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Fire In the Sky

This weekend, +Chris Chabot and I went to Mono Lake to photograph the infamous Mono Lake Tufas - alien-like limestone formations in the lake. After trekking a mile through oozing, salty goo to the south side of the lake to catch a sunset, we stuck around for a few hours to take pictures of the beautiful night sky. That night also happened to be the night of the Perseids meteor shower, so while we took pictures, we would occasionally catch flaming meteors cascade towards earth.

#perseids #perseids2012 #meteorshower meteor shower #panopoker (are we still doing night shots?)  #milkyway  
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So beautiful, I love this one too! A perfect image to stare at, in wonder, while I drink my espresso. +Lisa Donchak !
Swee Oh
That looks magical!
This is surely my favorite shot of the evening - the way the milkyway looks to be touching down on the earth in a display of fire and smoke - like the heavens them selves came down to greet us.
This is absolutely stunning. You did an epic job capturing this.
Wow, this is awesome. It really puts my picture to shame. :)
Gorgeous shot! What exposure settings did you use?
Mono Lake is an epic place to be for the Perseids. The drive through Tioga Pass/Tuolomne Meadows/Cathedral Peak is baller too. 
+Lisa Donchak brilliant work. Tell me, did you did some stacking for this picture or just one exposure with supore post process after? Thank you.
Our view of the milky way galaxy from its mid outer spiral arm.
Hi Miss Lisa, would like to know how do you capture such stunning images like this.  thanks.
Just wow. Tonnes of detail in that Milky Way
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