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Lisa Lomas

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Truck and trailer, not much room matey.

Lisa Lomas

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Is anyone else thinking talking about a dresss is a lame News story?
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Unbelievably lame o_O 

Lisa Lomas

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Peace is restored, internet is back on!!!
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YaaaaY!!! :-)

Lisa Lomas

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These turned up yesterday for me. I love roses <3

Lisa Lomas

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This is one of my favourite local beaches.  Its almost untouched by humans.
A Day at the Beach
Waimarama Beach, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Cleaning out the Closet 3

This is a simple shot of Waimarama Beach in the middle of winter.  I think it says a lot for a largely empty image.  But again I was never sure it was quiet right so into the Cleaning out the Closet bin it went...

D800, ISO100, 1/1000sec, 14mm, f8
Processed and cropped in LR5 and PS CC
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This #trivarg o  needs to get more competitive.  It is just using and travel bug for all nz #accomodation .  If find it unrealistic and it is not giving the best deal with my motel.
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I believe if you are in business you need this.  Cost cutting is essential to all Businesses no matter which country may I add.  Small businesses make up alot of people in business and it is not always a bed or roses as some depict.   #electricity  prices are one way.  We have so many competing and last year we did the comparing with #switchme  and it really helped.  I saved thousands literally.  So if your in business and your in New Zealand take a look.  If you are overseas find your equivalent.  #lovesaving
Today I was finding proof to challenge my sons thinking on Energy drinks, he was asking if it is okay to buy one, I said no they are rubbish and it will over load him with sugar and caffeine.

So I found help online that supported my thoughts.  I thought maybe you would appreciate my findings.

Also most suppliers of energy drinks has ingredients online, you can do just as well having a fruit juice or a coffee.  It is a market that does not seem to have many regulations around it also when their can be a withdrawl consequence.  So for me thats enough not to have them.  But it was an interesting topic.

Lisa Lomas

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I am excited and looking forward to how my rooms will look with LED lights.  One upgrade I think will pay off well.
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Well they were not complaint to my building so had to send back, it was a sad day for me.

Lisa Lomas

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Welll apparently I had to learn this!  So we brought Led lights for the motel we own.  I had to know the difference and how to suit out rooms so this was the best info today on warm and cold lighting.  There you go my life is complete, lol
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Yes, you are very interested in this topic!

Lisa Lomas

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I am so glad google has a + 1 system.  I am sick of clicking like, some stuff I just want a BS button.

Lisa Lomas

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This is one of the Maori carvings on lake taupo.   If you have great resolution you will see more.  It was a cool cruise.
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Thanks +David Calderon  It was a lovely boat trip.  We were on teh Ernest Kemp, its a classic boat.
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Businesses Online, Analysing, many more skills that are boring and geekish.
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New Zealand - Hamilton.
Tell me something I do not know!

Welcome to my profile.

Nothing is by chance, I believe that.  This is just one thing that makes me tick.  

I am an entrepreneur in the Tourism Industry in New Zealand, I find it incredibly interesting how it works.  I do appreciate any topic to do with how something works with marketing online.  I follow many marketing topics I may even surprise you with how much I know.

There are some things I won't discuss anytime soon and I wont want to follow it online.  Politics, religion, insulting and rude people and dumbasses.  

I like variety of topics, art, photography, gardening, nature, eco living, gluten free ideas, social media topics, talented people, artistic people and people that give great thoughts and great encouragement.  I do not intend to bring any negativity into my stream.

Hopefully that gives you some idea of who I am as a person and why I am here.  If you want to say hi just do it, I will not ignore anyone unless they are in the group of things I wont discuss.

If you can follow my other business pages that would be appreciated.


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Lived through two near death experiences. YAY ME. I am here to tell the story.
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Nick has a passion for what he does. Upon working for us now for over 2 years we cannot be happier with his professionalisim and his knowledge in his field. He is the best accountant I have ever had and I could not be happier. He does my end of years, daily GST and adjustments, liasons with me on tax information, gives me advice on investments, shows me what I have to think about and meets with us face to face. I am sure he does more but that is all I can recall at this stage. Very happy customer.
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My children every school holiday want to go here, they have a blast each time
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