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Off to College, Advice, Wisdom and Humor

Have kids heading towards high school or college?  Here is a collection of advice, essays and thought pieces on how to best weather those teen years.  Good luck and Happy Reading.
Here are our favorite posts on high school, college admission and the very quiet houses we return to after we drop off our kids at their freshman dorms.
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For +Google+  third anniversary +martin shervington asked people WHY they love the platform.  You will be surprised at some of the amazing answers as to why +Google+ is so great.  Read on!
Why do you love Google+?This is a question I asked the community and here are just a few of their responses! Adelheid Hornlein Alan
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Great polling +martin shervington with some great reasons to love #googleplus  - thanks for sharing +Lisa Heffernan !
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Lisa Heffernan

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The best Google Doodle ever. 
h/t +martin shervington 
Today's Google Doodle!
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So cute 
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Lisa Heffernan

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Great opportunity to learn more about Google+ this week with expert +martin shervington. Not to be missed.
Next week: five days of upping your Google+ skills!
Join the community and get ready for a great week of content...

We will cover...
Monday: Profiles and Pages 
Tuesday: Posts and Photos
Wednesday: Circles and Communities
Thursday: Exploring Google+ and Google Hangouts
Friday: Hangout-on-Air with the PYB team, with Q&A and free Level 1 assessment!

See you then. And please tell you friends :D
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Lisa Heffernan

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A "thank you" like none other. Such a wonderful story of what happens when we reach out. H/T +Christine DeGraff
Wait Till You Hear This! I'm So Excited To Tell You
An Extraordinary Thing Happened To Me Yesterday

Out Of The Blue..... I received an email from someone whose name I didn't recognize. Normally, I would have just junked it, but something caught my eye. And I'm so glad I took a look.

The sender, whose name is Richard Streets, has kindly given me permission to share his emails and photos with you and so I am proudly doing just that. Yet another side to me (most of) you aren't familiar with.

I cannot describe what it felt like to receive this. Thrilling is the closest I can come up with. I've had some similar experiences over the years, but somehow, this is just the best, so perfect.

"Dear Ms. Fiedel

I acquired two of your paintings, Lapse and Less Air, in 1986 in Boston. I bought both these paintings the same day at an exhibition in the office building where I worked. It was my first purchase of fine original art and it was a very significant investment for me.  These two wonderful paintings have been with me ever since.

I have lived with your work in Boston, Orlando, Toronto, London and Los Angeles. In each place they have occupied a prominent position in my home.

They have been seen by countless visitors and I have received great praise and appreciation on your behalf from all sorts of people over these years. Whenever possible I have told them the story of their origin and of you the artist (as best as I know it.) 

In a way, they have become part of my identity, a reflection of who I am and what I love. I can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure I have taken from being able to see this art virtually every day for almost 30 years. I have never stopped enjoying and appreciating them.

I wanted to share with you some photos that show where these paintings hang today in my home. It will take several emails to get them all to you so tow more will follow. I live in Pacific Palisades, CA. I would love to invite you here to see them and to give me and my wife Jennifer the chance to meet you and thank you in person." 

Warm regards,
Richard Steets


I’m so happy that hearing from me meant so much to you. In the same vein, hearing back from you with such a heartfelt message is very gratifying.
It was easy to locate you by a simple web search and there was your email address. I actually first learned you were in Santa Barbara about a year ago. That’s when we were renovating our home and decided we would place your painting in the entry. At that point I wanted to contact you but I waited until the house was all done so that I could send you nice pictures.
One thing I forgot to mention is that the impact of these paintings is magnified (no pun intended) by their sheer size. They are a major  part of the décor and the ambience of our home.  We have other paintings that we also love, but they are smaller and less dominant. The large size actually raises the bar on how wonderful the works have to be to stand up to all the attention they get, which they do.
I should also point out that my wife Jennifer has been living with these pictures for about 11 years now. Although she didn’t originally select them, she happily accepted them as part of the package deal that came with me. She also loves them and has a strong emotional connection with them.
We would be happy for you to use my email and our pictures as you suggested and we would feel fine about your using our name. We would love to see any posts you put out in that regard. And if you wander down the 101, I hope you will want to drop in or have a meal with us."
Kindest regards,
Richard Steets
As an artist, I often had no idea who bought my work and mostly didn't ever see it again. But occasionally, at a party or in some random situation, I would meet someone who had purchased it. It was always a deeply wonderful thing. And it's always a surprise. Especially now because it's been so long since I was living that life.

