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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Saturday Blessings! I swinging by with a quick and easy way to bring more magic into your life - Gemstone Water.

I just began a practice of drinking gemstone water every day and I've got to tell you, I feel great, so I thought I'd share it with you!

Combination #1: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz

I drink a big glass of water with this gemstone combination as soon as I get out of bed - before my coffee. This combination improves perception, intuition, empathy and is good for grounding and stress reduction.

Combination #2: Carnelian and Crystal Quartz

I drink a big glass of water with this gemstone combination when I'm dragging ass or if I'm procrastinating on a project that needs finishing. This combination helps with courage and overcoming difficulties.

CAUTION: Please note that not all gemstones can be put in water, some gemstones are toxic, so please do your due diligence before experimenting with your crystal collection.

RESOURCE: Here's a link to check out my favorite book on the subject entitled GEM WATER

TOTALLY FABULOUS: Check out what I just bought myself so I can take Gem Water with me safely on the go - OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Lovely one, empowering your life with magic is really simple when you have practical ways to add it into your daily habits. Drinking Gem Water is a win/win - you'll up your water intake, which is SO good for your health AND you'll enjoy the healing benefits (and high vibration) of crystals and gemstones!

Magical Blessings,
Lisa XO

P.S. Enrollment for The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ is open and I'm giving you a powerful tool of transformation as a BONUS GIFT - a copy of my Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook! If you liked the idea of making Gem Water, you're going to LOVE being a member of the The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™, we talk about magical stuff just like this every day!
Sign up here >>>
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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We’ve all heard about the importance of building a “tribe” but ever wonder…

“Why doesn’t anybody talk about how to MONETIZE a tribe … without feeling like a total sellout?”

It’s a tough question because that transition can get very tricky… and do all sorts of weird things to our emotions (and the emotions of our tribes).

My friend Suzanne Evans talks about this a lot. If there’s anyone that knows how to go from mess → message → monetization, it’s her.

She’s offering an incredible opportunity TOMORROW:

Nail Your Message and Find Your Tribe Workshop
Thursday January 19th
8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST
This is a LIVE coaching session with Suzanne, not some pre-recorded thing.

Click here to join Suzanne’s “Laser Coaching” session >>>

Discover an easy and efficient 3-step path to profits -- even if you’re JUST starting out

Develop your success blueprint, reach a global audience, and leverage your content to create dramatic results

* How to build a tribe of rabid followers and gain the attention your message deserves

* Use marketing the smart way to attract the right crowd, increase your brand visibility, and even get free press

* How to get unstuck from the frustration and overwhelm of marketing, social media (and email and make these tools actually work for your business)

* How to become a prolific publisher of powerful content, putting the pieces in place to build a digital empire of unique intellectual property

* Become a thought leader in your area of expertise to be recognized by others

Click here to join Suzanne’s “Laser Coaching” session >>>

AND BY THE WAY >>> this training is LIVE and there is NO replay, so make sure to sign up here:
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Need clients? Of course you do!
My friend, I have a really fabulous resource for you from someone who's work I really LOVE - my friend Suzanne Evans!

Let me tell you a little about her, Suzanne Evans is one of the top coaches in the world today. What’s even more amazing is that she started her business from a humble table in her local Whole Foods.

Within just three years, she was running a 7-FIGURE coaching business.

Ask her about her business journey, however -- and she’ll trace a huge part of growth back to one specific speaking gig that resulted in a crush of clients, email subscribers, and networking connections.

She knows how powerful the right gig can be, and she has a new training out on how to get speaking gigs that get clients... in a hurry!

In full transparency, speaking on stage or in public is not my expertise. I haven't mastered it yet, so I really don’t want you to miss this opportunity to learn more from someone who is FABULOUS at it.

Suzanne packs her free trainings with useful information AND she's a hoot. I crack up the entire time which helps me to stay focused and interested the entire time!

