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Linzi Basset
International Bestselling multi-genre Author of multiple series
International Bestselling multi-genre Author of multiple series


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The Tycoon Series – Book 3

Michael Hadley had it all. Fast cars, money and beautiful women.

He was a billionaire and a champion Speedway racing driver. Life in the fast lane was good until a temptress from his past reappeared and caused him to spin out of control.

Willow Roth had beauty, brains and class.
She was his sister’s best friend and now in his employ.
She was also off limits - the one he couldn’t have.

“Next time you prod me in the chest, you better be ready to drop your panties.”

Love was never factored into the equation of Michael’s sexual exploits.

For Willow, love and sex represented the dualities of life. One could not exist without the other.

Through the heartache and regrets of their collusive past, they would eventually reunite to understand their place together in an imperfect world.
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Book 2 - The Tycoon series

Love has a strange way to up heave even the strongest person. Would Tiaan be able to realize his mistake before it was too late?

“Our relationship is inevitable. The sooner you realize and accept it, the better.”

Allison Hadley did not entertain Tiaan Sheppard when he made that statement. He was a notorious bachelor. A skirt-chaser of note and his exploits had been splashed all over the media. No, she burned her fingers once before and she had no intention of repeating that embarrassing mistake.

Tiaan Sheppard was the co-owner of the most sought after auditing firm in the US and he wanted the beautiful, luscious Orthodontic surgeon from the moment he first met her. So much so, that he booked an appointment under an assumed name and ended up drinking whiskey out of a straw at dinner.

Sparks ignited between the two and they soon became lovers, but fate has a way of intervening when least expected. This time fate intervened cruelly, threatening their relationship and testing the strength of their new-found love.

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The Tycoon Series – Book 1

Love Conquers all. Or does it? Mason struggled to overcome Brooklyn's deceit.
Brooklyn Hadley was dripping with sex and ambition. Mason Sheppard was a military-hardened man who valued honesty above all else. Neither had found true love, and Mason had no interest to be with only one woman.

Brooklyn was an intelligent, independent young woman, working her way through her education, too proud to accept money from her family. In her spare time, she drove racecars. It is here where fate decided to wind a web around their lives as Mason found Brooklyn bent over the engine of her red 1972 Chevy Camaro, tempting destiny and the men around her. He was one muscled hunk who couldn’t resist the temptation.

His eyes started at her toes, working their way up her long honey-tanned legs to her firm ass cheeks, peeking out from the bottom of her too-short denim shorts. He knew there and then she was meant to be his. This was one honey pot he intended to dip into…often.

Would Mason’s new executive administrative assistant cause problems? Would Brooke’s new job get in their way? More importantly, would the renowned womanizing bachelor give up all the women that flocked around him?

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The Tycoon Series

The Tycoon series is about a group of friends involved one way or the other with speedway track racing.

It’s a series about the obstacles and travails of love that couples have to face to find their happy ever after. As Alpha male as they come, these Tycoons live life with vigor and passion, take what they want when they want it and abhor deceit and lies. They learn how important communication is for a successful relationship as they strive to fulfill their own goals in life and love.
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Their story was anything but a fairy tale but Spencer couldn’t stay away from the delightful and sultry Jessica.

“Please what, angel? Please take me or please stop? Your body is giving me a different message than your lips, blue eyes.”

King of ‘Wham-Bam, thank you Mam sex, billionaire banker, Spencer Reid, never went back for seconds and he had no interest in a monogamous relationship. He was a notorious womanizer, whose pictures with different women, were splashed all over the tabloids every week.

Now, he had his sight set on Jessica Mulligen.

“We’ll meet again, that’s a promise. And when that day comes, you’ll pay for what you did to me.”

It hadn’t been a threat. It had been a promise made years ago by the very man who now pursued her. But her treacherous body overruled all the reasons why she shouldn’t give in to his seduction. The chemistry between them wouldn’t be denied and their passion exploded into a tumultuous relationship.

When a dark shadow from her past caught up with her, Jessica feared the worst. Would Spencer honor his vow to protect her and keep her safe?

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5 STAR REVIEW - Greed, Politics, Murder ... OH MY!!
Read the review of this riveting suspense novel you don't want to miss.

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For those looking for a quick, hot, one-hand page turn read!
¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ღ

This is a triplet novelette series that will cause your heat level to surge. It’s downright naughty, nasty and filled with taboo. Not to mention panty wetting Doms who are searching for their happy ever after subs.

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It's personal messages such as these that make all the difference.

"Dear Linzi to say I love your books is an understatement to say the least! But I wanted to send you this personal message of thanks as I have the paperback of LOVE UNBOUND. Oh, the beauty and poignancy of each poem I read touches my soul and heals a wound I have hidden there! Thank you Trizia."

See for yourself what Love Unbound is all about.

Ezra Pound would be pleased with this collection of free verse poetry from Linzi Basset with contributions by James Calderaro.

Love Unbound, contains 128 poems rich in meaning that evoke powerful emotions the reader may have buried deep and forgotten.

The book follows two people falling in love and how they struggled until they overcame their inner demons to make a connection deeply rooted in their souls.
For most, true love is not a ride but a long journey. A trip all too often filled with yearning, hopes, lust, thoughts of love, and disappointment which turns into despair. For those who remain faithful to their belief in true love, destiny can intercede bringing about renewed hope, and it is here where the cycle begins again with the potential for a different outcome.

If you allow love, it will conquer and blossom to bind two lost souls with a winding of thread that becomes stronger with each passing day. The moral of the story is: never give up on life and definitely do not give up on love. For what will we be if our hearts never beat to the rhythm of another? It seems we must feel deep pain before we can find true love.

This book’s title conveys a simple message about the complex issues of romantic love:
Love Unbound!

or from your favorite digital store here: Get yours here:

#bestseller #LinziBasset #poetry #love
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It's exhilarating to read reviews such as these on TRUTH UNTOLD.

Thank you Vickie Brown.

If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? One click right now!
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