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Snap of me and some lovely Galapagos sea lions! I'm just starting to go through the 15,000 iPhone photos I took during my world trip. Overwhelmed!
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visitastes mi pais que te parecio
Wow 15000 iPhone photos. Hope you were taking them off and organizing them a little as you were going around the world.
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مرحبا ليسا ممكن نتعرف
15.000 images! That's 300 images per day. Suppose you managed to shoot 10 hours every day. That makes one image every 2 minutes, 50 days long. Quite impressive :-)
Still hard to believe you took all those great shot with just an iphone ;)
That was a great project to follow
you better watch out, because i don't think those sea lions are herbivore.
I'm sure all the right ones will jump out at you ...look forward to seeing them ....Ride that wave :)
خوش بحالت لیسا خانم جاهای قشنگی پیدا میکنی very nice
Your living the life, while I watch from my desk............sad
Awesome! I dont know you, I just love taking pictures,
but I wanna see a world trip!, you look pretty cool and I have dreamed as aphotographer to travel the world. May I live vicariously though your Photos?
nice shot...I love that you are holding your that an olloclip on it?
Wow...beautiful capture,place &moment!
mer vid
this is what I like .. yah
Wow! You say the paparazzi followed you all the way to Galapagos?
sea lions r cute but your not
hi lisa, this is great, good for you, i wish i could be there but ... I can't
can u tag some photos of yours????????
wow!! cant believe you were that close!!!
No lugging 40 pounds of photo gear all over the world for Lisa.
Thanks for sharing your trip. I saw many things that I would not of seen otherwise. The variety of photos were great.
That's a really cool one.
Wow you look great and the of course the sea lions too.
Leo T
15K?! :O HoShi!
beautiful place.....................and you too,
this is beautiful.. it doesn't even look real
that really is an awesome picture
The pup is staring at you :P
the sea lion is looking at you... XDD
So Cute >_<
Nice picture. My mother was there a few years ago. Showed her your site. Loved seeing the photos.
you are the envy of photographers everywhere because you always have an inseparable experienced model who knows your desired composition as well as you do, as if you were but one person.

The work to frame and then shoot yourself probably varies from the time consuming studio shots to simpler scenic selftimers (or IR remotes?) like this, but always impresses.
I hope you have plans for a book or an exhibition in your home town? Maybe I can be of help?
i guess that is so cool ..nice pic..
wow wht a pic.......very hot to see
hay lisa good to pantainya iam to ina
du le
anh chup dep qua
if you are interested in nature pics which make you think twice then mail me
what you feel now lisa?
just................. <3<3<3 like ;) v.much..
Nice. I like beautiful photos. Go ahead.
arent u scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i peeped through ur albums ............... they r cool ...........and even u look pretty and of course u got plenty of time for ur hobby
Very clever take an object, all the pictures that you serve, all good and all very fantastic!
Que mujer mas guapa espectacular very good 
Everything in the picture looks great and beautiful
And you are beautiful
I think The sealion is like you...
Hi Lisa

Awesome pic and your are looking so pretty!
Hi. I just wanted to mention that I really liked yesterdays Camer+ update. The text description showed how ironic you guys are and made it even more fun to use. It's good to know you are that kind of people ;)
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hey hi lisa i've seen ur tour pics they r very beautiful any ways as ur site says around the world so when ur r coming 2 India desperately waiting for ur visit 2 India wish 2 meet u specially when u'll be in Mumbai
u welcom in cairo im hany my emial
u loooooook like a super duper hottest of world.........

plz help me out to have this summer with u alone ....
Nikki S
so so cool! love it!
I need vacations...
u r such a beautiful girl.....
SEA LIONS - Amazing..................... Rocking
hey lisa its real pic with sheal
yes, I think and I feel you are so beautiful...
hope this is not photoshopped
i like you ....................................................

i happying talk whith you
my name is ebi
im working in universite and im computer maneger ant toefl test maneger
dis is Assam..... wat is dis place...........
Where did you get that photo of a mermaid?
Magnificent view. You added more to its beauty and splendor. Wow!
looking so good in the pretty environment, around by pretty possessions......
Level with us Lisa, were you really that close to the sea lions or has the angle toyed with our minds?
cute hot
where do you from?
es como una estrella de mar q da belleza a la naturaleza
wow,you are very very beautifull
Looking very nice nd very sweet nd also ht
you look sooo hottti n preety.i like ur lips.
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kay baat hai
thume dakh kar aisa
lagata hai k?
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hi i m model from india can u give chance as a model in under u r company
saxy body n very intrsting claiment..
hi, lovely you looking beautiful. can you visited to Maldives?
your all snaps r outstanding veri nice
i want make love with u. Lissa
Hermosos albumes de fotos
You are a Wonderful lisa............
Wh Tie
very nice
i llllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee
smooth great job!!!! Lisa!!!! Greetings from Argentina!!!!
great shot i like it ! Lisa Bettany u r beatiful.
the only word i can say is: fantastic
würde sofort mit dir den standort tauschen (mit der robbe)
Lisa you looking so hot & so cool.
how come u not become a professional model?u have all the "face" and the "attitude". but ur captures also always as beautiful as u.keep up the victorious work:)
WOW! That's a lot of photos to sort out and edit!!
Hey should try get to Ireland for some pics, I live in Dublin Ireland and see the Sealions most day,s in Dublin port, Fab pic, Good Girl keep up the good work
youre an amazone an appetissant fruit of paradise
I like when you go on your photos because they look more beautiful...
you look like a splendid creature of heaven you deserve to enjoy that kind of life its true face n eyes never lie its appearing im feeling happy now telling this
You're very charming and beautiful! Thank God for all the beauty that can be told. 'My attraction to you that your face looks stunning!
hey lisa,.please come to indonesia :)
hope you get amzing shot
urfa ya gelin sizi davet ediyorum turkey
çok güzel tarihi fotolar var burda mezopotamya ya gel urfa
U r ultimately blessed wish i could have joined you .....i would have leaved my one dream , anyways nice mighty nice
wow..beutiful...very..nice...where is it?...if the animal did not bite?, so close to the animals in the wild ...
The sealion's siesta looks completely unfazed by the photo shoot.
Foto ini Saya beri judul "Gadis Sexy dan Singa Laut".
ohhhh :) so hot yaar............. :) nys
good looking
mummmmmmmmhaaaaaa :)
no word to say u... so js i say u r so so sooooooooooo beautiful,, i wanna meet u :) would u like ??????? m from india
There's beautiful beach i know.. I wish you could image it...
Beautiful but the dress is not acceptable
Tom Raj
baby seal is observing u hehe
More wounderfull i like too much
Seu pudesse faria uma viagem com você!adoro fazer missões...
Saludos desde Mexico Miss Betany, realmente tiene usted unas fotografias fantásticas....
I like your pics.....and the woman tooo...hehehe
lipo bd
hellow sweet baby
visit to Pakistan..our country is so beautiful.....when you 'll come then you inspire...
Philippines would be a great place as well, lots of good spots to take still images.
WOW you're an angel
amazing photography
Your have very nice pictures. 
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