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Please, please, PLEASE contact as many Senators as possible to try & kill off this nightmare!
#straya   #australia   #auspol  
The vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be quietly going through sometime soon in the senate.

I urge everyone to please contact their local senators and ask them to not support this agreement.    You can use the link below to help you find your local senator(s) and write an email to them.
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all govnts in the west r #newscorp bitches who only serve lust for profits, who peddle the spurious nazi bullshit the obsenely welathy tax dodgin looting corpbankster elite use to jsutify all their fraud and fleecing of public treauries #TPP IS A CRIMINAL ACT AGAINST HUMANITY LIKE EVRYTHING THE WEST DOES!
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But no, Climate Change is fake, right? /s
Sunday was the start of Daylight Savings.

Today is Tuesday, and Bushfire Season has started.
One house is lost as an out-of-control bushfire burns near Lancefield in central Victoria, the Country Fire Authority has confirms.
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Climate change is totally a myth. Just because Antarctica used to have tropical forest on it is irrelevant.

Heck, climate change is probably caused by daylight savings - all that extra sunlight is starting fires!
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Nicely done, David.
This piece of flash fiction is in response to +Becket Morgan  's fabulous October-long Flash Fiction Project ( Come and join us if you like to write fiction and want some great visual prompts.

Note: I must confess I wrote this little story in anger. 2015 is on track to be the hottest year globally in history. Today is the hottest October day since records began in Melbourne. There have been two hundred bushfires recorded in the state today, the earliest start to the fire season on record. If you're a climate change denier, I say that you are either a fool, a liar, or both.
Each year, the warnings had come earlier, the danger more severe. Warnings which had been ignored.
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#MIKEBAORDMP MAFIA DEVLOPER BOY IS ATHE most corrupt as fuck politican on the planet but at least everyone loves him MASS BRAINDEAD IGNORANCE OF THE MASSES gives me great hope for the future of this doomed west corp police stae nightmare I AM THE BATMAN! WHY SO SERIOUS?!
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Rich parents assume that their kids are going to be rich; poor parents don't.
In other unexpected news, water is wet.
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Most importantly: Don't Panic even though the full text won't be released for another 30 days. 
Take a few moments to read this article carefully. The #tpp  isn't set in cement. As far as I can make out It's slow set cement with some wriggle room, at least in the US. 
Hilary Clinton seems to be distancing herself, and Bernie Sanders is against it. That could mean something (or not, who knows) but at least it means there's some dissent which is good. 

There were some interesting comments over on the Electronic Frontiers Post :

#tpp   #nosuchthingasfreetrade   #someonealwaysgetsscrewed  
thanks to +Lordy for the link
Pacific trade ministers reach a deal on the most sweeping trade liberalisation pact in a generation.
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We're all about to get fucked very royally.
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The TPP has been finalised, & yet we still haven't been told what's in it. Fortunately, enough has been leaked for us to know that that it's a corporate wishlist to screw over consumers.
We can still kill this thing; please sign the linked petition to help.
Every one of the 12 Trans Pacific Partnership countries still have to ratify the deal before it goes into force -- which means there's still a great chance for us to stop it

And so we're not going to stop fighting until this deal is dead and buried. We're going to use all of our energy to push as hard as we can to make sure that the TPP isn't ratified in all 12 TPP countries. 

Will you join us and say NO to the TPP?

Honestly, we're still in shock after today's announcement. We don't know exactly what's in the finalised text, but what we've seen of this secretive trade deal reads like a giant corporate wish list .

You know what adds insult to injury? Experts are saying it could be 30 days before we even get a look at what’s actually written in the deal.

SumOfUs has been opposed to the TPP from the beginning -- this type of massive corporate giveaway is exactly why we started this community. Across the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, tens or even hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members -- including you -- have taken a stand against TPP. You've chipped in with small donations, signed petitions, or even turning up outside the talks to make sure they didn’t happen in secret.

Because we're global, we're extremely well placed to fight this deal. If just one of the TPP countries doesn't ratify the deal, it doesn't pass. We know we have the power to help stop it.

Will you join us and say NO to the TPP?

Send a powerful message to our leaders: we don't want the TPP!

Thank you so much for everything that you've done already to oppose this deal and for all that you do,  

Paul, Emma, Jon, Hannah, and the team at SumOfUs 

More information:

Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership, BBC, 5 October 2015
I just added my name to say NO to the TPP. Will you join me?
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+Juergen Nieveler We can certainly try!

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Steve? Do you still work there?
As if astronomy wasn’t already cool enough, the CSIRO's Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory will soon be powered by the sun, thanks to a 1.6MW solar power station and 2.5MWh storage system!
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+God Emperor Lionel Lauer it gives a different perspective to the need to 'go green' there
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Impressive.  I miss watching V8 SC :(
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The +Electronic Frontier Foundation has drafted an open letter asking Facebook to retire its real names policy. 

There’s no doubt that reporting can -- and has been -- used to silence users. Facebook groups have been created specifically for the purpose of reporting accounts, and in Vietnam government supporters have organized reporting sprees against political activists. Feminist activists from India recently faced a focused reporting attack specifically aimed at silencing their voices on the social media giant—a problem compounded by Facebook’s continued failure to provide culturally competent support staff.

The policy has also been used to push out Native Americans, people using traditional Irish and Scottish names, Catholic clergy, transgender people, drag queens, and sexworkers. LGBTQ users outside the US have been kicked off due to the policy. Even Facebook employees have been kicked off the platform, and the policy has placed domestic violence survivors and targets of harassment in danger by restoring suspended accounts with legal names, allowing their attackers to find them.

These and more detailed stories are included in the appendix of the open letter to Facebook. Facebook is being given until October 31 to respond. 
Facebook claims its practice of forcing users to go by their "real names" (or "authentic identities" as Facebook spins it) makes the social network a safer place. In fact, the company has often claimed that the policy protects women who use the social media platform, even when faced with community advocates pointing out that the policy facilitates harassment, silencing, and even physical violence towards its most vulnerable users.
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Oh, FFS. Just quit Fecebook!
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"Remember, folks, gun laws can’t work because laws don’t work. Otherwise we’d have laws."
Remember, folks, gun laws can’t work because laws don’t work. Otherwise we’d have laws. Have a fantastic Monday!
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Yep. Murica! 
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Here's a thought for the KernalDev community: Hans Reiser thought that good code trumped everything else too. That didn't work out so well for him.
Via +Jens Reuterberg 
Closing a door on the Linux kernel community:
This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a year now. It has never been the right time to post this. I have always been worried about the backlash. I've skirted around talking about this issue publicly for some time, but not acknowledging the elephant in the room has eaten away at me a ...
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I've always thought Linus was a bit of a dick. There are ways to call people out for writing bad code without insulting them. The Linux community in general, and Linus Torvalds in particular, appear to know none of them.
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These guys are pretty much everything I want from a local pizza delivery place; great classic pizzas, nice specialty pizzas when I'm in the mood for them, cheap, competent, friendly service, insanely fast delivery (although they're only a few blocks from me, so I can't comment on what their delivery is like further away), & decent prices. Tonights order was a family size half & half Capricciosa with anchovies (don't judge me! - I love anchovies!) & Hawaiian, with a small herb & garlic pizza; total price $25.50 delivered. Stuff I especially love about them: They're 100% reliable, they're pleasant, they're generous with their toppings, they don't charge you extra or hassle you for half & halves or otherwise making your order complicated, like a lot of places do. Summary: If you're in their delivery area, give them a try, & they'll probably become your favourite pizza place. PS: For some reason, their phone number isn't very prominent on their site. It's 9885-9922.
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