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Posted on:
Jan 30 2017
Search Engine Optimization has been an ever-evolving tool meant to increase web traffic through search engines for years. It had reached the point where every business website needs to employ at least some techniques to help them stand out in a sea of local and online competition.

Keywords And Search Engine Queries

Including words on your website that users would type into search engine queries can help in a significant way.

We all know that a major portion of web traffic is “trafficked” through to our sites from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media may bring in some traffic, but the traffic numbers from social media are often incomparable to that of the numbers reached through a successful SEO implementation strategy.

Target Web Traffic Leads To More Sales

What makes search engines so powerful when it comes to gaining site visitors? While other methods of attracting site traffic can pull in some traffic, it’s the targeted traffic provided by search engines that packs the most punch.

People type in search queries stating exactly what they are looking for, and Google’s role is to provide that information. But Google doesn’t work for your business’ website, it works “for the people” so to speak, and in order to make it work for your business, you need to incorporate things it “likes” into the content, design, speed and maintenance of your website.

SEO Attracts Search Engines To Your Website

Search engines need to be able to find your site, most notably the pages that are relevant to what people are typing into the search bar on the search engine. When Google and other search engines can’t find your site, it’s a lost opportunity for you and your business to grab that targeted traffic. When SEO is done right, it can help Google “notice” your site and index its pages for future use.

When search engines are crawling the web looking for results to return for a user’s search query, you need them to find your site, and the only way to do that is through SEO.
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Posted on:
Dec 21 2016

The digital specialists who do search engine optimization, like the ones here at Liquori Co, are responding to an ever-changing online audience as well as the demands of search engines like Google and Bing, and it seems they are all making New Year’s resolutions in order to adapt and grow their site traffic.

We’ll see some trends continue to grow and new trends emerge in 2017, below is a brief take on some things to expect in the New Year.

Information-Rich Content

Sometimes it’s like we only come across either tiny tidbits of information or extremely long, drawn-out articles when searching for information online, and apparently search engines have picked up on this too. There’s whispers that Google and its search engine friends will begin favoring “dense content” which is essentially something in between super short and super long. It’s content that gets the point across in as few words as possible but still packs an informational, entertaining and otherwise compelling “punch.” Essentially, it’s a content’s “per word value.”

In a recent Entrepreneur article on this topic, the author stated that “the world of content marketing is adapting its standards to the decreasing attention spans of the American populace, meaning that you get to spend less time writing and your audience gets to receive more value.”

Faster Loading Times

Nobody has the time or patience (or as we just noted, the attention span) to sit there and wait for a page to load. Mobile searches continue to climb and time is of the essence, especially for the mobile consumer. Search engines will likely begin weighing page loading times more heavily when it comes to ranking.

User Experience

As we have addressed above, mobile websites and fast-loading websites are of the utmost importance, and will become even more so, and Google has begun noticing that when people spend a longer time on page or website over others it’s probably because they enjoy being on that page, they like what they are seeing and their user experience is good. It’s clear that SEO and UEO (User Experience Optimization) are more closely related than we all realized and that Google will be using UEO level as a ranking factor.
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Posted on:
Oct 25 2016
The newest Google algorithm update, termed Penguin, has been referred to as a web spam algorithm. Link spam is the target of this rollout though, and while search engine optimizers focus largely on inbound and outbound links, you will only really have to worry if you are linking to irrelevant, low authority websites, which you shouldn’t be anyway!

It should be always be important to track where your backlinks are coming from, and now more than ever with this penguin update, it’s becoming even more important to make sure the source site for the links bringing traffic to your site are high quality.

Google’s Gary Illyes said that though links seem to be the focus, that’s not all penguin is about. “It looks at a bunch of different things related to the source site. Links is just the most visible thing and the one that we decided to talk most about because we already talked about about links in general,” he said. “But it looks at different things on the source site, not on the target site, and then makes decisions based on those special signals.”

