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Lisa WoodBanger
Hi I'm Lisa WoodBanger
Hi I'm Lisa WoodBanger


ive been sick for a bit. heard all the lies thats been spread by project independent. i talked to you i heard your conversations with my woodbangers family. you disgust me. you are doing them bands wrong, how much longer are you gonna have them do your dirty work before you tell them you were dropping 80% of them? you peeps r what makes music bad!
isnt indie suppose to be doing it yourself? or is it sit in a corner and wait till daddy says its your turn. youre a fraud jeff totten

Hey what's up everyone!!! It has been a long week! Been a little under the weather! It is the season! You gotta love the weather changing! See you guys soon! Just wanted to let you know I am still here! ;)

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getting ready for a photo shoot

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Photo shoot

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whats up

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