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Lisa Abril
I'm good at massage and skin care
I'm good at massage and skin care

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Not every will be willing but I require a deposit. I find the people that are serious won't mind. Everyone needs to be committed! 
Getting a major lesson in "don't count your clients until they're on your table" right now. (One cancellation for next week, one super-apologetic cancellation for today.) How do you deal with the uncertainty of the job? Not the policies you use to reduce no-shows and cancellations, but just in your self? I'm such a pre-planner in many ways, so I feel thrown when I have to roll with the changing flow (which I do, I just don't enjoy it!).

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I agree. 
Some of these may seem obvious, but I think it's easy to forget what's important to your business, and your clients, especially when you're busy "doing the job" ... 

Is It Safe To Get A Facial When I'm Pregnant?

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