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Happy #EarthDay - may your day be a clean and peaceful one...

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I think he likes when you post pictures of dudes' butts.
friend ? "friend request" is facebook, this is google :P
+Vinod Kumar - Demanding someone add you to their circles, is NOT the way to get someone to do so. It's rude. I do not have to add you to my circles, in order to engage with you.
All this Google v Facebook etiquette is a bit weird to get into at the start isn't it. I don't even know how to send one of my real world friends a message on Google. Ah well! Nice pic though.
+Sarah Wooller its called Mail.. other that that its closed post´s or public.. so we all can interact, thats why we are here, not to show everyone what you have eaten :P
+Sarah Wooller you may find that you don't really have a need for your real world friends, FB friends, and family members on G+ ... it's really about finding complete strangers all over the world who are interesting, and interested in the same things you are :) I don't actually "know" anybody here in the real world sense ... and I find that quite refreshing. It was a little weird to get used to, coming from FB, but now I love it :)
+Armida Evony +Lisa Bimmerz - wow your comment really took me back till I read on. Yeah I'm coming round to your way of thinking - but I do have a few friends who are interested in the same stuff - so sometimes I just want to let them know bits and bobs. I love it too. FB is sadly neglected.
Niiiiiiice! Now that is what I call a bare Earth Day! Woot!
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