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Still one of my top 10 movies. Happy birthday to Field of Dreams!
Field of Dreams Was Released #OnThisDay  25 Years Ago!

I've been to Dyerseville, Iowa, where Field of Dreams was filmed. I have a baseball cap, other mementos, and many memories. This is one of those all-time great American films. 

Field of Dreams  is a 1989 American fantasy-drama film directed by Phil Alden Robinson, who also wrote the screenplay, adapting W. P. Kinsella's novel "Shoeless Joe". The film stars Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, and Burt Lancaster in his final film. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Original Score, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture.


While walking in his cornfield, novice farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice that whispers, "If you build it, he will come", and sees a baseball diamond. His wife, Annie, is skeptical, but she allows him to plow under his corn to build the field.

Nothing happens, and Ray soon faces financial ruin. Ray and Annie discuss replanting the corn, but their daughter, Karin, sees a man on the ballfield. Ray discovers that he is Shoeless Joe Jackson, a dead baseball player idolized by Ray's father. Thrilled to be able to play baseball again, Joe asks to bring others to play on the field. He later returns from the cornfield with the seven other players banned in the 1919 Black Sox scandal.

Ray's brother-in-law, Mark, cannot see the baseball players, and warns Ray that he will go bankrupt unless he replants his crops. While in the field, Ray hears the voice again, this time urging him to "ease his pain." After attending a PTA meeting involving a resolution to ban books by author and activist-turned recluse Terence Mann, Ray decides the voice is referring to Mann.

Ray finds a magazine interview about Mann's childhood dream of playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers and his heartbreak when the team moved to Los Angeles, and convinces Annie that he should seek out the author after they both dream about Ray and Terence attending a baseball game.

Mann denies making the statement in the magazine, but Ray persuades him to attend a baseball game at Fenway Park. Ray hears the voice again, which urges him to "go the distance." The scoreboard shows statistics for a player named Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, who played one game for the New York Giants in 1922, but never had a turn at bat. Mann eventually admits to sharing the vision, and they travel to Chisholm, Minnesota where they learn that Graham became a doctor, but died 16 years earlier.

During a late night walk, Ray realizes that he is in 1972, the year of Graham's death; he finds Graham who confesses to him that although he regrets never getting to bat, he would have regretted not being a doctor even more. He declines Ray's invitation to fulfill his dream.

#fieldofdreams   #baseball   #iowa   #kevincostner   #americana   #feelgoodmovies   #littleleaguebaseball   #littleleague   #jamesearljones   #onthisdayinhistory  

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I love this one too!
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This is so amazing. And it will only get easier and cheaper to make orthotic and prosthetic parts as 3 d printers enter the mainstream.
A $50 3D Printed Hand Outperforms a $42,000 Myoelectric Prosthetic Device. 
Over the last several months, some of the more inspiring stories around 3D printing have had to do with the printing of prosthetic devices, particularly hands.
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$6million man here we come!!!  and Bionic woman...
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Lisa Cohen

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OOOH! Cool! Loved Farscape.
Rockne O'Bannon (Farscape's creator and showrunner throughout it's run) has indeed CONFIRMED a Farscape movie is happening.
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I liked Farscape disturbed me when the main characters (actors) moved over to StarGate...changed the whole flavor of that one.
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Lisa Cohen

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Got 2K in on the sequel today. Happy writer is happy.
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That's wonderful! throws confetti

I'm supposed to be writing for Camp NaNo, but I've actually been drawn to editing, which is better than writing new stuff. I wanted this novel ready for query in February. >_<
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Lisa Cohen

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I'm having a really hard time focusing today. I think I may take a nap, then go for a walk before trying to write again.
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That song gets annoying after a while.
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Lisa Cohen

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Guest blogpost for +C. J. Brightley done and emailed. :)
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Lisa Cohen

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Hanging out with my dad at the koi pond. 
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Lovely way to spend the day. 
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Lisa Cohen

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W00t! Another sunny day in Boston and 14 kWh of solar power generated already. It will probably be another 20 kwh day in our personal power plant!
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Ack, +Jeff Howe I'm so sorry you ran into such snags. Part of what allowed this to work was that the solar company had a partnership with our town which vastly simplified things like the permitting process and the liaison with the electric company.

