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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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Welcome to my home on the plus! If you don't want to wade through my longer profile, here's the speed read edition:

* author of SF&F novels
* poet
* potter
* international spy

My novels are available in eBook and print editions in all the usual and some of the unusual places:

Barnes & Noble *iTunes*
Google Play
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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Oooh, I'd LOVE this. Probably better than a one-off movie. Hell yeah.

+Daisy Parker​​​ +Skye of Shield​​​ +Archangel Natalie,Natalie Dugan​​​ +Nataʟɨa A. Rօʍaռօʋa™​​​ +Natasha Romanoff​​​ +Natasha Romanoff 〈3​​​ +Natasha Romanoff​​​ +Natasha Romanoff​​​ +Natasha Rogers​​​ +Natasha A.Romonoff™​​​ +Black Widow​​​ +Black Widow the Assassin™​​​ +tasha romanoff​​​ +Fifi W​​​ +Agent Lani Howlett​​​ +Anya Romanova-Rogers​​​ +Agent Jemma Simmons​​​ +Leo Fitz​​​ +The Winter Soldier​​​ +WINTER SOLDIER​​​ +Winter Kitty​​​ +James Barnes​​​ +James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes™ (Зимний Солдат)​​​ 
Fans have been asking for Marvel's Black Widow to get her own solo movie, but we think a Netflix series would be better. Here's why.
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Yeah, that'd be better. I'd also argue for a series with The Cat (not Tigra or Hellcat) or a WWI era Union Jack aka Lord Falsworth, the King's spymaster. 
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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Love, love, love this. Read to the end where this 8th grader totally owns the researcher who tried to patronize her.
It took an eighth grader to counter the growing belief that "no Irish need apply" was a myth.
The Internet has been buzzing about how discrimination against the Irish was a myth. All it took was a high schooler to prove them wrong.
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+Philip Setnik Are you saying appeals to authority don't win arguments automatically? GASP 
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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I licensed one of +Veris Maya​'s pieces as the cover for my short story collection. I love her work. The color in this one is wonderful.
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how wonderful.  
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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This is way cool!
Make Your Own Custom T-Shirts With Bleach & Freezer Paper

Very cool and relatively simple. Since it's using freezer paper you don't even need to be artistic, just find an outline to print off the internet.
How to make an awesome shirt with some bleach and freezer paper.
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This might be do-able even by my all-thumbs, can't draw stick figure self!
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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There are reviews, and then there are reviews. When an author you respect the HELL out of says she loves your book, well, that is a good day in the world.

Today is a VERY good day.

From Lynn Viehl, author of (among many others!) the STARDOC series books.

"Usually I can point out one or two reasons why a novel wows me, too, but this one was just cover to cover awesome. Expect great characters, who actually grow and change and have to deal with new problems; a nail-biter of a plot, that manages to be both twisting and absorbing at the same time, settings that expand to take us to new and scary-thrilling places in this universe, and the kind of SF adventure you probably haven't read in a very, very long time (if at all.) I still miss the SF I used to read when I was younger, those stories that grabbed you and held onto you for the full ride, and this is that kind of story."
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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I've hit 6K on #DreadnaughtAndShuttle , where I've introduced the characters and what they think their main problems are. Then I realized I needed to do some more structural work.

For that, I got out my $0.39 staples single subject spiral notebook and started the process. These are my shorthand notes for what needs to happen in the first 25% of the story, along with a schematic on how all the 'players' are related.

And I know how the story ends! Now I just need to write the next 95K or thereabouts. :)

While I love the basic structure of planning the story in quartiles, I leave enough open in the process that I have room for discovery and surprises. I very much love the description of the process in this blogpost on The Narrative Path:
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

Authors seeking reviews  - 
FYI: My SF/Space Opera novel ITHAKA RISING is available to request from Netgalley until the end of August.

A derelict ship and a splintered crew are not the rewards Ro had hoped for when she helped disrupt her father's plans to start a war with smuggled weapons. But with the responsibilities of full citizenship and limited resources, she's forced to take her father's place working as an engineer on Daedalus station while she and Barre try to repair their damaged freighter, Halcyone. Barre's brother, Jem, is struggling with the disabling effects of his head injury, unable to read or code. His only hope is to obtain a neural implant, but the specialists determine he's too young and his brain damage too extensive.

