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Earth, Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over +NASA

This is the definition of "awesome". This amazing time-lapse video was shot with a Nikon D3S with 17-35mm F2.8 and 14-24mm F2.8 lenses (via +dpreview) from the International Space Station.

I saw this video edited by Michael König a few days ago and it has made quite an impression on me. I keep coming back to it and marveling at the sheer beauty of this world.

It's time we start giving the Earth a little love, don't you think?
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Saw this a few days ago. So stunning, and the clarity and colors are so amazing I really thought I was looking at CGI rather than the real thing. Amazing.
Wow, that is pretty stunning... My rookie timelapse work doesn't even compare :)
It sure makes you realize the true power of nature and the planet when you see it from this perspective, doesn't it?
It looks like a small world doesn't it?
+Lisa Bettany Cool to see english speaking people writing an "ö" (Umlaut) instead of "oe" in "König". But pronunciation is even more difficult :)

Amazing video!
Adam S
But +Lisa Bettany , what do you have in mind as far as giving the Earth a little love? Does that include ceasing all but essential air travel, limiting our consumption of electronic gear to the bare essentials (since its production, transportation and disposal is terrifyingly polluting) and getting economical cars which do at least 50mpg (as they have been able to in Europe for many years)? I'm just highlighting these 3 things as I suspect they may be pertinent to you. Of course, it could be that you already meet these criteria, or perhaps have a house covered in solar panels, eat only organic food grown locally to you, have a minimalist wardrobe of clothes and shoes, and most of your belongings are needs and not wants, in which case I'll wind my neck back in.

My point is simply that I hope your actions speak louder than words, particularly since you have such an understandably large audience to influence. Come on Lisa, inspire your fans!
One of the most epic timelapse ever!
hey lisa frnd with me ,,,i m from india
Absolutely the most beautiful thing in this world is this world. When you see it from up there, you appreciate how truly petty all the world's little conflicts are.
i nearly shat myself over the northern lights from above
Awesome, just like many other CGIs (computer generated images)... sorry - this is NOT a real photo shoot from ISS like you wrote...
Wow! God sure made something beautiful out of a lifeless piece of rock!
The thunders are cooool!!!
Wow super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this is one of the most stunning things I have ever seen on the internet.
just love those "tiny" weather events...great overall vid and unique peak of our world, agree with +Lisa Bettany about giving our world a little more love!...thanks for sharing Lisa..cheers!
Breathtaking :) How marvelous Mother Earth is!
So beautiful! I think the other planets in the Universe would pay for a slice... If we cut it up and boxed it then we'd make a killing on the galactic market
wish its was this beautifull inside as it is outside
I see some on some of the objects. Hence - fake ;)
still not a bad video
+Adam S ;) My motorcycle achieves 100Mpg.
Don't be fooled by Hybrid-Electric cars though. You'd do the planet a favour buying a 6litre V8 than one of those.
it is amazing it almost looks like a peacefull world
That is Amazing!:D I love space and planets and everything!!:D
It is Beautiful!!! Yes I Agree A LiL More Love...
Pretty good editing job I think.
Adam S
I applaud you +Jim Crawford :-) , although I'll give a v8 a miss, if that's ok? :-)
Tom SS
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Tout à fait raison. Notre comportement aléatoire, aveuglé par l'individualisme nous mène bêtement vers l'auto-destruction. Ah si l'on se réveille le plus tôt...pour répondre à votre souhait.
Make your app available for the Androids also..... now tell me when your gonna do this for Android users.....
kar far
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That is the most amazing video I have ever seen! Just exceptional! ...thank you to all those responsible for its capture, delivery, editing and sharing!
U r awesome photographers
This is just an awesome piece!
Beautiful - wonderful - amazing
the earth is really beautiful fromm every perspective
Brilliant video, thanks for the upload
thanks, for share this wonderfull ghift ,TERRA..
Just imagine if these were the first images of Earth seen by an alien planet. What would they think of Earth?
i don't find it anything close to stunning. its just time-lapse shooting mounted from a nice vantage point. The music makes it worse. Gives a feeling of impending doom. The planet looks infested. The lights gives a feeling of a meltdown. Any romantic, poetic or positive notion of our planet is killed by this badly edited and fake looking clip
ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕ. Я не нахожу слов
Чудесно, сказочно ! Wonderful !
it's beautfull and wonderfull !!!
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