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The blog Tainted Verse now has two poetry readings from the book Angel Tears.  A talented young drama student, Amber Rose, has done a great job expressing the emotions that underlie two of my favorite pieces from my first published work. 

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Poetry Readings from the Book Angel Tears by Lisa Young
Angel Tears by Lisa Young Amber Rose reading the poem "Only You" from the 2003 book Angel Tears. Amber Rose reading the poem "Poetry of the Soul" from the 2003 book Angel Tears

Thank you for invite +Scott David Buckley This community seems very interesting.

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Vlad the Impaler lives!  Life is funny, sarcasm and wit make it even funnier :)  This is a must read.

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LOVE this!  You are a raging, sarcastic, witty comic genius... 

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Fecal Accident!!! Still laughing...
Now I know why Jens is after you!  Your blog is very...very...funny!  People are crazy; why?  In the pool?  wow, my stomach hurts I need a rest, too much laughing.

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I am still giggling...Jens sounds interesting...big deranged Vikings are interesting :)  
I think fear of being crushed in a crowd is rational...

A Reason to Breathe

A reason to breathe
Divine rights free will
To each his own
Empty soul 
Who will remove the twisted cord?
Hanging loudly about your neck
Challenging all who look upon your 
Furrowed brow
Contemplating fate 
As if she will loosen the tie that binds
Caress your freedoms
They harbor your needs
They control the night light
Tempting you to see
Beneath such an arrogant facade
A reason to breathe 
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