Leo Campos here is your eye bleach. Also, +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen for bellydancing.
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I'm going to try to find this!
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Ja, ham Simon (hvem han end er) er da ihvertfald tydeligvis helt oppe at køre; det er klart for enhver. ;)
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Goddamn, det er sjovt :) Tak, Lise!
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Here is this year's gækkebrev from my hand.
I wrote something about this easter tradition here if any of you should be interested. :)
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Ohh I remember this one, these are truly something special my friend :)
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I think this statuette by +Lars Nohrstedt has some pretty darn cool! Also, the title is liked by me.
"Growing a spine" by Lars Nohrstedt 2013

Secure your statue at

License: Original character
Manufacturer: Ownage

Scale: 1:5
Weight: 1.17 lbs (530g)
8" H (20 cm) x
6" W (15 cm) x
5" L (13 cm) x

Size and weight are approximate values.

The light-gray resin cast is delivered fully assembled and may be painted with acrylics.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for world-wide shipping.
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Ooooh! +Mz Maau quick! Come here! :D
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Me too, +Mikkel Boutrup! :)
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Epic procrastinator
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Pru, Pru-Pruh, Prusilusken, Finkeldinken
Epic procrastinatress extraordinaire. Decadent dissident. Scandinavian Queen of Melodrama. Self-proclaimed Miss Hissyfit of the Universe 1978 through 1985 and again in 1998, 2003, 2007-2012.

I seem to have some sort of Chronic Body/Mind Synchronization Disorder.
Whatever timezone my body finds itself in, I can always be dead certain that my mind is having a blast somewhere else.

*Introduction in Danish first, English below.*

Jeg er en mavedansende, rollespillende, akvarieholdende dramadronning. 
Jeg skriver af og til på dansk herinde, men primært på engelsk. 
Jeg elsker at fjumse rundt her og har ikke en danskercirkel - kun en fællesskandinavisk, så du vil ofte se både norske og svenske kommentarer i mine dansksprogede indlæg.

Har du spørgsmål til brugen af g+ er du altid velkommen til at kontakte mig; jeg hjælper gerne, hvis jeg er i stand til det.

NOW IN ENGLISH - my preferred language here on G+

Likes & Loves:

Oriental dance styles and all but every fusion thereof.

I like to think that my love for the dance makes up for most of my shortcomings as a dancer...I am nothing special skill- or talentwise; that being said, I have been bellydancing for almost fiften years now and I am a drama queen and fusionista at heart, so I do perform professionally on a regular basis.

Drawing and painting and scratching and sculpting and all. That. Jaaaaazz...

Complete amateur; struggling to finish e-ve-ry-thing.
After a ten year break from drawing and some serious changes when it comes to my attitude towards my creative endeavours, I've taken it up again, mostly to my own delight.

Tropical fish keeper since 1997.

I love all kinds of animals but tropical freshwater fish is the only one I can keep and care for responsibly with the life that I'm leading.
Atm. I am down to two water tanks (1x128L and 1x325L) which makes me kind of proud of my own self-dicipline!

Roleplaying/RPGs - mainly D&D at the moment.

Reading, retorics, languages.

Learning new things in general; trying to keep my mind agile.

Mac and iPhone user, mostly by coincidence.
Not a fangirl; I judge and abhor all operating systems equally. 

*I am an agnostic at my core,* and that goes for religions and brands alike.
Somedays I am a skeptic agnostic, somedays a very openminded agnostic, but an agnostic I am. This trait goes for Gods and religions _as well as_  brands and products.
As long as you are happy and behave kindly, we'll get along famously. In a good way. ;)

*I don't tolerate bashing or preaching in my comment sections.*
I don't care if we're talking preferred OS, religion, politics. 
If I or someone else asks for help or guidance about something and you feel like wisecracking or in other way ridiculing the OS, God or brand that that we have at our hands, please, try to control your urges, keep from commenting and just move on.
You know, unless getting blocked turns you on. Then by all means, say your piece. ;)
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I can be nowhere at once.
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