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Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily
Raising Happy Healthy Chickens...Naturally
Raising Happy Healthy Chickens...Naturally

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Take a Peek at my Week February 12th - 18th
This week was all about snow here in Maine. First we were hit with a near-blizzard early in the week that dumped about two feet of snow on us over the course of two days. We barely had time to get it all shoveled and plowed, when the winds picked up and ble...

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Seven Homemade Chick Brooders You Can Set Up in a Pinch
I confess. I've done it. I think we've all done it. We innocently set out to the feed store one warm spring morning intending to just grab a bag of feed and maybe the latest chicken magazine, and instead we pull open the door to a cacophony of baby chicks p...

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Take a Peek a our Week - February 5th - 11th
What a fun week I had this week! I headed to Virginia for the Rockingham Cooperative Market Showcase where I gave a couple of chicken keeping presentations. I also recorded a radio show for the On the Farm program  (WSVA) and a television segment for PBS wh...

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Keep Your Chicken Water Clean with a DIY Pallet Feeding Station
Chickens, like all animals, need constant access to fresh water. But as all you chicken keepers know, keeping their water clean can be a bit of a challenge between the dirt, straw and shavings they kick into it. And if you raise ducks also, then the challen...

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Take a Peek at our Week - January 29th - February 4th
This week we relaxed on our farm and enjoyed a beautiful snowfall midweek. We hiked in the woods with our dogs, looking for animal tracks in the snow, had the wood stove going all day and just spent the week at home hanging out in advance of my trip to Virg...

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Paw Prints in the Snow - Learning to Recognize Chicken Predator Tracks
It's always a good idea to know what kind of predators you're up against who might want to harm your chickens. It's one thing to hear or read that there are various types of animals that live in your area, but it's a whole 'nother story to actually SEE evid...

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Take a Peek at our Week January 22nd - 28th
This was a tough week around here. We lost one of our ducks, our Silver Appleyard named Ginger. I know you're not supposed to pick favorites, but I admit she was one of my favorites. So things have been a bit more subdued - I think the other ducks are griev...

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My Top Tips for Keeping Chickens When you Work All Day
When no one is home all day, it can be daunting to think about devoting time taking care of a dog or cat, much less a flock of backyard chickens ! But chickens are actually very easy to raise once you have your set-up and routine figured out - and a small f...

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Take a Peek at Our Week January 15th - 21st
This week was pretty exciting around here. Weatherwise, we had the normal mix of snow, sleet, ice, and a bit of rain. Par for the course for winter in Maine, I guess.  On the professional front, I signed the contract for my next book with Voyageur Press yes...

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FREE Customizable Printable Egg Production Chart
Tracking your chickens' egg production is not only fun, it's a really good way to monitor the health of your flock. Often a reduction in laying is the first sign that something is wrong, since laying eggs takes so much energy out of a chicken, so by keeping...
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