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Our $50 stove

We belong to Freecycle, a group that exchanges free stuff. People post what they have, you get email notifications of offerings and you jump in the truck. We knew our stove was getting old, so when this offer came in, we did just that. This range was free, had one burner, ring and plug burned out, and was very dirty. Don ordered the parts for $50, I cleaned it up and we stored the stove in the carport for about six months. Sure enough, the old stove had problems that were uneconomical to fix, so Don rewired the plug, the switch and the power cord and we had a good-as-new range for $50.

Freecycle also had another listing for a free stove, even nicer and newer than this one, so we have a nice stove for our new house when it gets finished. Free, yeah-that's the best price of all.

See the microwave to the left? It cost $5 at the local junkyard. Yay!
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FreeCycle is the best! I tend to give more than I get, because I'm trying to pare back on Stuff and can't stand to throw out things with good, useful life left in them. I get rid of stuff, and others get things they need - what's not to like about that? I've even made a few friends - like the small farmer who comes by late every spring to pick up the plastic pots that come with my garden starts, and uses them to start new plants he sells at the farmer's market - which I sometimes buy!
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