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Family History Library, SLC, UT. I noticed quite a few searches for Google Chrome extensions on my blog, so it started me wondering about what is actually available. I already have the Ancestry Family...
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Thank you +Lisa Frank for this post. I did not know that this extension was available. It does sound as though it has some positive benefits. I hope to see other comments from genealogists about how this extension works for them. Thank you again for sharing your discoveries.
+John Cobleigh I'm very glad it came in helpful. Which extension im particular are you interested in knowing about? Perhaps there will be some comments either here or on the blog from those who already use these extensions.
I'm most interested in the Ancestry Family Search Extension. I would like to hear from genealogists who have used it and if they are experiencing a benefits from its use. Thank you again for your work.
I started using regularly just this week. I do like it's capabilities - I find I still need to move into the familysearch website to view the entire record in many cases, but it is easy enough to do by clicking the hyperlink in the pop-up window.
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