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Lisa Nelson
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby

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I realized that I spend time taking pictures of homemade food, and perfectly balanced pre and post workouts.

It’s sickening, right?


It makes me look like I just do every single thing right. 🤮

That is just not the case. LOL.

I’m pretty good, I will admit. I’m extremely consistent - to a sickening degree. I have a huge (grotesquely big) custom database of foods and I track 98% of the food that goes into my mouth.

I plan my food - to an annoying degree (annoying everyone around me). I replan to make the macros fit just right. I do my custom workouts which I dream about at night.

But I’m far from perfect. LOL. 😂😂

If you are with me during the day, you will spy my imperfections - where the food devil gets me.

These are just a few of my many improprieties...

1. Chocolate chip cookies - I’m pretty good. I will take a crumb (1/16th) of a cookie (preferably the 1:16th that has the most chocolate chips- and stuff it down my throat.

I do that only once. I’m good with this.

2. Honey Nut Cheerios. #yum. I LOVE these - and take more than my share post workout 😁😳. And maybe beyond. 😂

If I had fruit loops, I would indulge in the entire box - which is why I don’t buy fruit loops (I have always loved fruit loops).

3. Veggie chips. Why are these so good? I started with 2 a day and had grown to 😣 dare I say?


4. Pretzels. Extra carbs for my workout and recovery 😘

My old go-tos were almond butter and Tostitos - but not anymore. There are new foods in town.

What foods get your goat?
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It seems like everything runs out at once. 😓.

Since this weekend was filled with the puke, I didn’t do my normal food prep on Sunday.

On Sunday, I couldn’t even think about food. #yuck

Today is a better day. It’s a new day, and while the thought of chicken breast makes me want to gag, I am going to try to make this week successful (difficult being that I have missed my macro targets 3 days and missed the gym thrice - including tomorrow).


What can you do? You do the best you can and leave the rest, right?

The best I can do today is to make sure I have everything I need. So for me, Monday was a massive baking day. I made my healthy banana bread that holds my tsp or two of homemade almond butter. I made my English muffins, which I’m perfecting every batch. And finally, a batch of sandwich thins.

Yogurt is already done. Got the fruit so I will be ready for my pre workout when I hit the gym on Wednesday for leg day!

Until then, I rest, and I eat, and I try to hit my macros in as healthy of a way as possible. #fatloss #reversedieting
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Hadyn and I went to the high school together to register for classes this morning. 😁

I was not kidding. They all gotta get outta here, even Roya. I got her butt set up with a 5-day preschool.

Ya gotta go!

Anyway, he of course got the standard stuff, history, geometry, English, and biology.

Then he had choice. For one class he chose the general PE. Now, we discussed that he should pick a language and take it for 3 years, for college admission. Do you know that he went into that meeting and said that he didn’t want a language, and signed up not for 1, but 2 computer sciences courses. 🤔

I was like, WHAT? 😳

He gets an “F”.

It’s his life, so I didn’t say much, except to say, that he WOULD be taking a language in 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

Hrumpf. #grinch

My one concern was with the math, and he struggles. He really really struggles. They don’t offer any type of remedial classes, which I think should be put on the rediculist.

That’s part of the “herd” mentality. But my son is not falling victim. 🤬

So I laid down the law. The counselor said that she would match him with a teacher that comes in early everyday. So...on M, W, and F, I am going to drop him off at 6:30 so he gets the help he needs before school. Then everyday, at lunch, he takes 30-min to eat and then spends 30-min with the teacher - no - negotiable.

I’ll know if he doesn’t go. I am a total busy body. I’ll know, trust me.

If that’s not enough, they have peer tutors that he can be matched with.

And if still that’s not enough, he goes to Saturday school (he looked at me terrified).

LOL. #momboss
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Today was conditioning Thursday. I changed it up this week due to the rest day on Monday.

