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Poor Marlins are barely holding the toe-end of their own state. Changing the name from Florida to Miami now makes a sick sense: They are a city team, period.
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Passover is 1 month away & the #glutenfree cookies are already being sold. Rainbow cookies! Nom nom nom...
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If you're a fan of +Portlandia, this is pretty hilarious. Imagine your online footprint & social media accounts gone, besides having no listings show for your name in Google. (Never!)

Ever feel like doing this? 
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+calliph You're out of control. ;-)
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Lisa Weinberger

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3 Vital Marketing Lessons From the World’s Most Offensive Doughnut Shop

1. Be memorable
Voodoo’s signature doughnut is shaped like a voodoo doll with a little pretzel-stick stake through its heart.

2. Know your customer

3. Don’t worry about the ones who aren’t your customer
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Lisa Weinberger

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"Don't divide the world into creatives and non-creatives. Help people realize that they are naturally creative."
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    Content, Social Media, & SEO, 1995 - present
    Consult businesses and start-ups through the creation of digital marketing strategies, training and supportive execution. In the late 90's, PearlyWrites started as an experiment to join and connect freelance writers and editors, around the country, together to bring businesses the best product through collaboration. From this growing network, it developed into a content business where freelancers would contact my company for freelance gigs. This was pre-social media. Projects were won through networking and marketing. As Google came on the scene, the importance of being found on the web was now even more important so I made sure my company could be found so I could find projects for my now 100+ freelance network who looked to me for work. With the experience of creating nothing into an online community, in 1997, pre-Google, I learned how search engines worked as I was determined to grow my experiment of connecting others to one another. For the past years, I have been helping businesses do the same through SEO, content and Social Media aka Digital Marketing Strategies. I have trained internal teams to be successful and increase their SERP's exposure as well as their brand presence online. • Developed and manage a 100 freelancer network of editors, writers, project managers, developers and designers. • Community building onsite/ offsite through natural engagement. • Content development with purpose; link earning. • Content promotion / syndication strategy. • Increase ROI by $150K - $500K+ per month for corporate clients. • Create training modules, consult and train organizations on cutting edge SEO, content publishing and Social Media practices for optimal success and lifetime syndication. • Engage with targeted demographic, community development, outreach tactics. • Tool development for content workflows and Social Media trending & data analysis.
    Director, Content Promotion | SEO, 2010 - 2013
    Built the content promotion team. Lead projects and campaigns for content development, Social Media, SEO (onsite & offsite), link building and content promotion for and satellite site properties. Focus on building reach, increasing traffic, engaging with visitors, introducing the brand to a new audience and monetization. Collaborate and coordinate with all departments of the company. Train and support internal departments in best practices for SEO, content publishing and content promotion. Focus on unique content types via competition analysis, content strategy, and personas.
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Jersey girl living in South Florida. Love the fresh ocean air & sun. Living a gluten-free life. Focused on healthy living & exercise. Pilates rock! Mom.
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2013 Shorty Awards Finalist: Best Use of Social Media for Financial Services. Been involved in SEO since 1997 thanks to a family business which obtained leads online. #SMX #NCDM #DMA speaker
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