It's #ThankfulThursday! :-D What 3 things (minimum!) are you thankful for today? Please feel free to be as yappy or brief as ya like! Mine are:

1) Remembering, after two weeks of forgetting, to play Thankful Thursday this week!

2) Soup experiments that taste great.

3) Turning on our wonderful (gas) fireplace when it's cold outside.

4) Lots of collaborating with coworkers and editing all week. Woooo!

5) Copious amounts of coffee to drink while doing #4.

6) Finally figuring out what I'll do for my presentation as part of my servant leadership class. And being excited about it!

7) The sensory enjoyment I get from writing longhand, especially in my Moleskine notebook. Typing rocks (and I love it), it's simply a different experience than physically writing.

8) Being able to afford and easily buy my new red Chucks. ♥

9) Wisconsin Public Television.
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