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Galapagos sea turtle captured with an iPhone 4S in a Lifeproof case!
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That's keeping underwater photography very simple.
that is awesome life proof case in a zoo or aquirium
some times they all do not make it back to the water.
Maki MA
lovely! good shot and beautiful colors!
sure do like those little iPhones...Great photo!
That's cool. Considering that you only took that using a phone.
amazing color and detail
This iPhone series continues to amaze me.
chị ơi làm sau chụp được những bức ảnh đẹp và tự nhiên vậy chị.?
Catching this on a picture is awesome!
my sister can not take pictures so, e want to learn photography ..
?There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning."
Hi, My Self SUNDESH. I Am also Like Photography.
Are those the same subspecies as a loggerhead?
Beautiful Sea Turtle Under Water.liked it
You know they say that the sea turtle is the symbol of a long life
I know that Turtle's name 'Steven Paul'...Good Jobs.
The quality is really good for just a smartphone photo
Wow an iphone! That's a great shot!!!
Good one.....Dont know wats looking more beautiful...??? Is it Turtle or the pic.....???
dammit, wish I heard about these before I wasted money on a shitty underwater PNS camera
u r beautiful which country u live?
beautiful and amazingly well taken picture
Hi Dear you pic is very Nice good job
thats really good i wish i could take pictures like that
Good Shot are really a very good photographer.
unbelievable shot. i can do only imagination. that is very difficult to take this type of photo
very good resolution on iphone 4s
đẹp quá...em hâm mộ chị quá đi.........
your photo help me to think that you r n professional photographer.
hi Lisa pls when will you come to Ghnan to take me some pictures i love your pictures
moi nguoi that la dep toi yeu moi nguoi
kalau boleh tau lisa orang mana ya?
You are really talented photographer I hope that there is a chance to know you I am from Syria, you can mail me on Facebook or email This is (
lisa ur grate iphonphotogarpher keep it up try best
nan bua
like everybody else said FANTASTIC pic ! Thanks 4 sharing !
Lisa, what do you think about the new Nokia N808 41MP camera? did any one tried that?
that`s my world work under the water there is no noise just you`r voice breath
wow very beautiful and you beautiful too tanks
Defiantly need to get a case for water shots :0
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very well done,beautiful Paula Ellison
can not send via email ...? I am interested in the photo
Nice shot,u should see these polynesian symbols in their natural environment of Tahiti, Bora bora or Maupiti paradisiac islands.
Lisa good afternoon, my name is Fernando Giraldo would like to know if one day you coming to Colombia many experiences to share with you and show my beautiful country I am a cameraman of a channel in Colombia and I'm studying photography when you want I'll be very happy to assist in my country. .. greetings from Colombia.
The picture is amazing...
tudo tremendamente interessante.Um abraço.
hey lisa anyone tell u that u r eye r very attractive. some time i feel like song " WHY NOT ME" FROM ENRIC. ELISIA. NICE DAY
Hihi,mac cuoi wa!cuoc song cua ban may man hon nhiu nguoi do
من حیوانات رو دوست دارم
hi , i want to join in your group and take exp. of photography and real friendship . if you can
you know that ur in the last generation who will see this imagine in 25 years with what the humanbeen is doing to the earth n sea for his egoism n for money hope god save what he creates if he s not angry about what we do to this manifitient
I think, u r a good photograper
itu penyu ya..................................................?
shy...but, look me...though someone told can really bite
nice pic...............lisa I am Aman Singh Chawla i am really a fan of yours after seeing the your world tour snaps and your photograpy i really well ......... and i will be humble if u add me as your friend on facebook
Gorgeous! I love this photograph!! Can't believe it came from an iphone! I'm impressed!! It's wonderful!!
Ciao Lisa, guarda il mio poster della tartaruga marina verde.
A presto.
What a beautiful :)
Lisa Bettany remember just thinking of the times we had
Nagyon gyünyörű szeretnék én is ott lenni

 hows u
fine photo and love to see you took it with an iPhone :-)  
Wow,they very beautiful like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kewl...I have that camera and that case :-) Nice to see what it can do.
awww thats so cute i love the sea turtule
I have to say you take some really amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing em. But looking over your photos I noticed there was an attachment for your phone... what is that? And are they only iphone compatible?
Hello very nice Fortos, q i would like to visit Bolivia, we have a culture very nice
davinci no existe de lo contrario plasmaria tu imagen para la inmortalidad jetro viva mexico
Looks great. The water is very clear n I just want to stick my hand in their n grab that turtle. :-)

Wow! I'm really amazed by your pictures! I wish I could have a camera or phone like this...
I love to take pictures in my spare time, but with my camera I need much of luck to create great photographs ; )
And by the way, you are really beautiful, too!
Go on like this...looking at your pictures is a nice way to spend ones time...
Amazing did you go under water. excellent shot.
mami comunicate  carlos
si existiera davinci te plasmaria en un lienso para la posteridad
me puedes mandar tu mail para contacto personal envio foto
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