Had that not been in place and had the company not been so incredibly organized, our project might have gone the way of yours.
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Thank you for this link, +Chris Veerabadran And as much as I'm a coffee fanatic (must buy this coffee maker!) I was even more fascinated by the inventor, Alan Adler. What a fascinating man!
The invention of the Aeropress

"...inventing is a disease and there is no known cure.”

- Alan Adler.

If you love coffee, you should try this simple coffee maker, makes one of the best coffees. I also wish they'll make a steel version of the aeropress besides the plastic ones.

#coffee   #quote   #coffeelovers   #aeropress  
How one inventor went from making Frisbees to one of the world's best coffeemakers.
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I'm a coffee nut, and I make coffee in all different ways, but I keep meaning to buy an Aeropress. A friend of mine has recently been recommending it highly for iced coffee. He brews it over a cocktail shaker full of ice and then adds cream and shakes it up. Really looking forward to trying this method! That set aside, the story of the inventor is quite fascinating!
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Lisa Cohen

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A snippet from today's writing on the sequel #timeandtithe   The Seneschal has turned into one of the most interesting characters in the sequel. He traded his name and his face for the ability to wield the power of persuasion and a place at the side of Faerie's ruler.


"My apologies for the meager surroundings, Milady."

Lydia started, falling backwards as the Seneschal's laughed, his voice full of its usual ironic amusement.  So he had found his way to power without her. Ignoring his outstretched hand, Lydia scrambled to her feet. "I don't even rate a visit from Aeon himself?"

"Ah, no. I thought you and I needed a private moment."

Something in the tone of his voice and the way he studied her, made Lydia pause. Had he allied himself with Aeon? And if he was not under his orders, what did the Seneschal want with her? She knew better than to ask him directly.

"Shall we stroll?" he asked.

Lydia nodded and took his offered arm. As they walked, the gray featureless expanse traveled with them, leaving them in a small oval patch of clear air.

"An interesting place you have here," she said, matching his light tone. It was neither of Faerie, nor somewhere in the Mortal world. She could sense no touch of glamour around her, except for the intricate magic that kept the Seneschal's face obscured. It was as if he had found a way to wrap that same magic around them both.
"He can't see us, can he?"

The Seneschal stopped and gave her a short bow. "Welcome to my sanctuary. It exists in the Between; a particular blind spot of my own creation that no one, not even Aeon, can find."

"I could have used a place like this."

"That is true. But we were not allies then."

Lydia looked at him sideways. "Are we allies now?"


She nodded. "Good. I would rather there only be honesty between us, Seneschal."

He offered her his arm again and they continued walking. "Faerie might have prospered under your rule. It is a shame you abandoned your birthright."

In another time or place, Lydia might have argued with him, but she was past her anger and her self-pity. There was only the truth left. "I did what I thought best. There was too much I didn't understand."

"Had you sought me out for council, I would have advised you."

Lydia snorted. "Being honest doesn't suddenly make me stupid."

"Apologies, Milady."
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eBook formatting & conversion, wheel throwing & hand building ceramics, listening
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I write novels as LJ Cohen across the YA, fantasy, and speculative fiction genres and am represented by Nephele Tempest of The Knight Agency.

My published YA novels, FUTURE TENSE and  THE BETWEEN, are available at all the usual venues.

PEN-ULTIMATE: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, LJ Cohen & Talib Hussain, eds, is available in print and eBook editions (proceeds donated to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund)

My short story, "I was a Teenage Alien" is in Theme-Thology: Invasion, published by HDWPBooks.

My short story, "The Forgetting" is in Theme-Thology: Day I Died, published by HDWPBooks.

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I've also been known to make pottery and give it away. :)

FYI: I have political biases. I am concerned with social justice, gender issues, and feminism. I will talk about this side by side with writing craft, pottery, and cute animal pictures.
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