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Lately, there has been a lot of storm damage in Kansas City. Because of that, many home and business owners are finding out that their insurance is not covering the damage. Check out our new blog and learn some tricks to keep you and your building safe from insurance denial. Or call Lionheart at 816.866.7090 to make sure your claim goes through.
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What to Do To NOT Have Problems with Roof Damage Insurance Claims

When your house is damaged in a Wind Storm or a Hail storm the most damaged part is the roof of your home. In case you have taken roofing insurance policy you can hope to get your damage repaired or replaced with the help of the insurance company. But the process that leads to the final settlement of your insurance claim from the day your roof suffered the damaged is full of pitfalls. You have to identify them and avoid them at all costs to get the final bill for your roofing damage settled by your insurance company.

There are some common mistakes committed by the house owners whose claims of roof damage are rejected by their insurance companies. Learning about them is necessary for you to avoid them so that your insurance company could not find any of these as a reason to reject your insurance claim for roofing damage.

Failure to see the damage and assuming that the roof is not damaged

When your locality has suffered a heavy storm or a hail storm never assume that your roof is not damaged without close inspection. Look carefully for damages to your roofing structures and pay attention to the minutest details and this will help you ascertain if there is any actionable damage to your roof. If you are not accustomed in the inspection of your roof in a professional manner it is always better to call for a trained roofing contractor or roofing inspector to do the inspection. This is especially necessary if the house and properties of your neighbors have suffered extensive damage in the recent wind or hail storm.

It may take a long time for your roof to show signs of damage and when this becomes apparent months might have passed after the storm and your insurance company may not accept your theory of roof damage due to storm many months ago. So, be vigilant and assess your damage and file your insurance claim with all documentary proof of roof damage as early as possible.

File your insurance claim as early as possible

Though your insurance company may allow you to file your insurance claim within a certain period after the storm to file your roof damage insurance claim do not wait. But take immediate action to present your claim without loss of time. When you allow time to run out you may not be able to give all the material details of the event that caused the roof damage. This may lead to incomplete or wrong claims that may lead to rejection of your claims. Likewise when you allow time to elapse the damage suffered by your roof may get escalated and this may lead to filing a bigger claim and this may not be accepted by your insurance company.

Not filing your claim thinking that the damage is minimal

This is also one of the main reasons for not getting insurance amount under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Though the damage may look superficial and small in nature making you think that it is not necessary to file a claim, you may find that this has led to a drop in value of the property or has led to more damages that you cannot claim now after a long time. So, always prefer your insurance claim irrespective of the nature of damage.

Not filing the claim fearing that it will affect the relationship with your insurance company

This is also one of the reasons why many homeowners do not present their insurance claims thinking that filing a claim for a smaller damage will lead to increase in insurance premium later or they may altogether cancel their insurance policies. This is not the case as long as you have suffered damage to your roof and you have filed your roofing insurance claim based on concrete documentary evidence.

Filing Frivolous or false insurance claims

When there is damage to your roof, you have to find the exact extent of damage to file an accurate claim. It is not always easy to assess the damage by yourself and when you have done this by yourself or through an inexperienced or untrained roofing inspector or roofing contractor you may end up filing a claim that is not either warranted or is totally false. This leads to rejection of your claim as frivolous.

Giving up when your claim is not accepted

You need not have to give up and lose heart when your insurance claim has not been accepted in the first instance. You have to go through the reasons for rejection and try to find what has gone wrong in your claim and set them right and file an appeal to the earlier rejection. When you do this with the assistance of an approved and experienced roofing inspector you can easily establish the extent of damage and get compensation from your insurance company for the amounts you have spent for repairing or replacing your roof.

These are only some of the important factors that must be avoided to make a successful roofing damage insurance claim. Always take the help of an experienced and trained roofing contractor or roofing inspector and increase the chances getting your claim approved in an easy manner.
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Tips To File a Roofing Insurance Claim for Your Commercial Roof