*** A sneak peek of what’s inside ***

How to get your foot in the door with trade associations and private networking events, even if you have no connections and no one knows you yet

How to move from “free to fee” so that you command the fees and honorariums you want and deserve

How you can turn your mess into a message and create your OWN speaking gig to launch a movement that increases your impact and income

This is the time! Clients, trade associations, and event planners are thinking about their conferences and booking speakers for 2017…

These people are looking for your support. They’re looking for people like you.

IMPORTANT - this training is available only for a few days, get the whole thing here FREE:

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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Hi! Did you get a chance to listen to the recordings I posted here yesterday? Just in case you didn’t here’s the recording again:

Aren’t those women INCREDIBLE?

Honestly I was blown away during the recording of both calls – tears of joy and gratitude rolled down my cheeks. Thank the gods I grabbed a box of tissues before we started recording!

Once we were done recording and I heard specifically how The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ has transformed the lives of woman after woman in my group, I knew with every fiber of my being that the GL Sisterhood needed to be in the life of as many women in my world as possible – so I rolled the pricing back to it’s original investment of $1 per day.

My mission is to empower YOU to Activate Your Feminine Power and Live Like A Goddess starting TODAY, so here’s my juicy offer for your consideration:

*** TODAY ONLY ***

Join The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ today and I’m going to gift you with my 85+ page workbook - Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook (Value $49)

* Your first month and half of your second month of membership is on me.

Here’s how the process will work:

1. Sign up for The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood here:

2. Once I receive notification of your enrollment, I’ll email you the Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook {BONUS}!

3. Then you’ll receive emails on how to request access to our secret Facebook Group and I’ll introduce you to our magical group!

Easy Peasy!

The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ is an online group program for personal transformation and manifestation where, in the company of a supportive sisterhood, you will learn to Activate Your Feminine Power and Live Like A Goddess!

Curate your very own Magical and Sacred practice, discover your Powerful Inner Feminine, Learn about the Goddesses and how to work with them in your daily life, Circle Up with like-minded women for virtual Moon Circles, and Celebrate the major and minor holidays following nature and the Celtic Wheel Of The Year. Your membership includes an invitation to our SECRET Facebook group and access to a private magical classroom full of additional content, guided meditations, visualizations, written exercises, recipes, spells, supplemental videos and so much more!

My lovely friend, if you are truly ready for 2017 to be your most successful and powerful year ever – this is your chance.

I’ve created this offering for personal empowerment and transformation with you in mind…

Winks, Shimmies & Magic,
Lisa xo

P.S. The divine speaks in the form of opportunity and this is your opportunity to learn how to stop living apologetically, learn how to wield your personal magic, and step into your feminine power. Sign up for The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood here:
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Suzanne Evans Exposed: How She Earns Millions Speaking!!!

OMG - I love me some Suzanne Evans. She's beyond authentic and real AND she just released her “How Speaking Saved My Business” report.

It’s an all-new downloadable PDF, plus a full-length training video that shows you how you can use speaking to skyrocket your business.

Suzanne explains the strategies that took her from being a secretary living in the urban jungle of NYC on just $40,000 a year to earning over $35 million in the past 7 years in her business. She’s helped her clients make over $150 million during that time!

This report is all about how to take the first step in using speaking to rapidly grow your leads, open new opportunities, and network in a way that actually works.

It’s 100% free, and there’s no hidden upsell, no cross-sells, and no “gotchas”. The only thing required is your email address (and you can always unsubscribe if you want).

There’s only one “catch” … the report is only available for a limited time:

CLICK HERE: the “How Speaking Saved My Business” free PDF download

IMPORTANT: Be sure to print out the PDF so you can take notes on it as you go through the video.


