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‪#‎Free‬@Amazon 4/25-4/26 Prodigal Nights ‪#‎ChristianFiction‬ ‪#‎FunSuspense‬

For two returning prodigals will the challenge to live “good” withstand the allure to be bad?

After a nasty divorce, Bethany Davis returned to college and lived up to the low standards set by gossips. Her dad’s stroke has now brought her home, and Bethany finds herself in a dilemma—how can she get beyond her past, learn to trust again, and live a “good” life?
Bethany’s father’s involvement in the defense industry adds excitement to her expectation of a boring life back home. However, bodyguards, stalkers, and international secrets are the least of her problems—opening her heart to trust again is the real danger. And the mutual attraction with her new team leader, Jason Ross, spells the possibility of big-time heart trouble.

Jason’s days of wild living are over, and he’s determined to prove to himself and God that he’s on the right path. When Bethany steps into his office, he sees the girl of his dreams, but is she God’s gift or Satan’s temptress?

Join Bethany and Jason for a fun, fast-paced, wild ride straight to the heart of grace.

Prodigal Nights, 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist.

Lisa Buffaloe

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Looking for ‪#‎hope‬ and ‪#‎joy‬? Living Joyfully Free Devotional via @amazon

Lisa Buffaloe

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“Will you keep going when you don’t know why? When you can’t get any answers that would make the pain go away, will you still say, ‘My Lord,’ even though his ways are not clear to you? Will you keep going—with all the grace and grit and faith you can muster—and live in hope that one day God will set everything right. Will you trust that God is good? … Ultimately, the choice everyone faces is the choice between hope and despair. Jesus says, ‘Choose hope.’” ~ John Ortberg, 

Lisa Buffaloe

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The Honey Mushroom is a fungus that moves silently through the soil, coming up through roots, then slowly starving and eventually killing trees. One specific honey fungus covers over 2.4 square miles acres in Oregon and is thought to be the largest living organism in the world. 

Silent invaders also infiltrate the church. Beware of those who may look good, perhaps even have a pretty title, yet are busy gossiping, spreading lies, or altering the truth of the Bible to starve out growth, hinder, or kill the body of Christ. Be careful of the wolves in sheep clothing. Be careful and be wise. “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” ~ Matthew 7:15 (NASB)

Let’s make sure we nourish our Christian brothers and sisters. Encourage and pray for your siblings-in-Christ. Be careful to never hinder God’s Spirit from working in your life or the lives of others. 

Let’s move through the soil of this earth to bring the Good News to those around us and to the lost. Counter the silent invaders with God’s truth and God’s love. 

Move in God’s love and let God’s love move in you and through you! 

“Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” ~ Philippians 2:1-2 (NASB)

“Let all that you do be done in love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:14 (NASB)

Lisa Buffaloe

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Great post by +Emily Wierenga 
When we say we trust God, we are trusting love. We are trusting that love will win. 
  “I’m glad I found out while we were …
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Last week I used the trimmer to prepare the yard before my sweet husband mowed. While working, I heard a pop, felt a sharp sting in my lower leg, but couldn't see any damage through my jeans. A few minutes later, I felt a trickle of something wet from that area. I lifted my pant leg to find a shard of string had shot through my jeans and impaled my leg above the ankle.

The thing was stuck deep enough a tug did not remove it, so I hurried to get my husband to help. When we couldn't get it out with gentle pulls, I wasn't too thrilled with how hard the removal might become.
Now I had several choices to make. I could leave the string embedded in my leg, allow it to fester and become infected, or have it removed to allow healing.

When my husband suggested using needle-nose pliers, I found the strength to yank even harder. With a pop, (and probably a scream) the string came back out. The process wasn't fun, but the healing could now begin.

A small piece of trimmer string seems harmless until it’s embedded in skin. So many people have barbs stuck in their soul, the quills from porcupine encounters with difficult people, or the shrapnel from those who spew out a string of unhealthy words.

Healing is needed when we are wounded. To read the rest -->
So many people have barbs stuck in their soul, the quills from porcupine encounters with difficult people, or the shrapnel from those who spew out a string of unhealthy words. Healing is needed when we are wounded. --->
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Lisa Buffaloe

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In 1947, pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. He reported the turbulence was terrible right before he broke through, but after the air was as smooth as glass.

I wonder how often in the midst of major turmoil and difficulties, if we aren’t actually on the brink of a breakthrough. Satan wants to stop us in any way possible. Yet if we will keep moving forward with God’s help, we can break through any barrier.

When times are tough, hold onto God, He will help you break through!

