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Keeping myself entertained doodling jotting down notes, witty remarks and finding connections where none exist
With both hands full I can remove my metro card from its holder, swipe it through the turnstyle without breaking stride. Swiping a second time is for tourist.
Nerdy, book lover interested in just about everything. Hi nice to meet you, I don't do hang outs with strangers! I like talking meeting intelligent, honest, kind, empathetic people. If you have knowledge spread some my way. I tend to ride the fence because I can see both sides on any given position. I am open minded and I enjoy a sense of humor. I do not enjoy mean spirited people who make fun of others. If you hate women dont bother circling me. If you have anger issues dont circle me. For the rest of you who have read this far, I look forward to meting you on our G+ journey.
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I have masterd inhaling and exhaling 24/7/365 even while asleep. I have achieved master level blinking skills. I can open umbrellas when it is raining. I once the saw the color blue it tasted like number 7. I once stepped on a crack and I did not break my mothers back. Oh one morning it was me and the coffee machine I won that round that machine brewed like its never brewed before.
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