As quoted by Search Engine Land, Illyes said Penguin essentially ignores the links, rather than lowering the ranking of the entire website the links sits on or sends to.

Penguin debuted in spring of 2012, and it sought to punish pages that boasted a variety of “spammy” practices in effort to increase their ranking on the Google search engine results pages. Such optimization mistakes included keyword stuffing, also known as “cloaking,” as well as purchasing links or obtaining them through link networks designed just for the purpose of boosting Google rankings; the aforementioned are all in direct violation of Google’s guidelines.

While, we have noted in the past that link building is a necessary part of any SEO campaign, it’s imperative to stay current on any changes in Google algorithms and to always practice honest and straightforward SEO. The internet landscape will always be growing and changing, which is why you should leave your online marketing, SEO and website maintenance to the experts at Liquori Co.
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Posted on:
Sep 25 2016
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and its fans are growing by the minute. This highly engaging social media channel has more than 300 million active monthly users — translation: any business that may benefit from sharing visual information with their target customer should be on Instagram. Though there’s text underneath the image, Instagram leads with the visual, so the photo is the story — and it’s often only that speaks for itself.

It used to be that only individuals, or businesses operating through individual accounts were on Instagram, but recently, this network rolled out business pages. This feature allows businesses to switch to a “business profile” and categorize their business (restaurant, tours/sightseeing), include a brief bio, website link and address right on the main profile page.

The more popular your Instagram page, the more website traffic you will get. Create a compelling Instagram feed and people will be clicking that website link that’s in your bio on your main profile page on the social network. Whether you link to your product page, your “About” page or your blog, this link will be clicked solely by those who are interested to your site based on their level of interest in your Instagram feed — and hopefully you will gain their business.

Be sure to completely fill out your bio so customers don’t have to search to hard for information. We know already that the more “clicks” it takes to get somewhere, the more customers you will lose on the way.

Building the identity of your business and brand on Instagram seems simple, but it’s not always as easy as it may seem. It’s important to post a mix of content on your feed to appeal to your target audience, who may not only care about seeing the clothes hanging on the racks in your store.

Maybe they want to see a staff member opening a new shipment box (be sure to include an exciting caption underneath teasing what the photo is about). Also, be sure to repost photos from fans (when they “check-in” or “@mention” you) – but always tag them in the caption to give proper credit.
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Quick Steps to Better SEO

Posted on: Jul 27 2016
In terms of improving your website’s page rank on the search engine results pages, There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to SEO, as we don’t control Google’s results. However, there are some steps your web professional can take that are fairly quick and easy, that will usually give your website a boost rapidly. Here’s a list some search engine optimization tactics the internet search experts at Liquori Co. swear by for fast action that has the potential to yield real results.
Link from one page on your site to another. These are referred to as internal links, and these have real power to build web authority. From the user experience standpoint, internal links allow for ease of navigation from one page to the next, since site visitors will come across interesting information that they want to know more about, and click on it, leading them to additional site pages with relevant information.
Since search engines crawl a site through its links, they (search engines) like to see sites with such links, and upon noticing the intricacies of the link structure within your site, may boost it up farther in the results. Though external links may seem to get all of the love from SEO types, internal links are a quick and easy way to help build your site’s authority without counting on other sites to link to it. The best way? Linking from your “best” page, which is your homepage, to other pages on your site, likely to be weaker.
We are sure you have heard it before and here it is again: content is king. But not just not content. The text on your webpage has to be clear, informative and thorough, but also the more text you have, the easier it is to include those long-tail keywords that really build SEO strength and improve overall search engine visibility.
The more (good) content you give Google to crawl through, the better, especially when it is being updated regularly, pages are added now and then, and SEO is always kept in mind. It’s a good rule of thumb for every page throughout a site to have approximately 300 words, of course this content must be unique — meaning no duplicate content (repeating content/text throughout the site).
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New Trends in Social Media Marketing

