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Sleepy Kangaroo on the Gold Coast of Australia.
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biz man
Haha...yeah, he must be dreaming of hopping lol
In all the time that I lived near the Gold Coast, I never saw a kangaroo. And I've never seen one this cute :).
JC Desp
That's so cute. Great picture.
Probably still counting to 100 before finding his mates :)
Amazing that you could get this shot in the wild with a 50mm lens. Also -- soooooo adorable.
I would have been so worried that he would have suddenly woken up, and then jump-kicked me into the next territory. But then, having a lens in front of my face tends to make me more bold, but still -- amazing you got close enough to catch him with a 50mm. Very, very nice.
So cute! Like a puppy! That can kick you in the face!
Looks like me after too many beers.
Even Kangaroos sleep with their arms in weird places.
Kangaroos are most active morning and evenings (hence the number killed by vehicles on highways). This one was probably just soaking up the sun.
Probably dream they are walking.
Awww, this is so cute and the colors are beautiful!
"Sleep well, and dream of large kangaroos."
Rez A
Great Photography
I'm giggling trying to imagine what a little roo would be dreaming of that would yield that face and the paw across the face demeanor.
I love the gold coast. This wasn't taken at the Kangaroo Padock at the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary, was it? A splendid way to spend a day.
Sweet. Looks like the 'hand' was originally covering the eyes and then slipped down. What's that blue gravel underneath? Looks like copper sulphate.
Absolutely adorable, Lisa! Nice capture.
S Lee
Hehe.. Cute ! :)
Zuri no
I circled you because of this photo. love it!
Hoped you liked the Gold Coast Lisa? Home for mwah, Your photo could be say Currumbin Wildlife Zoo im guess-in. Love your work too, gracious
I think it typifies Australia...laid back :)
This is so cute :) And the photo quality is amazing!
Didn't know camera shy animals existed
Feel sorry for the poor thing, must have had a rough night since it passed out in the dirt. Excellent photo.
must be a male as so cute!!!!- beautiful photo - congrats
Joel C.
Great picture. Thank you for posting it.
gorgeous - was that at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary?
How did you get this shot without getting ambushed by the kangaroos:S
aww skippy you shouldna done that!
lo que dejaron las fiestas de año nuevo
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