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My new baby, Jasper the Canon 5DMK3. :D It was love at first click ;) 

Big thank you to +Joel Meisels  for delivering Jasper from the
Adorama NYC store stock room. I promise to give him a good home & take him on many photo adventures!

I'm joining an amazing panel of photographers (+Lotus Carroll  & +Vivienne Gucwa ) at the Blographer conference in NYC next Thursday if you'd like to join in :) 
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Im a Nikon guy, but I hope you give it good use!
I do love the Mark III such an amazing camera
Just wait till you see what Jasper can do with a lens attached! :-) couldn't help myself.
good!5D3,I like nikon D800
Congratulations Lisa for your new's really awesome.hope you always be happy with it and good luck.
I have a good relationship with my D5100 Nikon too. The 5DMK3 is a great camera also.
I wish you all the best with your baby.
AAP mx
Beautiful girl and camare :)
fotografa guapisima.....
Congrats on your new Camera!
Sure do love mine! Amazing piece of machinery. Have fun!
Congratulations and hello Jasper.
Congrats. I'm enjoying mine quite a bit. But I haven't named it yet...
I'm sure you'll enjoy the heck out of it, it's such a huge step up from the Mark II and such a pleasure to work with! So a big congrats & wishing you many fun adventures together ;)
I see two attractive subjects in this photo. :)
I dont know...I thought angels only existed in heaven!! ;)
I believe it's a good camera, but those eyes and smile just takes all the credits of it :)
Good luck with your new baby and a lot of good pictures +Lisa Bettany 
Ryan B
I am so jealous.
thats a good camera.. thats a good scene.. from above.. 
Damn, just when I was set to get a new Nikon d800…
Рулит и бибикает! Глазищи-то, глазищщи!
Happy trails,I have a brand new Canon 600D n 2 lenses 18-55 n 75-300.I haven't use it yet.
Awww... look, Jasper's still got his little lens cap.  lol... Congratulations!  How exciting!
A camera of 3000€ on these crisis times, I think it's only for professionals and for rich people. Really I will taste one of these machines. Congratulations Ms.+Lisa Bettany 
Hi Lisa, i want to ask u about this camera (Canon EOS 600D +18 - 55 MM F/ 3.5.6 IS II) How to evaluate it, I want to buy this camera but I do not have enough experience with, thanks...
I ♥ that you name your camera.  Have fun with Jasper!
I know how you feel +Lisa Bettany. I love my MkIII, it's so intuitive and easy to use!
That baby is naked. Put a lens on it for cryin out loud! :)
.......enlighten me please Lisa...are you a professional photographer?..or a photography pundit/business person that can take good photo's?.....I look at your photo's....and I'm guessing you probably do some  portrait work......but is that commercial work?...just can't work it do like posting pictures of yourself though......great subject of course...but a little gratuitous in my humble opinion....but a little confusing for most photographers do not do they? In fact thats the last thing they do on their own sites / blogs typically I think.......not at all usual...
Why you love Pete and not me ?? :(
comgrats for it
and nice pic sweet heart...
hello. i'm david and will see you. what time do you see live with webcam?
a beautiful toy ... but you are more beautiful, congratulations and portray beautiful are one
Ne é a camera mais mais seus lindos olhos azuis e seu rosto ficaram ainda mais lindos
LOL, you named it.   Really looking forward to your use of this great camera.  I'm sure it'll sing in your hands.
Hi Lisa iam waiting ur reply i think u don't read my mail
wish you and your new baby good light Lisa and many happy photos without too much photoshop  ;)
I don't know where to look first... at your eyes, or at the new camera ! lol
Awesome Congrats on the 5D just got mine last month, and what a heck of a tool!
i never see womam as pretty as you
i think that you are more sexy than the camera
"love at 1st click" nice ;)
extraordinary brilliant...!!
Haiii...Lisa... Your Beautyfull. Photography it's my dream / my expextation.
dis is love at first sight for me too sweetheart..............obviously it was abt the camera
5D III is amazing!, i have one too, but for video
where can i buy that canon you are holding?
wishing to hold  one of EOS series :D
Nice.... Camera........
with that smile and those eyes, why aren´t you a Hollywood superstar? ;) I know... acting... that is secondary you can learn it with time. :)
You are looking very good,
if you dont mind do you have bf?
come to ethiopia and take some amazing pictures of ur ancestors, the afar people in ethiopia.
I SOOOOO want you!!!!  Sorry Lisa, talking about the camera.....
hi you are a young beautiful woman, i like picture from billie
mai i no which model camera you use..??
what`s a beauty...................................
i liked "love at first click" too cute
meu sonho esta maquina....rsss..linda foto..
hey nice to c u dear looks nice
Hey lisa 3 tinz amazin bout...1st-ur cute, 2-i love ur camera,3-i gat a new bby..datz §ø swt I wish I Ψå$ ur husband..wink*
I just stumbled upon your profile while browsing Google+ for my photography interests. Firstly, I must say you have some real good pictures and great advice. Thanks for that. Secondly: you're so damn gorgeous!! :) :)
Starting today, I am going to observe each of your pictures for tips and will read all your notes whenever time permits.
wooow awsome nice sweet smile on yur face :)
so beautiful!!!!!
 greetings from Valparaíso, Chile!
you looking so sweet n  beautiful 
You have a beautiful eyes
Do u come in Iran??
voce é muito linda pena eu nao saber falar ingles
O God ... How beautiful you are ...You are so beautiful already.
you are beautiful but Iam beautiful more-than you ok
Really you are beautiful like your photography.
Best camera  ever - I have the Mk2 - but one day I'll find a reason to get the Mk3 :)
Your photos are great and beautiful! :)
Thanks for your Beautiful and Excellent Photography Lisa !!!
Lisa, actually I think that your photos are the best picture that I have  seen.. thanks
you are magic. Apprend moi à faire ces poses.por favor
Great photographs. :) Thanks for the share. 
As this pic was some time ago, have you been using your 50mm 1.4 with this body the most? If not, what has become your go to lens?
wow,no sabria decidir que admirar por mas tiempo, si la belleza de ese rostro o la hermosura de tus fotografias.
canon people should reward you for the promotion 
Tom Raj
u have beautiful smile
I am an admirer of your work and your eyes
Tank you Lisa .You make always some nice piktures...Dominique
Saludos desde Monterrey, N. L. México, bell dama....
is that really you????or i'm looking at heaven...!!!
A great loss to this wonderful body and nice to have owners of Hell
M Hadi
very clear... almost see it
Ur Canon Camera Is Not A Camera .. 
Its Ur Light Blue Eyes .. With Some Beautifull Dreams
Great pix, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.
vic h
you are beautiful eyes
Sei veramente molto bella!!!!!!!!!!!!
Women are so precious. We must give them a place in life.
A novel idea. A beautiful specimen on the other side of the lens
really lisa plz write to me i still wait
U R so imagine I like your Photos which look Beautiful <3 
Parabéns pela sua nova aquisição Lisa.
nice baby:: I mean the camera:: but you are also a good example of it:: wish you a great time with the cannon: btw:: great pictures
Lisa Bettany a mi parecer eres un ser muy hermoso tenemos algo en común me gusta mucho la naturaleza cuando vengas a Venezuela scribeme para ver si tengo la oportunidad de conocerte
I have a Jasper as well, but he has fur, and cannot run a camera, well neither can I.....
Tu Na
Beatiful like always.
Прекрасна жінка і фотограф !!!
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