What's in the next patch?

Disk Usage

The web management gets a new disk usage section to graphically show what is using the most space on your servers.


Changing Passwords and Special Characters

You will now be able to use special characters when changing passwords using the web management. The standard ASCII special characters are supported.

Username Styles

A new username style has been added that allows you to create a user with their enrolment number or code rather than using a combination of their forename and surname.


Key Signing

This patch provides key signing support. All future patches will check the key to ensure that it is a valid patch as well as checking the MD5 sum of the patch.

Distribution Module

An update to the tftp software caused problems with clients connecting. This patch fixes this problem.

Email User Access

Controls to deny access to email for some of your users. This may be useful if you only want certain students to access the email system.


What's left to be done for the patch

Everything is ready apart from the email controls and some testing for signing checks for future patches. The mechanics behind deny access to certain users to the email system have been sorted out on a test server. I just need to create a set of pages in the web management to easily allow or deny the users.

When will the patch be ready?

Hopefully by the end of this coming weekend.
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