When Jem disappears, Barre and Ro race to find him before he sells his future and risks his mind for a black market neural implant. But locating The Underworld along with its rogue planet Ithaka has political consequences far beyond what Halcyone's crew imagine, pitting Jem's life against deadly secrets from a war that should have ended forty years ago.

While this is book 2 in a series, it is self contained and complete and can be read independently.
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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+Rick Wayne​ I hope you survived the day and didn't have to resort to anything that would sent you to jail. ;)
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It's the last dinner. I just might make it. 
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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So, it could have been worse. The car could have died on the side of the road. In the rain.

Instead, it's waiting for a tow in a rest stop near Atlantic City, NJ, where we were attending a memorial service for our dear cousin Frani.

It's Sunday early evening. We're almost 3 hours from where we are staying in Maryland with our in laws.

Oh joy.

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And we made it back! We didn't need to resort to cannibalism. Life is good. :)
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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I was asked to come up with some tweets others could share to promote ITHAKA RISING, my most recent SF release. Would either/both of these appeal?

#IthakaRising Secrets from an old war risk the lives of Halcyone's crew as they search for one of their own

#IthakaRising A derelict ship w/a broken AI is just the start of the troubles for Halcyone's accidental crew

The constraints of character count really limits what one can say and still have room for a shortened link.
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+DL Keur
Thank you. I was on the road on mobile all day and wanted to come back to tell you how much I appreciated your additional offerings!
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Lisa “LJ” Cohen

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Because one cannot have too many photos of sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. #heaven
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eBook formatting & conversion, wheel throwing & hand building ceramics, listening
    Writer, present
  • Private Practice
    Physical Therapist, 1996 - 2009
  • Spaulding/MGH
    Physical Therapist, 1989 - 1998
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Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale
Who I really am is just plain stubborn mixed with a crazy sense of optimism, and tempered by a dash of cynicism.

I write novels as LJ Cohen across the YA, fantasy, and speculative fiction genres.

My published novels are available in all the usual venues:

Halcyone Space
DERELICT (book 1)

Changeling's Choice
THE BETWEEN (book 1)
TIME AND TITHE  (book 2)


PEN-ULTIMATE: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, LJ Cohen & Talib Hussain, eds, is available in print and eBook editions (proceeds donated to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund)

My short story, "I was a Teenage Alien" is in Theme-Thology: Invasion, published by HDWPBooks.

My short story, "The Forgetting" is in Theme-Thology: Day I Died, published by HDWPBooks.

Find me on the web:
Find my pottery website:
See more photos of my pottery:

Subscribe to my occasional newsletter: (well, it's always a newsletter, it's published occasionally, as in about 6 times a year, complete with original, free short fiction)

Member of SFWA (The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and Broad Universe

You can read samples of my novels (some in progress, some published) on Wattpad.

I've also been known to make pottery and give it away. :)

FYI: I have political biases. I am concerned with social justice, gender issues, and feminism. I will talk about this side by side with writing craft, pottery, and cute animal pictures.

P.S. Sadly, I know that the individuals this relates to are not the people reading this, so consider this my public venting. Most of the folks I have met on G+ have been interesting and wonderful; people I now count as my friends.  However,  I have increasingly been the recipient of private messages and emails from men, often not native English speakers, but not exclusively so,  wanting to 'get to know me better'. These "hey baby" messages are from people who have never interacted with me, aren't in my circles, and have no connection with me or my interests. This is the internet version of the street cat-call and is at best, irritating, at worse, harassment. So I will not answer chat requests from anyone I do not recognize from my circles or from prior interactions on G+ posts.

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Slept in a yurt on the Kyrgyz jaloo.
  • Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons
    Physical Therapy, 1984 - 1986
  • University of Rochester
    1980 - 1984
  • Hicksville High School
  • Hicksville Jr. High School
  • Burns Avenue Elementary School
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LJCohen, Lisa Janice Cohen
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