Your Name

P.S. Put this one down as one of those “almost too good to be true” deals – the PDF and video are a “behind the scenes” look at how speaking helped Suzanne build a multi-million-dollar business… but the report also includes a free, invite-only LIVE bootcamp. Get it now before this great content goes away:

CLICK HERE: the “How Speaking Saved My Business” free PDF download

Here's the link again:

#speaking #makemoney 
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Ready to do New Year's Resolutions the Feminine way? Think Art + Journaling + Dance + Yoga + Mini Workshop Sessions led by world-renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world.
We're doing New Year's Resolutions retreat style all from the comfort of your own home! No more setting goals that feel impossible. Let's start 2017 nourished. Over 25,000 women have joined. JOIN ME =>
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Sending Friday Blessings To You - MY Magical Tribe! If you haven't done so already, PLEASE make sure you download my FREE GIFT - Goddess Lifestyle Swag. I'm reworking a bunch of things in my business and much of the Swag will be saying bah bye shortly. Here's the link to get the entire SWAG bundle:
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Suzanne Evans wants to coach you!
The past few days I’ve been telling you about Suzanne Evans, who went from making $35K a year as a secretary to running a $35 MILLION coaching business.

What’s her secret? Suzanne says:

“When you have a message that moves people, you’ll never need to sell again.”

It’s an incredible mindset shift, one that takes you away from moving products and marketing … to moving people.

No wonder everyone from coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and even plumbers (!!!) have skyrocketed their businesses after working with Suzanne. She knows what’s she’s doing!

Suzanne just opened up her brand-new coaching program called The Speaking Solution. I'm supporting her launch because I absolutely LOVE Suzanne and know firsthand her programs are AWESOME! I highly recommend it for you if you’re looking to clarify your message, kickstart your cashflow, and 2x, 3x, or even 10x your business.

Click here for The Speaking Solution >>>

P.S. There’s also “early bird” promo where you’ll also get a 1-on-1 coaching call to define, refine, and master your message ($500 value) … if you join The Speaking Solution before the deadline, Monday January 16th.
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So, since it's the beginning of a new year, I thought I'd give you a effective muggle practice and spell to help you set up and plan the year ahead.

Note: I do one calendar for life and one for business, so if you're an Entrepreneurial Goddess, I recommend you do the same.


Spending more time indoors in winter means you can make time for projects you don't get to do during warmer weather.

For this spell, you'll need a calendar, colored markers and an assortment of sticky notes (I buy different colors and shapes - I'm visual, so I like to make everything interesting and pretty).

I begin all ritual by smudging my space, then I ground and center, put Frankincense on my 3rd eye, light a white candle and then call in Spirit and the Elements.

Next, I take my colored sticky notes, and write individual projects on each one (I make several for projects that will take more than one day). I place the project notes on my altar with a piece of crystal quartz on top for a night or two, charging them with my intention for completion.

Next I stick the project notes on top of the calendar dates I plan to tackle that particular task/project; when the day arrives, if I can't get it done, I move the sticky note to another day. This allows me to be flexible and work according to my time and energy.

I keep the calendar visible and accessible so that I'm looking at it on a daily basis and can move things around as needed.

I hope this simple yet super effective spell helps you have an incredible and productive 2017!

Lisa xo

P.S. I've opened up enrollment for The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood at a reduced price with an incredible BONUS - a copy of my Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook (a $49 value). Once you join, I'll email it to you! Take advantage of this incredible offer here:
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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One of my all time favorite mentors Suzanne Evans is hosting >>> Enroll More Clients Bootcamp LIVE:

January 9-13, 2017 - 6:00PM EST, 5:00PM CST, 3:00PM PST

This free online event is your chance to learn tried-and-true techniques on how you can enroll more clients in 2017 and supercharge your business. Besides the valuable info you'll recieve, Suzanne is a hoot - she cracks me up and for those reasons, I'm promoting this event!

This bootcamp will show you how to:

Grow a pipeline of consistent, high-paying clients who chase YOU down (instead of the other way around)

Attract the best, most eager clients (instead of boring, low-paying, pain-in-the-neck clients that suck the life out of you)

Structure and scale your business so you have lower stress, increased success, and can work from anywhere in the world (if you so choose)

Set your fees, prices, and honorariums to position yourself as an undeniable expert (even if nobody has ever heard of you)

I'm going to be watching - want to join me? Click here to claim your virtual seat:
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I have something special to share with you today, but before I get to that, I wanted ask you if you knew that each day of the week has it’s own particular magic?

YUP it does!

