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Lisa “LJ” Cohen
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale


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Welcome to my home on the plus! If you don't want to wade through my longer profile, here's the speed read edition:

* author of 6 SF&F novels
* poet
* potter
* international spy

My novels are available in eBook and print editions in all the usual and some of the unusual places:

Barnes & Noble *iTunes*
Google Play
*Directly from me through my website*

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Watch the jar in the foreground! Canning magic. (Peach bourbon butter.)

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My entire house smells like peaches.

This is not a problem.

And because good things should be shared, this is my easy-peasy lazy way to make amazing fruit butter.

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This always seems to be a busy time for me. A round up of my August so far and more photos of peaches!

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My sister in law, +Lisa Patti​ painted this. And gifted it to me for #StarFieldFarm

Her work is amazing. I love how lively and vibrant her paintings are.

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So this happened today.

At the last minute I decided to enter something in the ceramics division of the #hardwickfair

And it took a blue ribbon.

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So I'm learning to be a country mouse. And there's a lot that I love about being here. I've been gorging on fresh peaches, picked perfectly ripe from the three trees along the driveway.

The nights are dark and quiet. Even in the suburbs, it's never this quiet at night and I've accommodated to the streetlights to the point where I didn't notice them until we started staying here. Now, the first night I'm back home, the level of light streaming through the windows is disconcerting.

One thing that's certain: you need a vehicle to live here.

I am car-less today. My ancient Saab blew a turbo seal on my way here yesterday. We limped the last 15 miles, blowing blue smoke. AAA came and towed it back to our home shop, which leaves me here without transportation.

Tomorrow, a friend is coming to attend the Hardwick Fair with me and she'll be my taxi driver. I'll go home with her after. But for today, it's feet.

Though I did meet a Lyft driver the other day in the bakery, so there is ride-sharing out here.

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First peaches from our own trees! Sooooo sooooo goooood.

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via +Rick Wayne who finds really wonderful images on the web. Yes, this does look a lot like what Daedalus Station might be.

I don't actually visualize much of my world in the writing, so I really do appreciate when people find art that represents it.

+Lisa Cohen this reminded me a little of Daedalus station.

I don't think I mentioned how much I like what you did with the Midlant dialect. Vray?

Artist credited in picture.
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