I wanted to break up the heavy weight daze, and I love conditioning workouts. They give me the chance to do some of the moves that I love (breakdancer, hanging leg raises, ball planks, cleans, cleans and presses, short bursts of cardio) that I don’t get when I lift. #funtimes

A week ago, I wrote a post on staying safe when you run alone. This is a prime example of what I addressed in the post. I make it virtually impossible for anyone to predict where I will be when. Typically I run a trail on Thursday, but don’t do it on the same day, location or time. If someone wanted to kill or rape me, they would also have to be able to read my mind. And they may have to come to the gym to do it! 😁

If you want more tips, join me on the blog! #winning
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I’m signing my kids up for school.

There is a sense of relief. I feel like I can breathe. #exhale

Yeah, I am extremely hesitant because of the world and the area that I live in. #scary

But they will have to deal with all kinds out there.

I am excited as to what is to come. I’m joining Emerge and take classes learning how to run a political campaign. I also want to be out there helping people get elected who are worthy of my help - those that believe in the health and prosperity of ALL Americans. Also, ones who are educated, who can speak at higher than a 3rd grade level, and can put coherent and thoughtful sentences together.

Duh! 🤔

I’m applying to teach biology to community college students - which I find very exciting. It will be nice to be surrounded by motivated and eager learners. Eager minds all in one place. #relief #hope

I’m really excited about what’s to come with my fitness - body changes, mind changes! #exciting most of all, I’m excited about being able to go to the gym at a reasonable time - like 9. (Goodbye 4 AM).


I’m not afraid. #forward
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Our grandma is leaving 😔 so I’m making a brunch and cake in her honor.

Today she says goodbye. 😔😔😢😢

I have nothing more to say except that I’m going to the gym to lift some heavy weights.

I’m trying to time the brunch to my post workout, so this morning (after getting 8 hours sleep), I made the pancake batter and put it in the fridge, and put dishes away.

When I get back, all I will have to do is make my egg white sandwich, put in the sausage in the oven (before my shower)and cook the eggs and pancakes.

I should be able to do it. #hopeful
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Today is a rest day for me.

Actually, Sunday is supposed to be my rest day, but I was weak, and it was so beautiful outside, I just had to play tennis for an hour. 😁

But I felt it. I should have been resting. I feel it now.

So today I rest.

I have been sleeping an average 7 hours a night to maximize my recovery and to be able to control cravings. But I am focusing on lifting more each and every week. Like eagle-eye, I want to get stronger.

I want to use the extra calories I’m consuming for good!

As a result, I have also committed to sleeping longer. 8 hours a night is the target, which is hard for me.

1. Since I train early, getting up at 4, it’s tough getting into bed at 8 - especially with kids.

2. Hubby gets home late, so that means missing time with him during the week.

But the extra hour helps me feel better, reduces my risk for injury, and even tho I’m not dieting, it helps me make better food choices (and gives me the energy to be able to make things at home).

There is mo moving forward when you are nursing an injury. Bad food choices doesn’t make a strong body.

So today (and everyday) I’m enjoying a life lived off of 8-hours sleep! #winning #sleep #importanceofsleep
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Just finished my conditioning workout.

I was later than I anticipated. That Girl Scout activity lasted until 3:30. I messed up the time - and as a result, I starved all day.

Remember, I used to be able to fast 2-2.5 days with no problem. Now I’m carb addicted, so...2 hours - I start to swoon.

It was all my fault. First, I messed up the times, and 2nd, I didn’t eat any of the food provided.

I just couldn’t eat a big white baguette, Fritos and Doritos. Call me a snob.

It was my choice. So, I pay for the choices that I make.

I got home at 4, ate, was procrastinating and talking myself out of going to the gym.

But then I satisfied the carb addiction, I began to perk up and get energy.

It ended up being such a fun workout. It was my best yet! I am so glad I went!

I did some fun jump rope intervals - for short bursts of intense cardio. I did mostly 45’s (45 seconds on and 14 seconds off). Then I sandwiched those with some cardio AMRAPs and HITTs.

It was a great mix of things - full body. #loveit
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Our Girl Scouts troop is having a rock climbing adventure!

I am in love with our multicultural troop!!!! 😘😘💕💕 #girlscouts #girlscoutsrock #multicultural
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Something quick. I slept through my first alarm, and I MUST start my workout at 6 to end on time.

Skyr and apples. #preworkout
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