Here’s a little about the magic of Saturday:
Saturday got it’s name from the god of karma and time – Saturn, so this day is associated with the planet Saturn and is our last day of the week (Sunday is the first day of the week – interesting right?).

Saturdays are great days for protection, banishing a negative situation, and generally a good time to clean up any messes that you have been ignoring.

Some practical magic suggestions for Saturday are:
1. Wear the colors of the day - black and dark purple (my personal favorites by the way).
2. Burn black candles (I use votive candles) to absorb negativity and purple to increase your wisdom and boost your spirituality
3. Carry a black stone (obsidian, hematite, or jet tumbled stone) in your pocket to reinforce your personal protection and to ward off bad vibes and yuckie feelings.
4. Tidy up and smudge your home – banish the negative and stagnant energy and then consciously fill your home with positive energies.
5. Close up the final day of the week with a bang by calling on goddess Hecate for protection and guidance.

I LOVE this kind of stuff – LOVE IT!

So, here’s the link to the recordings I wanted you to listen to – please make the time over the weekend to invest in YOU.

I’m going to post something here tomorrow with a very special offer that I believe you’re going to love, so be sure to check your emails!
Lisa xo
P.S. Here’s the link to the recordings again:
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Lisa Marie Rosati

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Beginning on Monday, January 2, 2017.
If you've been wanting to learn more about the zodiac - this is your opportunity! I've created a mini course that will work it's way around the zodiac beginning with fiery Aries.

This bonus mini course is for members The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ - and this mini course is just an added bonus - there's so much more included in your membership.

The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ is an virtual group program for personal transformation and manifestation where, in the company of a supportive sisterhood, you will learn to Activate Your Feminine Power and Live Like A Goddess Everyday!

Curate your very own sacred practice, create a Book Of Shadows, Circle Up with like-minded women for virtual Moon Circles, and celebrate the major and minor holidays following nature and the Celtic Wheel Of The Year. Your membership includes an invitation to our SECRET Facebook group and access to a private magical classroom full of additional content, guided meditations, visualizations, written exercises, recipes, white light spells, supplemental videos and so much more!

If you're ready to begin 2017 with a GODDESS bang - join us:
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Luscious Goddess Life, Vibrant Health + Lucrative Business for Spiritual Women
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Lisa’s unique combination of strategic thinking, laser sharp intuition, vast knowledge of holistic health, psychology, human behavior, healing modalities and women’s spirituality plus 20+ years of metaphysical study and practice, results in an effective mix of spirituality and “real world,” no-nonsense practicality that supports her private clients in embracing their own Inner Goddess.

Lisa serves a global audience of women as an Expert Columnist with Aspire Magazine, a Dietetics & Nutrition Expert website, an ordained minister and a sought after speaker. While running her 3 businesses + raising 3 children, Lisa exemplifies the Goddess Lifestyle as she embraces her sensual and powerful feminine nature with pride and encourages other women to do the same.

If you'd like to learn more about Lisa and the work she does or just get acquainted, consider scheduling a "Get Antiquated Chat" with Lisa TODAY!

Click Here To Schedule A Complementary Get Acquainted Chat With Lisa

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I recently moved to Fort Myers from Long Island, NY and before I was able to look into chiropractic care, my sciatica flared up and I woke up in excruciating pain . My husband called and got me squeezed in for an appointment. I was so impressed with Lifestyles Chiropractic - from the first greeting at the front desk, to the exam and treatment. I walked out of my first appointment with far less pain and look forward to beginning my wellness regimen with them including massage and adjustments. I highly recommend Lifestyles Chiropractic, Dr. Stokke and staff.
• • •
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
I highly recommend Dr. Mike for your chiropractic needs. Recently I injured myself and after 6 weeks of chronic and unbearable pain, I went to Dr. Mike for a series of adjustments. After each adjustment, my pain lessened and now I'm beyond thrilled to report that I am virtually pain and discomfort free. I signed up for a Family Plan and my entire family (children included) will get regular adjustments to keep our spines healthy and aligned. Thank you Dr. Mike!
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reviewed 2 years ago
2 reviews