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Former Microsoft programmer and creator of the upcoming "Software Wars" movie, Keith Curtis, is interviewed today on by +Katherine Noyes
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very interstinggg...
Linux: Complete Open Source.
I'm very exicted for this movie. I just hope this movie doesn't turn out to be a one-sided argument.
+yaser ahmed not true: please to watch Revolution OS

It is dated however. I look forward very much to this documentary.
I think software should be like audio CDs.
You can choose the CD player you like and listen music.
In order to reach greatness,you have to be able to built on what has  done before you. Software Wars.
I'd be much more interested if RMS were involved
go for it linux shot for the stars
Copy LEFT ... one step closer to a TYPE 1 society Kardashev Scale. 
Those visuals where absolutely ridiculous and had little to nothing to do with the subject. Just a bunch of stock footage jumbled together.
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To bad movie is never going to get funded. Not that it will change anything.
I am all about the singularity and open-source software, but if Richard Stallman isn't in this documentary I'm going to be a little upset.
I love opensource software, only problem is that there isn't alot of direction behind it. It's too haphazzard. I'm talking about the software itself not various distros.
+Mladen Mijatov Oh, damn. Nevermind then lol. That's weird how this isn't getting funded. A lot of people donate so much to the linux foundation but somehow a movie that will help their cause this much isn't getting funded.
"Even buying an Android device rather than an Apple helps move the world in the right direction"
Android is pretty good. It's also a PITA just like Linux.
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