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Super excited to join the company that invented the mobile phone and communicated the first words from the moon. The last 5 years at Google were amazing, but it is time to reinvent the smart phone, its Moto time!
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Very exciting. best of luck +Lior Ron!
Congrats! Can we talk about the the "Droid Does" marketing theme some time :)
Good luck Lior. Do we still consider you a Googler?
Are you moving to Chicago?
Let me know when you're in Chicago. Rumor is you're moving to my neighborhood.
Great -- Motorola is part of Google now, right? 
Go Lior! Save us all from a future of phones with un-uninstallable crapplets!
Hope to see the Moto "X" phone soon, and i wish all the best for you and your team.
I have a design that can put one 7 inch screen on a 5 inch phone (without using bendable screen) - therefore combining a 5 inch phone and a 7 inch tablet into one single device.
Wonder if Motorola will be interested?
This is going to be the real phablet!
+Lior Ron I'm not sure if you've seen or heard, but there is a great deal of negative feedback on +Motorola Mobility, not to mention +Punit Soni's pages regarding Motorola's software support policies.  I just wanted to put it out there that it would be really nice to see people from +Motorola Mobility seeming to pay attention to their consumers.  The rumored X Phone sounds like it'll be amazing, but many, many people who have been upset over the last 4 months will be hard pressed to trust, when there has been absolutely no interaction with the consumers they've upset.
+Lior Ron I wish you the best in your endeavors.  As I am a writer for and the Android platform I think your addition to the Motorola team is a good one.
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