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In 2012, I began to promote the way forward for changing the broken education system. 
Hey Google Hangout leader!

Changing my hangout settings to acquire my system or any information from any of my devices "is illegal". As a woman, I feel as though my human rights and civil rights are being ignored and I'm extremely concerned about the ongoing changes to my unchecking the option.
When your sons' friends parents are cholos:
Personally, I don't think any of these positions have a right to a lifetime salary, other than caring for our military and our elderly or those in the zip code populations with the highest crime, highest teenage pregnancy lowest high school graduate to drop out population.  Highest density and lowest income median.  

The President, okay.  I can agree to the lifetime salary.  I am just a bit disturbed by a nearly half a million every year.  

I'm just saying we have a great deal of budget we can repurpose here.  

What do you think?
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Russell Akhoff performed a study to combat crime caused by gangs in Philadelphia, PA.

A) educate gang leaders who would inspire the members as leaders with skills to work in stead of forcing people in poverty to resort to crime.
A.1) lessons learned a traditional dmemorisalivery or education practices and norms failed with these gang leaders, when given tools to educate themselves the results proved 17 of 21 went into the workforce only a fraction returned to gang life.
---Train the trainer
---Project based learning

Outcomes transformation
Creative thinking about the whole or systems rather than parts which our current education systems produce.rather than memorization
Educate, inform and inspire our youth to work within their communities to give the hardest to reach populations a voice.

Using social media as a channel with a six sigma champions prescription for the information architecture which restores public trust in private and public partnerships.
Visualization of wicked prolblems in open source tools for some and a paid consulting engagement for academics.
Debate map visualization of: Exploring how to embed into the system the code for its sustainability and renewal. Fostering factors of opportunity and renewal as commons. Leveraging agency and empowering change agents in their own contexts across the board. Helping to achieve convergence of disparate initiatives.
Always appreciate what you have. There is always someone out there who wishes that had what you have.

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despite all the wonderful materials on privacy we still have targeted individuals and people paid to intrude through mobile devices and abuse of power by those who are paid to protect and serve
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San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA - Mountain View, CA - Sunnyvale, CA - Goffstown, NH - Manchester, NH - Boulder Creek, CA
Never Give Up, if you see an obstacle overcome the barriers within the situation. Your life is what you make it.
"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them."
Albert Einstein

WICKED Problems and the Mess they leave behind.  
I am proud and typically take on roles with the greatest potential to be a Wicked type of situation.  Many people avoid these types of roles and projects.  I am inspired and love to make a difference by designing solutions that address these problems.  

Bragging rights
I am the granddaughter of two remarkable professional women who served in education for 28 years in Mountain View Los Altos High School District and another in a job most people could not or would never willingly do for 28 years at Stanford. First my grandmother Lupe Zavala one of the original single mothers. She may have been one with the most children who actually managed to thrive rather than only aspire to survive. She overcame the abuse she experienced and gave her life to ensure she gave her children the opportunity to attend the best schools in the area. Moving from East Palo Alto to a neighborhood well above the median income population. Her eleven children and most of the children of these children were allowed to attend some of the best schools for a quality education. Although the lesson's were often and many times hurt like you can't imagine the mental part of the trip to acquire a switch from the cherry tree in the back yard was frequentin response to a strong willed child. She was consistant and most proud of the oldest granddaughter and only girl to stand alone and raise her children without any help. She knew I had earned professional success beyond her own and most women by the age of 23. While also being the only one to have learned to cook like her, she remained close through both my living children. Her strength allowed me to lay my daughter Samantha to rest. I am proud to have been the oldest (two older granddaughters live in montana) granddaughter of a remarkable woman. I am always Lupe Zavala's granddaughter. I start in no order other than honoring grama Lupe whos passed in hope of protecting grama billee from ever leaving me. Imagine suddenly realizing the amazing role my grama Billee has played in so many peoples life. I know shes been a guardian angel to me all my life, my protector, cheerleader and sponsor of wardrobes three times a year. My sponsor for every sportscamp, musical instrument, cheer camp and my allowance until i was 25 years old. I am so much more aware of my perseverence and ability to do things most people would never be willing to do. I never recall a single day that grama billee ever showed the fact that she was part of the most hurtful things a parent would ever be forced to survive. My grama Billee was the head nurse at Stanford Children's hospital in the terminally ill ward for 29 years. I cannot for a moment compare my work with what she did. When it hit me just a few years ago, I had to ask her why she never left a job where few rewards could be measured. My own misfortune made some sense and again didn't compare. Her response was in part the strength she gave parents knowing she was blessed with 6 healthy children. She had blessings she needed to help those who weren't as fortunate. No one wants the job and its far too important to have emphathy and compassion. She had the chance to hire people who understood the importance of the job. She stayed because "someone had to do the job" and her blessings were so great it was all she could imagine doing". She wouldn't have changed anything if she was given another chance. My role models are two of the mightiest women with strength of a warrior and compassion beyond most peoples imagination. Not many people are the first granddaughter of woman with so much integrity. My bragging rights are far more empowering and inspiring for me, my daughter and son. I'm also honored to be the Godmother of 12 young ladies and 4 men. Each I'm proud to hear them call me their "Nina". Every report one of goddaughter's wrote about a role model or godson's wife who needed to be like their nina. Memories etched into my mind and filling my heart forever. Finally, watching my daughter be a wonderful mother at times bittersweet as a grandmother my rights to fill in for a first time mother isn't ever going to happen. But every parent aspires to be better than they experienced as a child. I know I met the goal with my children. I can share in the success my daughter shows me everytime I see her. My heart has been remarkably overfilled with my grandson "Tomas". He's made me love being a Nana.
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