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La Boca Tango.

A romantic moment on the streets of La Boca, a colourful district of Buenos Aires on Day 41 of my trip around the world!

I just landed in Quito, Ecuador. Tomorrow at 6am, I'm heading to the Galapagos Islands for 5 day boat tour. Seeing the wildlife of the Galapagos has always been on my bucket list, so I can't wait to experience it all!

The only downside is I get really nauseous on boats. I'm on a boat aaaand it's going fast aaaannd I'm pukin' all over the captaaainn. Ah well, I have a bag full of gravol and these weird acupressure bracelet thingys that will hopefully make my journey a bit smoother.

And on another exciting note, I've added a new final destination of this worldwide photo adventure of mine -- Austin, Texas! Hope to catch up with everyone at SxSW and +Trey Ratcliff's wild and wonderful photo walk!
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Bacana a foto...cores vivas...
Lovely!!! I love Argentina!!!
soooo jealous, enjoy the Galapagos! Felicidades en Ecuador!
. Que es lo agradable de viajar, salir de la rutina o estaren contacto con lo desconocido?
Beautiful shot! You bring so many memories back, I really miss Buenos Aires ...
Love the scene and colors.

My Dad used to get seasick and the bands worked really well. Enjoy your trip!
beautiful the girls pose and the guys glance into her eyes. very sensual..bravo shot with an iphone.
You do realize you are the luckiest girl in the world, right? Such a fabulous trip!
Next time, I will lose enough weight to fit in your carry on! What a great experience you're able to share with us!
guaaao....como quisiera aprender bailar tango ............que baile tan sensul
Great that you will be at SXSW. The way Leo told the story, I thought you would be barred from entry to the U.S. for five years. Welcome back! Safe travels!
"Mi Buenos Aires querido.. (8)" great picture by the way.
Props to the capt. for being puked on and still managed to drive the boat :)
Eso no es el verdadero baile de tango.Es para los turistas.Buena foto,Lisa!!
Boca Juniors(Boquita)The best team of the world!!!
I love Tango Argentino. Such a great way to express.
I love dancing :) It is eleghant and at the same time sexy :)
Te extraño Reina del Plata!!! cuando yo te vuelva a ver....
I miss you Queen of the Silver River, when I see you again...
dance is ever to do.....
fantastic dance i like this nic pic
Enjoy Galápagos! It´s a paradise!... Is one of the most beautiful places in +Ecuador and I dare to say, one of the most beautiful places in the world :)
... pasióny elegancia... Tango che¡¡¡¡
MoLi Ty
Simply long to do that! Grateful you shared :)
Ancient mariners fix for sea sickness... ginger. Dramamines great if you remember to take it the night before but ginger will do the job without the wait!
That is beautiful. A Like. ¿What do you feel, traveling around the world? ¿How it feel?
wish i could travel to see places..lucky you.
hellooooooooooooooooooo frds............................??????????????
I did the same thing about 20 years ago! The boat trip.....not the puking. lol . Are you staying on the boat and travelling between the islands? I remember the last day when we were headed back (to the island with the airport) the swells were huge and even the crew were all see sick.
you are extremely beautiful, trust me!
Hey dear Lisa where were u ,no posts ,photos .through u n ur photos i also enjoy d world tour Ha ha ha
I can just hear the music and feel that latin passion!
hay friends how many r there in face book say me please and give me ur user name
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you
U are so beautiful 我想上你,,,哈哈 ,,,欢迎来中国
Caminito!!! Los esperamos turistas! :D
Danny C
sea bands. :) motion sickness stopper! :)
Fi Fi
me acuerdo ke una vez fui ahi
Love how the colorful background pops out even more with their somewhat monochromatic clothing in the foreground... Vibrant!
You obviously seem to have edited this with photoshop... correct me pls
You will ove the Galapagos, I know I did. Looking forward to the pictures.
I like the warm colours, and you seem to have captured the atmosphere perfectly. Btw, you do get around!
oua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! le reve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3
Hi, Lisa can come over to Papua New Guinea so you can travel to some of our diversity of rainforest and even try sail on our Biskmark sea. What do you think?
Quite hot! Would have loved to be there!
Kam Asik Juga ya...di Pakpak Bharat kamu kategori cewek kreatif deh...
La Boca in Buenos Aires die Hochburg des Tango argentinos..
to lisa how are you
you are beautiful
Lisa can make subpar camera like iphone look good. 
He seems like Ritik toshan.
That was an excellent entertainment!
You have use iphone software to modify it ,right?
Jit Das
What a site...
hi lisa how r u
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so sensual tango!. miss my Loved Baires!
Nice city dear. Welcome in india anytime. Nice country, so came here & enjoy ur life.
This brings back so many memories, unfortunately some sad ones. I lost my younger brother in Quito 6 years ago when he suddenly passed away, but this image brings back happy thoughts of some of the sites he saw and often wrote about to me. Thanks for sharing +Lisa Bettany
una foto de mi pais buena
muy linda es la boca , sabes que esun raferente de la musica ciudadana "el tango" si algun dia tenes la opurtunidad de volver a la argentina te invito a que conoscas el norte la provincia de misiones las cataratas del iguazu, y el sur la patagonia el glaciaar perito moreno. o ya lo hiciste? si no es asi te invito a que conoscas esos lugares te enamoraras de ellos, un ferte abrazo.
Nice catch. Did they pose for you?
ur iphone photos r too good
Hermosa. BsAs!!!
El Norte Argentino tiene linda vista, visitalos. Slds
An Iphone, wow that's amazing and so is their dancing
Dat eigenlijk het werkelijke leven !!
La Boca Arg. tiene tantas Historias maravillosas :)
un quartier le plus beau de buenos aires tres belle photo
I love it too.thanks my dear LISA!!!!!!!!!
Gambare apik tenan...
By rony
Que rico baile es El Tango
A shame I wasnt on here when you were there, I would have had suggestions. If have a ton of photos from Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia (end of the world) and Calafate (The Glaciers & blue icebergs) that you might find interesting, but on my facebook account. I have yet to transfer things here since I just joined today.
ohhhhhhhhh........what a romantic scene
Wonderful place, I've been there in October 2011.
I have good memories... beautiful picture...
You came to Argentina, You also knew Brazil?
Uow. I live in Buenos Aires, its a clasical of here. (I`m from Brazil).
Lisa you are beautiful, cute & intelligent♥ If I saw a dream to love & live a life with someone, so its you Lisa♥
Ali w
great photo..............
Hi Lisa!
U R so cute. 
ur photos are classic,have u ever come to india.if u come inform :-)
Po....ja fui ai......lugar bacana!!!!! Abraços hermanos!!!!
Attractive and bold...picking up the lady with latin style
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