This polish from Essie, "Nothing Else Metals" (IKR?!!), has been in the back o' my noggin' as a "consideration-for-purchase" ever since I came across it* nearly three (dahell?!) years ago. When I saw a stray bottle at Ulta recently, I decided that It Was Time.

Then Lent hit, and I thought I'd limit myself to purples in honor of the season. I really, really wanted to wear this stuff, though, so I finally slapped some on last night.

When I showed my freshly-painted nailz to Husband Mike, he firmly declared, "Those aren't Lent nails."

"But this," ::wiggling fingers:: "has lavender tones!"

::squinting:: "It's metallic."

"Yes, lavender metallic." ::picking up bottle** and waving it:: "And lavender is a shade of purple, so it's Lenty ... ish."

::not-buying-it look::

Yeah, well ... it still counts ... ish.

= = = = =
* Seriously, how has it been nearly THREE years? While I didn't initially fancy the color, it kinda' grew on me. And okay, the name helped.

** Which shows hella moar purple than on the nail.
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