A short story about life in the US, with the Religious RIght in power.
By Amanda Ching
Okay, so she hadn’t listened too carefully in sex ed, if you could call it that. They mentioned all the bad shit that came with sex, like disease and babies, but they hadn’t mentioned how to get around it, except for not having it. And when Bobby had told her that he’d heard aspirin would kill the sperm if she put it up there before they got it on, she’d figured he knew what he was talking about.

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That's very well written. Although the "religious right" will not take control of all our lives, it's certainly a good allegory for too much state control.
Oh, sure, in this era. I wasn't commenting on whether the other "side" would, just that as the states currently are, extremists won't be taking over and making huge swift federal changes that supersede state laws just yet. 

People give up so much control of certain things all the time, practically unwittingly. More attention definitely should be paid to that. 
In those kinds of instances, state laws are attempting to circumvent federal rights, which isn't constitutional, of course.

Some of this has been playing out since 1789. We are, still, if anyone wants to be honest about it, two different countries in thought and ideals. I agree with the idea that federal laws should outline more fully in contemporary terms all the basic rights that people should have, so that the states can instead focus on individual infrastructure. That is why I am voting as I am next month; we have the Supreme Court to consider.

I don't think most of those state legislatures will be in the grips of religion for much longer, except in a few holdouts where it's always been much stronger than everywhere else. 
All I give a fuck about is that women are being jailed for shit that no government ever has the right to jail them for.
I agree that is terrible. I was not aware that it happened here, as I have never lived in a place since I was a child where it was illegal. 
Wow, just wow. What a story. I don't think it's ever going to get that bad, though I am extremely confused that there's a parallel here between "making abortion illegal" and "making contraceptives illegal."

Are most anti-abortion people really against contraceptives, too? That is so.... wrong.

Anyway, am I the only one who got thrown off by the line "Carla said, her face making an expression that looked like this: O_o."

I felt like I was reading a serious piece of literature until hitting that point. Personally, I think emoticons should be excluded from professional writing (which this story could very well have been) :P
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