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By me. This might be coming from the religious right, but I have to agree with them that mandatory tracking is anathema to civil liberties and, in this case, freedom of religion. I know that, given school killings, parents might find comfort in this tracking technology, though. Your opinions are appreciated.
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Oh dear, how many different polarised opinions will there be on this? I note there are 41 comments on the live post, didn't look but I assume you've collected the usual set by now.

RFID: can be good, can be bad, it's just a technology. Doubt the devil (sorry, "The Devil") invented it.

Tracking: can be good, can be bad, depends what (whom) you're tracking. Boxes in a warehouse or people you have to protect from random shootings?

Schools: can be good, can be bad (nuff said there) ;-)

People: can be good, can be bad. Since the beginning of time. No patch yet available...

There isn't a single right answer here, and you can peruse opinions as long as you like: everybody has a view, everybody has a belief, everybody has a level of technical understanding, but in the end there isn't a win-win answer, or even a "right answer".

And so "debate" will continue until the "victim" elects to be "home-schooled", in order to escape our Demonic 21st-Century society.

And spend all her time listening to Daddy. And God, of course. But mostly Daddy.

Sorry, missed a few tech bits: apparently (science says) NFC is more devilish than normal RFID. And WiFi (travelling through our brains 24x7, everywhere we go) is the lizard-men that run all our Governments seeing our thoughts.

Or was that the Rothschild Family, rather than the lizards? I forget, must be the microwaves in my brain (forgot the tinfoil hat this morning).
well, exactly, Peter. it's the lizardmen doing their reptile evilwork. :) no, seriously. :(
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