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Four thousand years ago, around the time that Stonehenge was completed and horses were tamed, some woman somewhere had an abortion, and someone else had a
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In case the microwave breaks........
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The killer got hauled away screaming the infamous line uttered by conservative pundits and politicians alike.
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Put down the champagne, moron!
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This untrue planed parenthood. is nothing bout abortions dont. twist the facts . Edit
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Haha too cute 😁
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I hope they don't. Black or Hispanic people endorsing Trump would be like being forced to marry someone who raped you.
💩Not good🙈
Several black pastors invited to meet with Donald Trump on Monday have denied reports that they had plans to endorse the presidential candidate at the event.
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#Propaganda Network.
News Faux News✔️
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the murdoch methodology..
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Compared to ISIS, the American Republican Party never claims responsibility for inspiring senseless acts of terrorism. 
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........because it is not a man's business what a woman does with her body.
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+Tim Counts im christain not a nurder atheist. #god
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Religion, public toilets and mob actions convince me that humanity is still a long way from being civilized.
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Democrat. Born Again Atheist. I have extraordinary ability to make people boiling mad by doing or saying absolutely NOTHING.
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