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Announcing … the first #PhotoTimeTrial !

The moment you've all been waiting for …

+Chris Chabot and I are launching the first ever G+ Photo Time Trial! Here's how it works:

We give you five landmarks in San Francisco. You run around SF and take pictures of all them as fast as possible.

There are two categories you can submit to:

Fastest run. You went for speed. How fast did you get to all the landmarks?
Best photos under four hours. You went for quality and speed. As long as the photos were taken with the same four-hour window, the best entire album wins. (Judges TBA!)

How do I submit?

Put all five of your photos and a picture of yourself with a timer into an album (check out mine in this post for an example). Mark it with the #tag #PhotoTimeTrial , and the category you're competing in [you can compete in both!]

How does the timing work? Does it matter what order I get to the landmarks?

Nope! The timer starts from the first photo you take and ends with the last photo you take. You can get to the landmarks in any order.

When's the deadline?

One month from today: January 16, 2013.

Okay okay - tell me the landmarks!

Bay Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
TransAmerica Building
SF City Hall
Ferry Building

Ready? On your mark … get set … GO!

(Other cities … we love you too! We just don't live there. ^^ Let me know if you want to launch your own #PhotoTimeTrial !)

And: Chris and I did ours in 52 minutes and 29 seconds last night at 2am. We figured we'd give you all some hope for the speed run. ;) Also, despite being the organizers of this contest and choosing the landmarks, we apparently didn't know where SF City Hall was.
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That sounds like a helluva lot of fun! I wish I could be in town for that. He he. I'm looking forward to what all of the competitors shoot!
Maybe it was meant for me? He he. I might be in town on the 6th so I won't be able to make a return up North that soon. ;-P
i know of a spot where you can shoot 4 of these landmarks at once -- 

i need a d800 and some serious cropping chops + or a seriosuly long lens.
We ruled out taking photos from an airplane - unless you explicitly rented one out for the purpose of the time trial. ;)
You should rent one and try to pull that off +Ricardo Lagos. You'll have all of your shots in record time.
i'm going to borrow +Barry Blanchard huge ass bazooka. -- i think this would be alot of fun .. 

anyone want to go tonight? -- yeah we'll have the same time. . but i dont care about the time, just want to take part.
+Lisa Donchak .. actually i have a real question -- 

can i enter the contest more than once -- i'd like to make an entry for fastest run .. 

then make a separate entry for best photo in under 4 hours.

+Joseph Fanvu .. lets meet tonight and do a run.
+Ricardo Lagos got family in town tonight. Ping me if you go and I'll see if I can sneak out. (doubtful) But I'll let you know when I go in the coming weeks.
I will participate, cool idea :) WIsh I could get away today.
booking my flight ... lol
Yes plenty of time - by my calculations - a month! (hugs his supercomputer) :)

+Lisa Donchak I am excited about doing this.
+Lisa Donchak this is an awesome idea. Do you know anyone that wants to do this in Huntington Beach?
+Cameron Siguenza / +Joseph Fanvu .. lets organize a group to go shoot  .. we can do a walk that starts around 2 am at the BB .. and ends at the GGB at sunrise .. (for best shot)
Swee Oh
sounds like fun!  :)
+Swee Oh .. possibly .. on a clear day .. not sure if you can see the ferry building from twin peaks.
Swee Oh
ahh... which means all these can happen in an hour shoot from twin peaks then dash to Ferry Building :p  
2am to sunrise would take some slight planning (and some iou to my wife). But color me interested.
Looks like a blast! I would totally go for a Washinton D.C. trial...
This sounds VERY cool. I'll bet there would be some serious interest in a similar event here in Portland!
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