Posted on: Jun 24 2016
The world of social media is in continuous development, and usually it’s not very gradual either.
It’s tough to stay on top of all of the constant changes and emerging platforms. Trends within each platform are in constant motion as well. Small business owners often let social media marketing slide so that they have time for what they deem are more important things. While growing your business is done in many ways with and without a computer, phone or tablet, in today’s day and age social media is all but essential to developing business.
This type of marketing allows businesses to reach their target audiences and even build on that, reaching even more people and pulling in more customers who happen to catch a post on Instagram or a tweet on Twitter. Liquori Co can help you establish and build a presence on social media and develop a strategy that will establish your online brand and increase online authority.
One of the most popular social media mediums that media, businesses and public figures are using to connect with their audiences is live video, like Facebook live. Video content in general is increasing because of its extremely personable nature, and when live, it’s even more engaging. Live-streaming video will continue its upward journey, as well regular video, allowing easier means of communications across the world, making the world smaller by connecting more people and larger by enabling people to see things they would never have the opportunity to.
Videos automatically playing in news feeds, Facebook’s instant articles eliminating the need to be redirected to the posting profile’s page or website, and other instant gratification-type features are pulling users’ attention every which way. Brands want you to notice them, but it has also become increasingly more difficult to stand out above the noise.
We have years of experience analyzing and strategizing social media content and campaigns, and can help your business get noticed, bumping up that bottom line. Contact at 877-659-8498 to discuss how we can help you with social media, so you can stick to your main priorities and leave the internet marketing to the experts.
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Google Search Engine Results Pages Changes, Explained

Posted on: May 29 2016

Google recently lengthened the titles and descriptions on the search engine results pages (SERPs). To people who aren’t internet marketers these changes may not seem like a big deal, but with the increase of up to 21 characters higher than what was previously being displayed, up from 50-60, now to around 70 or 71, allows for another word or so.
The more words marketers are able to include in their website descriptions, the more likely internet users will click their link, but first of all, that link has to be high up on the search engine results pages.
While this news is not as big as some other ongoing Google rollouts, as it has gone somewhat unnoticed to some who aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of the SERPs, it’s still significant news for internet marketers and the websites they represent.
Some SEOs say the click-through rate (CTR) to the website has seen a positive changed since this character extension rolled out. Redditor Jonathan Jones also wrote in his own blog that the change has impacted CTR in a positive way, which could be a sign it will be here to stay if it continues to produce positive change.
We have previously posted about the importance of content when it comes to search engine optimization, so it should come as no surprise that words can make a difference not only on the actual website but on the SERPs as well. SEO manager for Etsy, Stephanie Chang has been quoted as saying that “SEOs need content because it’s the one thing that is valuable to search engines on your site that is totally unique.” The manager continues, “In order for your content to really stand out, you need data and support from SEOs to make sure that content is getting as much visibility as you can.”
Liquori Co is a dedicated team of digital marketing and web development professionals who strive to help clients with all of their internet technology needs. Whether you are looking to learn more about our areas and expertise and want a few explainers or you need us to take the reigns of your social media accounts and pay-per-click advertising, we are here to help make your website more visible to internet searchers everywhere.
Learn more about Liquori Co by calling 877-659-8498 or filling out this short contact form.
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Widespread Smartphone Use Demands Mobile-Friendly Sites

