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Gliptone Leathercare - Liquid Leather
Largest supplier of leather care and leather cleaner products in the UK.
Largest supplier of leather care and leather cleaner products in the UK.


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Step by Step guide on washing your car the right way: #car #washing #carcare

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"I am over the moon with the results and how easy it was to get a professional finish from what looked like knackered, cracked and dry leather to beautiful, soft rich leather with smooth colour and feel" Lovely feedback

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Feedback from a customer using the Automate Rapid Spray Wax...

"I am delighted with the results, it has really brought the paintwork up to a lovely shine; even more so considering that it took minimal effort! The Wax is very quick and easy and economical to use.
I have no doubt that the wax will be a winner for people with much newer cars who find themselves pushed for time, but for a Classic Car it is absolutely ideal, even more so with the Classic Car shows on the horizon. However much time you spend preparing a car for a show, by the time you have driven to the show ground, the car is ready for another going-over and Automate Rapid Spray Wax will certainly be on my list for the day.
For Classic Car owners who don’t show their cars, it offers all the benefits of an outstanding shine and protection, again with minimal work.
I will try the High Gloss on my “daily driver” at the first opportunity, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the results!"

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Look after your #leather #furniture with our Furniture Care Kit:

Got a #classic #car - Overcoming #classic #car #leather neglect:

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For unbeatable paintwork protection and a durable highgloss shine for your car, the AutoMate High Gloss Wax delivers

Preparing #leather for repair:

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