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, God will revive me; He will stretch forth His hand against the wrath of my enemies, and His right hand will save me. Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. For nothing is impossible for God. ~ Psalm 138:7, 1 Corinthians 15:57, Luke 1:37 (NASB)

Lisa Buffaloe

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Beautiful truth from +Ann Voskamp 
Hey Soul? The Best 3 Word Plan: 
Love. Everybody. Always.
Love the hard people, at the hardest times, in the kindest ways.
"... I’m bankrupt without love.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t ... fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, puts up with anything, trusts God always, always looks for the best... keeps going to the end. Love never dies." 1Cor13:MSG 
The only way to live a remarkable life
is not to get everyone to notice you, 
but to leave noticeable marks of love
everywhere you go.

‪#‎PreachingGospeltoMyself‬ ‪#‎ChooseLove‬ ‪#‎1000Gifts‬
[ from the post: The Secret You Need to Know about Inconveniences (& Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Them)
print's free for you right here: ]
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Love this from +OurPrayer 
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Oh, too cute, Lisa! :D

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My eye doctor appointment is today. My eyesight has changed again, and my poor eyes are struggling. Without corrective lenses, my vision is terribly flawed. Fortunately the doctor will help me receive the proper prescription.

I can’t just buy a pair of glasses off the rack, can’t borrow a friend’s reading glasses, or even use ones that I've had in the past. My eyes need to be given the proper lenses for the proper vision.

In the same way, we have to make sure we see through God’s truth.
There are those who say, “This is how I see, so you also should see my way.” Even the media has power for good or evil based on how they report. The angle of the camera can be used for to sway public opinion. Editors can edit video and audio to present what they want you to see and hear. People can do the same, by only giving information that will help their cause or further their agenda. Churches, friendships, families, and countries, have split from inaccurate vision.

Are you basing how you react and act, or what you think about a situation or person, on how someone else told you to see?

Be careful. Be wise. Be committed to God and His truth, because His truth sets you free. His truth gives clarity. His truth keeps us unified in His love. Please remember the only way to truly see is asking God to see through His truth.

Heavenly Father, open our eyes to see clearly and live by Your truth. Help us to see things Your way above all other ways. Please correct our vision to Your proper vision.

“Jesus used a picture-story as He spoke to them. He said, ‘Can one blind man lead another blind man? Will they not fall into the ditch together?’” ~ Luke 6:39 (NLV)

“Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law.” ~ Proverbs 29:18 (NASB)

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Lisa Buffaloe

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Choosing joy with +Ann Voskamp 
Hey Soul? So here's the thing: you get multiple choice today: 
Busy is a choice. 
Stress is a choice. 
Joy is a choice. 
You get to choose. Choose well. Deciding first thing: "My choice is You, God, first and only." Ps.16:5MSG 
Choosing Joy!

‪#‎PreachingGospeltoMyself‬ ‪#‎ChooseJoy‬ ‪#‎1000Gifts‬
print's free for you right here:
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Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and feelings were hurt in the misunderstanding? Or perhaps a friend didn't act very friendly? Relationships are with imperfect people and still we hope and want them to act in a perfect manner. And the Lord knows sometimes people are just downright mean, gossipy, and unforgiving. Ouch!

We can’t change how another person acts or reacts, but we have a choice how we act and react. We have a choice whether we will run to God or sit and stew in our hurt. We have a choice in how we will move forward. We have a choice in taking the situation (and people) to God and trusting He will do what is best and right for all concerned.
Remember God loves His children and wants the best for them — that includes the person you are having difficulties with, the person you don’t like, and/or the person who you don’t want to forgive, or who won’t forgive you.

God wants the best for you, and He also wants their best. Regardless of the failure of others, we can pray for God’s best for them because God’s best is the best for us all. And when we bless others, the blessings bounce right back.

Keep your focus on God, trust His unfailing love, and trust that His best is the bestest for us all!

Trust God. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
God will show you what is best. (Isaiah 48:17)
Bless those who persecute you. (Romans 12:14)
Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving, just as Christ forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32)
Forgive and you will be forgiven. (Matthew 6:14)
Remember you’ll be judged like you judged. (Matthew 7:2)
Love one another. (John 13:34-35)
Don’t become weary in doing good and don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9)
Pursue the things which make for peace and build up one another. (Romans 14:19)
Encourage one another. (1 Thessalonians 4:18)
Pray for one another. (James 5:16)

“Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge, and in your knowledge, self-control, and in your self-control, perseverance, and in your perseverance, godliness, and in your godliness, brotherly kindness, and in your brotherly kindness, love.” ~ 2 Peter 1:5-7 (NASB)

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” ~ 2 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)

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Thanks to undiagnosed Lyme disease for six years, my medical journey could be used by several medical television shows. I've been poked, prodded, and diagnosed with way too many diseases. After an eleven year struggle, God granted healing!

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