As a building owner, you will be faced with problems when your commercial building sustains damage due to storm or hailstorm. Depending on the severity of the storm or hail roof of your commercial building gets damaged and it must be repaired or replaced immediately. This is necessary to prevent damage or water-related issues arising inside your building. You might be having Roofing insurance as a part of your commercial building insurance and you must know how to file a claim for your damaged commercial roof in the proper manner to get your claim accepted by your insurance company.
Whenever you have roof related issues arising in your commercial building take swift action and file the commercial roofing insurance claim without delay. When you leave time to elapse, the issues inside your building gets bigger and will cost you more money to set it right. In case of hail damage to your roof then file a hail damage insurance claim to bring back your roof to its pre-hail stage. When you have filed your claim immediately then you need not have to pay for the damage to the commercial roof and your insurance company will take the task of paying for it accepting your claim.
To help your insurance company assess the damage and accept your claim do the following and take care to avoid the common errors committed by most of the building owners who get their claim rejected by their insurance company:
Do A Complete Inspection Of Your Roof And Document The Extent Of Damage:
When a storm or other calamity occurs causing damage to the roof of your commercial building, control your urge to contact your insurance company immediately. Instead, do a thorough examination of your roof and find its actual condition. Find the extent of damage and the areas of the roof that are damaged beyond repair. While doing the inspection look for the following signs of roof damage like
Stains and deep crack marks on the ceiling and the walls adjacent to the roof
Presence of bulky branches and debris in the roofing area
Dents and cracks on the roof
Ponding of water or ice on the parts of your roof
When you see all or some of the above have a camera and take photographs of the same immediately after the storm or hail. The images you have taken will help you present your case to the insurance company in a better way. These will become the basic documentation for pursuing your claim with your insurance company.
Take Professional Help in Preparing Your Commercial Roofing Insurance Claim
Though you yourself can handle the works related to the preparation and presentation of claims for your roofing damage it is always better to involve a trained professional roofing contractor to do the work as they will be able to handle it in a better way by helping your insurance company understand the extent of damage to your roof and you can get a better deal with your insurer. The roofing contractor knows how to assess the damage to the roof and will be able to advise you better for placing the right claim before your insurance company covering the entire damage to your roof.
Call Your Insurance Company And Present Your Claim:
After your inspection and assessment of the extent of damage by an experienced roofing contractor now you are ready to face your insurance company with all the required details, facts, documents to substantiate your claim. Now is the time to call your insurance company and they will refer your case to an outside Insurance adjuster to assess the damage and verify your claim. You have to make the insurance adjuster and the roofing contractor to meet and arrive at the right claim by proving the extent of damage and justify the amount claimed by you. Your roofing contractor can also take part in the negotiations with your insurance company and make ready the necessary documents that will help the insurance company accept your claim.
Get The Approval And Start The Repair Work:
When you have done the above steps right then your insurance company approves your claim and issues an initial check, and now you start the repair work. You can also include any other incidental expenses connected to the roof repair and this will be handled by your roofing contractor. In case your claim is not approved, go through your insurance policy and find the things that are covered under it and provide the necessary documents to get your claim approved. In this matter, your roofing contractor will be able to do a good job and you can get the benefit of their experience in these matters and get your claim approved by your insurance company to restore your damaged roof with the amount paid by your insurance company.
Thus, your local roofing contractor with his professional training and long experience in the field can be your vital link between you and your insurance company for the preparation, evaluation, and presentation of your insurance claim for commercial roofing damage.
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So in the days of virtual reality, the personal touch still matters. Did you know that 88% of people value online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation? Here is why leaving honest reviews still helps local businesses more than ever.
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One of our best differentiations we have with other commercial roofers in the KC area is that we have multiple ways to help your insurance claim goes through. Along with many blogs that we have written on the matter, we also have just been written up on If you are in the process of dealing with an insurance provider in regards to your damaged roof, or you would just like to stay ahead of the game. Please check this blog,

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Kansas City Weather and Hail Damage

There is little doubt that residents of Kansas City experience a wide range of weather conditions the year round. From floods to snow storms to tornados and more, living in Kansas City means having to be prepared for what Mother Nature can toss at you.

Arguably the most damaging type of precipitation is hail which can damage windshields, dent vehicles, and work on most types of roofs. For Kansas City residents who have traditional asphalt shingles as their roofing material, a hail storm may severely damage the material in mere minutes. All it takes is a few strikes from hail that is golf ball size or larger to do serious damage to your roof.

Inspecting Your Roof After a Hail Storm

After every serious storm, even one that didn’t produce hail, you should take a few moments to inspect the roof for any damage. For residential homes, all you need is a pair of binoculars while commercial building owners who have flat roofs will need to go on top to view any damage.

For homeowners, stand far enough away from your house until you can view the roof and use the binoculars to look for any damage. Dents, cracks, and separations are the most common types of damage that are caused by hail. Plus, if the hail storm was accompanied by high winds, you might have some shingles torn away.

For business owners, walk up and down the roof and look for dents and depressions that are usually the result of hail damage. You should look for any puddles or small pools of water as that type of depression may cause more serious issues over time.

Who to Call When Your Roof in Damaged?

If you see the damage, you will need to call a professional roofing company that is licensed and insured to repair the damage and replaces the shingles. This should be a company that operates in the greater Kansas City area and that you call to come to your home or business. Do not hire a roofer who comes to you unannounced.

A professional roofing contractor will inspect your roof and provide a free estimate for repair or replacement. If you accept, an appointment will be made so that their roofing technicians can go to work quickly. You will only pay the estimate and if something else is discovered, you will be informed before any work is done so you can make the best-informed decision.

If you have an older roof, you may choose to have all the shingles replaced with new ones which will extend the life of your roof by up to 20 years. You may even want to consider putting on a metal roof which is more expensive than asphalt shingles, but holds up well even against large-size hail and may last for 50 years.
Hail damage Kansas City residents and business owners are familiar with may cause considerable damage to the roofs of homes, buildings, and other commercial structures. The faster you can call a licensed, professional roofing company, the quicker they can repair the damage which will protect your investment. If you have any questions about hail damaged roofs for commercial or residential properties call Lionheart today or look on our website for more blogs and information.
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Commercial Roof Coating versus TPO

For business owners looking to protect their investment in a new or existing roof, one of the most important determinations will be whether to use a commercial roof coating or go with a TPO roofing membrane. While both methods offer considerable advantages, it is important to know what they do and which one works best for your needs.

