It's #ThankfulThursday! :-D What 3 things (minimum!) are you thankful for today? Please feel free to be as yappy or brief as ya like! Mine are:

1) Getting to sneak glimpses of KITTEN PILE ADORABLENESS like this.

2) Hot water for things like tea, coffee, and showers.

3) Maiden in my headphones.

4) Husband Mike enduring my raging PMS, even though he does toss out exasperated barbs such as this morning's quip: "You're like Bane -- it's just building up and building up. Only you're getting more bitchy."

I can't argue that. But on the bright side, this is totally shaving off his time in Purgatory. So really, I'm helping him grow in holiness.

5) Pals who graciously and generously pray for various intentions whenever asked, and also without asking. ♥

6) Sandals weather!

7) My manager giving an "okay to preliminarily investigate" pursuing a Master's* (in English) with company assistance. Lots of moving parts and no guarantee I'd actually do it (or would be accepted if I tried), but I'm thankful that I can at least look into it.

= = = = =

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