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Campaign to stop sexual harassment at music venues is very overdue, but very welcome
Let's hope it actually makes a difference.
For too long nightclubs, music venues and festivals have provided men with opportunities to grope and harass women but the state government is hoping to change that.
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Amazing! A football program that actually takes character seriously!
Normally, I'd rather piss on football programs, because the U.S. placed far FAR too much importance on football.

I'm impressed with this set of coaches and the new captains.
Matt Labrum believes football helps create great men. And it is that belief and his passion for the game that led the Union High School head football coach and his staff to suspend all 41 players from
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damn serious.
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How to troll a neo-Nazi Facebook Group
#trolling   #forgreatjustice  
H/T: +Cindy Brown & +Irreverent Monk 
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Greg S.
That was some quality social engineering!
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Today's responsible gun owner
Via +Valkyrie 
The GOP congressman says it was probably an 'accident' although we're not sure how that happens. The GOPer is also an NRA supporter so that kind of explains it. 
A Staffer for Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), was arrested by Capitol Hill police after he was found with a loaded, unregistered gun in his car, Karoli at Crooks and Liars reports. Boby. Peter James Boby is a Marine “hero” who was wounded in combat. On Tuesday, Hunter allegedly tried bringing a ...
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Tony "Let them eat coal" Abbott's crazed jihad against renewable energy continues, but it's not going down without a fight
#auspol   #australia   #renewableenergy   #climatechange  
A PUBLIC health expert has delivered a withering critique of people who believe wind farms cause health problems — despite a lack of evidence.
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So, a senate committee, none of whom are experts in the field, requests knowledge from experts. Ignores it. Proceeds to recommend government draw up guidelines for something they know nothing about. 

Makes perfect sense.
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TL;DR: Abbott knows that if he comes down hard on Opposition 'entitlement' spending, he & his team will look even worse.
#auspol   #australia  
Malcolm Turnbull doesn't like the term "travel entitlement". The communicationally gifted ;Communications Minister is a former journalist and barrister, so he knows a thing or two about the power of words in conveying the correct meaning.
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I'm sure staffers on both all sides are furiously updating spreadsheets.
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Sounds about right.
Venn diagram of men who hate planned parenthood and men who've made a woman orgasm...

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In a move anticipated by nearly everyone, your kind of racist white friend from high school is “very upset” over the killing of Cecil the lion this past week. After ignoring a slew of news regarding the suspicious deaths of five black women in police custody and at least one unarmed man being shot at a routine traffic stop, your racist friend has been posting around-the-clock since the news of the illegal hunt broke this week.   “CANT BELIE...
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This is great, & the surprise ending makes it perfect!
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Just a reminder that this thing is still bullshit. No, nobody has proved that it works; not German scientists, not NASA, not anybody.
#woo   #science   #crackpot  
Two German researchers claim they have produced measurable amounts of thrust using a copy of NASA’s controversial EMDrive. It’s a result that has many people talking, but don’t plan your trip to the to the Alpha Centauri system just yet—the experts we spoke with are all highly skeptical of the study and its findings.
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"NASA aerospace engineer Marc Millis tells io9 something similar. The experiment, Millis explains, seemed to show thrust lingering even after the power was off, which would be indicative of a thermal effect."

That's the smoking gun. Pity.
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These guys are pretty much everything I want from a local pizza delivery place; great classic pizzas, nice specialty pizzas when I'm in the mood for them, cheap, competent, friendly service, insanely fast delivery (although they're only a few blocks from me, so I can't comment on what their delivery is like further away), & decent prices. Tonights order was a family size half & half Capricciosa with anchovies (don't judge me! - I love anchovies!) & Hawaiian, with a small herb & garlic pizza; total price $25.50 delivered. Stuff I especially love about them: They're 100% reliable, they're pleasant, they're generous with their toppings, they don't charge you extra or hassle you for half & halves or otherwise making your order complicated, like a lot of places do. Summary: If you're in their delivery area, give them a try, & they'll probably become your favourite pizza place. PS: For some reason, their phone number isn't very prominent on their site. It's 9885-9922.
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