What is a Commercial Roof Coating?

A liquid roof coating consists of a high-performance epoxy rubber based product that covers the roof in liquid form before hardening into a strong, durable material. This type of roof coating outperforms other materials that are often used in coating products. Plus, it is inexpensive to add to your new or existing roof while providing excellent protection.
The liquid coating fills in all the potential cracks, dents, or compromises that may exist on your current roof. It adds a layer of protection, much like the coating of concrete floors while not adding much in weight. This means that most flat roofs can withstand the damage from rain, sleet, snow, high winds, and even hail because the hardened coating takes the punishment and not the roof itself. Before application, the roof is inspected for any cracks or separations which are addressed before the liquid coating is added. Once in place, the coating hardens thanks to the use of epoxy materials so that it becomes highly resilient to impacts.

What is TPO?

This is a single-ply membrane that is placed on the roof which is crafted from ethylene, propylene, and rubber as its main materials. There are also several filler materials that help all three properties bond together. Creating in the early 1990s, TPO roof coverings have become more popular in recent years thanks to their insulation value. This is mostly due to the rubber component which effectively seals in the heat during the winter months.
TPO comes in white, light gray, and black depending on the energy needs of the building itself and is favorably compared to both PVC and EPDM roofing materials.

Which One Works Better?

In temperate climates that offer a wide variety of weather changes from snow and ice in the winter to the hard rains and hail in the spring followed by hot temperatures in the summer, commercial roof coatings are generally superior to TPO in the most important ways.

Durability: While TPO roofs are strong, they tend to fall apart faster compared to commercial roof coatings when exposed to a wide variety of weather and temperature changes.

Maintenance: A proper commercial roof coating is easier to maintain thanks to its inherent resistance to the elements and temperature changes. This means that you spend less money over a longer period keeping the coating intact.

Expense: The application, maintenance, and repair of the roof coating are considerably less compared to TPO. This is because of the combination of inexpensive materials into a high-performance product that makes it easier on the pocketbook. It’s little wonder that more business owners are looking to high-quality commercial roof coating to protect their investment over the long term. Please let Lionheart know if you have any questions in regards to a commercial roof coating vs. a TPO roofing system. We would love to walk you through the process.
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To say that having professional representation while you negotiate with the insurance company is a MASSIVE understatement Please don't get ripped off! Check out our latest blog for reasons why it is so important to leave the negotiations to the pros. .
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Commercial Roof Maintenance:
How You Can Extend the Life of Your Roof
Your roof is more than a purchase, it is an investment that needs protection. You can extend the life of your roof by performing proper maintenance that keeps it strong and resistant to the elements. A little regular maintenance can add years of life to your roof which saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time.
Regular Outdoor Inspection
The first line of defense is inspecting the roof at regular times and after severe storms. This is because the earlier you catch potential issues, the less expensive it will be to repair them. All too often, minor issues go unnoticed which means that over time they become big problems. A small leak in your roof means that damage is happening underneath that may include mold. If left unchecked, mold can spread throughout the home, building, or structure and become very expensive to remove.
Make it a point to inspect the roof every two to three months and after severe storms that include high winds, hail, or snow. The weight of the snow can press down on the roof and make cracks and separations worse. So, taking a few minutes to inspect your roof every so often may save you considerably in the long run.
Remove Debris
Once you have checked the roof, have any debris on the surface removed. Sweeping away the leaves, twigs, branches, and other objects on your roof mean there is less debris that can clog up the drains. Plus, it protects the surface of your roof from additional damage that may occur.
Regular Indoor Inspection
Even a keen eye may miss some small cracks or separation, but if the water has made its way inside, you will probably see evidence of it in the attic or on ceiling tiles. If you see any evidence of water stains, drips, mold or mildew, have it checked out to find the source of the problem. It may be condensation on a water line, but it also may be a compromise in your roof.
Checked Pipe & Equipment Supports
The supports for your pipes and equipment that are attached to the roof should be straight and in good condition. If they are sagging, that is a sign your roof is being compromised. The condition of the supports is a good indicator of the strength and integrity of your roof, so be sure to check them regularly.
Clear the Drains
If your business has a flat roof, then the drains need to be cleaned regularly so that the water does not pool on the surface. Check after a rain storm to see if the drains are allowing the water to come off the roof properly. During the dryer months, have the drains inspected so that leaves and other debris do not fill them up.
By properly maintaining your commercial roof, you can add years to its service which means putting off replacement. When you consider the investment you made to have a sound roof, every year it works for you is money that you keep in your pocket. If you have any questions on how to potentially extend the life of your commercial roof call, Lionheart, today at 816.866.7090 or click on our website at to read our various blogs on this topic.
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With all of the different commercial roofing companies out there, it might be hard to find one you feel right about. There are many reputable commercial roofing companies out there and Lionheart wants everyone who is looking for a commercial roofing company to always do your due diligence and make sure to check references and see pictures of recent work. #commercialroofing   #kansascity  
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