#ginafiedelpaintings #ginafiedelart  
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Really great.
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Facing the Empty Nest

On the +Katie Couric show, with my friend +Sharon Greenthal , talking about just how much I will miss my kids when they are gone...pretty easy topic!  When +Katie Couric asked me how I was coping I gave her the honest answer---denial.

Starting at 1:55

#katiecouric   #emptynest   #parenting  
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Incredible stories must be told from that house +Denise Buchman
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Have her in circles
3,215 people
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How to create your personal brand with Google+ (3 new videos)
Check out the links for new, super quick, video content with tips on branding. Enjoy!
#personalbrand   #branding  
Google Plus Marketing is great for businesses! This guide will help you build a community, improve engagement and achieve better results using Google+.
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Lisa Heffernan

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+martin shervington asks "WHY?"  and here are some of the answers...
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+Lisa Heffernan I am also finding G+ to be a magnificent platform for diverse connections, relationships and especially a space and place to write rather spontaneously, using it as a microblogging platform... 
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Lisa Heffernan

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Look what +Christine DeGraff  is up to!  Interested in joining in?
Would you like to be in a SHaReD MuSiC CiRCLe???
Lest anyone forget... I was once known as "The Circle Queen" (I kid you not) and everyone that was in my shared circles benefited by getting CRaZY numbers of followers (it's true - ask someone!)... and I am going to "do it again Sam" to curate a music fan circle. 

Anyway, I have a HUGE project on +My Music Hangout (announcement coming soon) that I need help with and the first step is creating a music circle!!!

I will be creating the circle using +Circloscope, tracking the hashtag for this project using +NOD3x and since I will be vetting and curating the circle, and since it will likely get a crazy number of shares, I am sure that it will be added to +CircleCount. When I share the circle I will provide more deets about what I need help with on the project!!!

If you would like to participate, I am going to ask you to do 3 things... that's right, there is criteria to get in because I need to make sure that you LOVE music and I am ONLY adding ENGAGERS to this circle who are willing to participate. Please note you must have a profile photo and I will be checking every profile to eliminate spammers and link droppers. Looking for REAL people here!

1) Tell me in the comments below who your favorite band is that is playing at #summerfest this year - you can see who is playing by going to - or just tell me who your favorite band is (for those who are super lazy and can't take the time to visit a website) :D

2) Share this post to help spread the word! Don't skip this step - I am building the circle using the new +Circloscope and that is one of the criteria I am using!

3) Be a person who likes to have fun! This is a fun project so you must like to have fun. It is a requirement!!!

If you have some friends that love music and wouldn't mind being tagged, please tag them! Feel free to "plus this post" as well although you don't have to! Be sure to say hi to each other - my circle shares are always a great place to make friends and I made some of my best friends on the comments of my circle shares!!!

I would love it if you came out to watch our hangout tonight for a big announcement about the project - we are giving out some prizes too:

I did notify some peeps about this! I rarely do that but if even this one time was too much let me know and I will not do it again!!!

#gemba2014   #MyMusicHangout   #SchoolOfRock   #music   #circle  
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Thanks +Lisa Heffernan!!!
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So glad to be mentioned in this +TIME article by Randye Hoder. Do you have a kid leaving for college, Randye covers the waterfront with this one.

#collegelife   #college   #collegebound  
Teaching them to do laundry and how to open a bank account are important, but don’t forget to spend time together and have fun
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Two Days Until the World Cup Begins

The biggest single sporting event in the planet begins this Thursday.  While the rest of the world is focused on players and brackets, here in the US there is far less focus.  

Here is everything you need to know about the World Cup--in 30 seconds.

#worldcup   #worldcup2014   #football  
If you find yourself too embarrassed to ask, “What is The World Cup?” here are the answers for you.
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Here it is, everything you need to know from +martin shervington  #DiscoverGooglePlus  
Complete Guide to Improving Engagement on Google Plus. (NEW INFOGRAPHIC)
Just about everything you'd need to get flying on Google+, all in one handy post. Perfect for marketers, great for everyone else too.
Google Plus is a marketer's dream! This will help you build a Google+ community, improve engagement and achieve better marketing results.
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+Lisa Heffernan thanks for sharing! :)
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Have her in circles
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