Posted on: Apr 25 2016
In March of 2015 we discussed Google’s algorithm update that impacted the search algorithm for smartphones. The 7-percent of Americans who own a smartphone use it multiple times throughout the day. Smartphones have allowed people to access the internet almost anytime and anywhere, for any reason! Because they are mobile by nature, smartphones enable internet access in the car, at work, waiting in line at the grocery store or in any other imaginable situation.
Even though some smartphone users also have access to a desktop computer or a laptop, “smartphones are often the primary vehicle for this “on the go” access,” according to a 2015 Pew Research Center study on U.S. Smartphone Use.
Smartphones are used in a wide variety of situations that we encounter in everyday life, anything from researching a potential health issue to finding local product and service providers.
It comes as no surprise that smartphone ownership is particularly popular among younger Americans, but that’s not the only group in which smartphone use is more prevalent- smartphone use is also more likely among those earning a relatively high income and or with a higher level of education.
It is because of this ubiquitous use of smartphones that Google addressed the trend and changed its algorithm. In order to provide better service to users, Google’s algorithm adjustment has led to an increased number of mobile-friendly websites showing up in search results when someone enters a search query.
Mobile search results were impacted, as mobile-friendliness is now considered a ranking signal in the eyes of Google spiders. The days where mobile users would get non-mobile-friendly results given back to them on a search query are pretty much over. It’s now more likely that users will get search results that are optimized for their devices, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or some other device.
The experts at Liquori Co can create a mobile-friendly for your business, ensuring that your website is at the top of the search results when users search for products and services related to your business. Contact the digital technology experts at Liquori Co.
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Web Design and Load Time Impact Site Traffic
Posted on March 28, 2016 by admin
What’s the difference between a website built by Liquori Co. and one by another company? There are many reasons why clients like working with Liquori Co., but one of the main factors may be that we excel in small business and niche sites.
Not only do we know how to get your website to the top of the Google search results pages once the site is complete, we do all of the prep to get you there. Our experienced web developers, copywriters, designers and internet marketing and technology specialists are all dedicated to making each site the strongest it can be- and that mean we research keywords to target and designs to emulate, as well as what features your target visitor audience want and need for the best user experience. Then, we promote your website online through social media, pay-per-click campaigns and other internet marketing tactics.
We can help as much or as little as our clients need- but we know that business owners have limited time and their minutes are better spent furthering their business than in front of a computer researching SEO.
We have told readers before that websites need to hook visitors in, in mere seconds before that visitor is lost- 3 seconds actually.
It’s imperative that businesses have a visually compelling website in order to compete for the ever-shrinking attention their audience has to give to their computer. It’s not as if people are spending less time online- in fact they are spending more time online than ever before- it’s more that the continuous increase in websites, articles, social media posts and other content has upped the stakes and created never-ending competition in the online space.
At Liquori Co., our expert site architects capture the essence of everything you want your brand to be and build a site based around the vision you have for your business. Our goal is to help small business owners fulfill their goals by equipping them with a website that will reel in site traffic with SEO, design and overall- a quick-to-load highly functioning site.
- See more at:
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Web Content Tips for More User-Friendly Reading
Posted on February 20, 2016 by admin

In our last blog we focused on how to best portray your business via social media, and shared tips on general “best practices” for success promoting your business on social. Now, we will move on to discuss how to go about creating website content that is compelling and pulls in your audience.

The digital content experts at Liquori Co have vast experience creating online content that is optimized for web search engines while also covering the topic(s) our clients need to put out there in order to stir up business.

We have said it before, but it bears repeating: Keep your content short and sweet — as long as it makes sense. Don’t truncate important stuff, but rambling and over explaining drives away readers by blocking too much text together.

People hate scrolling through lots of text in order to get to the point. When you get visitors to your website, do you really want them leaving because they can’t find what they are looking for? No.

Make it easier for people to skim and find what they are looking for by incorporating headings into the content on each web page.

Why are headings a key part of usable, easily-digestible online content?

1. They are weighed heavily by Google and other search engines. Using headings tags ups your SEO.

2. Headings allow you to place keywords into prime real estate- both visually and in the “eyes” of Google. Keep them toward the beginning of the heading line and don’t overboard your your headings (or any content) with keywords.

3. They announce what the following content is about. This way visitors don’t have to read through everything on your site, they can skim the words looking only at the larger (headings) text to determine which part has the information they are looking for.

4. Headings point readers to the right information. They break up text – large paragraph blocks, run-on sentences, overly complicated vocabulary – these are all things that keep the reader from finding the valuable information they require to give you business. Whether it’s the office phone number, address, rules for a blog contest, FAQs, etc., your site visitors should not have to comb through tons of content to find “the good stuff.”

- See more at:
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