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A Terrible Beauty Reborn
by Lisa Jain Thompson (17 March 2016)

So many survivors of Black '47 who had seen one million of our people
Die of starvation while the abundant harvests they had sown and reaped,
Under escort of the English garrison, were exported to England.

— Maud Gonne

Come home to The Rising in Twenty-Sixteen,
British law and indictments no longer hold sway,
Bring your family and bring your money,
But leave the ammunition back in the States,
We no longer need guns to fight the overlords;
Come home to The Rising in Twenty-Sixteen,
We'll all have a celebration of Irish Independence
And a wake for the remnants of the black and tan empire.

On Easter Monday, 24 April 1916, at a time when Britain
Thought it owned both Ireland and the Irish,
Seven Irishmen proclaimed the Irish Republic,
The catalyst that triggered The War of Independence;
In the name of God and of the dead generations,
Eire summoned her children to her flag and freedom
And the right of the People of Ireland to own Ireland,
A hundred years later it is time to finish the revolution.

MacDonagh and MacBride and Connolly and Pearse,
The allegiance of every Irish man and woman is due,
Not forgetting Aunt Maud, her arms filled with guns and money,
Come home to The Rising in Twenty-Sixteen;
And Willie who gave his riches to Aunt Maud for safe keeping,
Equipping the cause in exchange for her comfort,
Even as he wrote about beauty and thrice spurned love.
Come home to The Rising in Twenty-Sixteen.

I'm certain Maud would be there, telling us to get on with it
If she wasn't already buried in Glasnevin Cemetery
Alongside Daniel O'Connell and Charles Stewart Parnell,
Michael Collins, Éamon de Valera, Arthur Griffith, and Kevin Barry,
Roger Casement, Constance Markievicz, Pádraig Ó Domhnaill, Seán MacBride,
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa and the stillborn infants in Angels Plot,
The blood of the Republic lies buried in Reilig Ghlas Naíon.
Come home to The Rising in Twenty-Sixteen.

"The English may batter us to pieces, but they will never succeed in breaking our spirit.”

— Maud Gonne

So It Was
The sun has its sky,
The waves have their ocean,
The earth has four winds,
The stars have their heavens:
But Einstein only had Einstein
And a universe to play in.
-- Lisa Jain Thompson (2016)

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A wonderful bit of anti-capitalist, anti-individual success, progressively correct click bait trash.

Here on King Street
by Lisa Jain Thompson
Here on King Street,
The footprints of the slain linger,
Several pastors, state senators,
A librarian who studied the Bible,
The ache of poverty and the Old Confederacy
Have their foot on the neck of Charleston;
Buildings all around being torn downed and demolished,
Decades of wedding receptions, graduation parties and crab cracks
Gone in an instant and the wrecking ball: just pray
And South Carolina will be O.K. but not really, not ever
As long as the battle flag of the confederacy flies in the dark hearts of men.

Lisa Jain Thompson​ (2015) #news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #civilwar #war #memory #language #literature

Politics Are Irrelevant 
by Lisa Jain Thompson 

Peace is the time it takes
To reload your rifle.
— Bob Dylan, June 1984, RS Magazine 

The bikers have arrived,
      The Rolling Thunder veterans,
Patches from battles no one remembers,
Medals once given now long forgotten,
Names on a wall that few ever glance at
From a war many choose freely to disremember.

Still the bikers, on Memorial Day, come
Less their brothers in arms died in vain,
When the last biker is gone,
      The last engine turned,
Who shall honor our fallen comrades?
Who will ride for those who can no longer
Or will we abandon them once more to the ages?

LJT: 2015

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interesting.  I doubt we would be able to do such a survey in the United States without a lot of name calling  and the application of political correctness and the progressive narrative.

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"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
 And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings..."

High Flight by John Magee
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