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Do you have a favorite Google+ tip?
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Clicking the top banner brings you back to the top of your stream. I find myself doing it to the Facebook banner and get annoyed when nothing happens. Also, to post a post or a comment hit tab then enter.
Don't treat it like any other social media network because it us something different and this needs a current strategy.
Share your circles, keep them targeted 1_(e.g.,_ 10 highly targeted circles with just 10-20 folks each rather than 1 circle with 200+ folks in it). I've been trying to do this more myself, too.
Eric Wu
Bold Your Intro Sentences like Headlines

It draws more readers because it's easier to see what you're talking about.
Use Hangouts. Use them often.
Post publicly as much as possible and use hashtags if you're posting good content on a specific topic. Allow people to find you based on interests.
Awesome tips already! And I'm also a Google Hangout virgin :)
Let's have a maiden Hangout for us virgins then! #mixedmetaphors
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