5 Quick Flower Macro Photography Tips.

1. Use Live view to focus. Focusing on a tiny water droplet on a petal is tricky business and often times your camera's Auto focus won't cut it. Use live view to zoom into the exact spot you want, set your focus, and switch back to shooting mode to capture your shot. If you are feeling brave, try Manual focus. Practice makes perfect with manual focus :)

2. Get low. Often the best angle is the one where you have to kneel in a pile of muddy guck. If you have sore knees, buy one of those gardening foam pads to kneel on. Or better yet, bring your flowers indoors and put them on a table top and set up your tripod below pointing upwards.

3. Explore Aperture. A small depth of field (DOF) less than f/4 will blur the background and create a more abstract look like this shot (f/2.8). This method is called selective focus. It is great to use if your background is distracting or you want a more artistic/abstract look. Conversely, if you want all the petals of your flower in focus you will need a larger DOF f/8 or higher.

4. Backlight your subject. For this shot, I placed the rose in front of a large window. The ambient light created a nice soft light from behind the rose. If you want to add more light to the foreground, you can use a foam core board or a reflector to bounce some light from the front.

5. Shoot in RAW. Always. You will get so much more detail, it will amaze you. You can thank me for your amazement later. :D

Please share your macro shots in the comments below!
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