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Support Linux by sharing this video! Together we can educate the masses on how the largest collaborative development project in this history of computing is built.
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+The Linux Foundation I want to be a computer programmer when i'm older. What languages do I need to learn to be able to work for you guys?

I already know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and i'm learning C++ and Java.
C++ is all....and then u need to learn high level language....
+Adam Reed If you're looking to work on the kernel you'll want to learn C. Learning some assembly couldn't hurt either. You can download the kernel from and start contributing as soon as you're able. :)
+Adam Reed There's no shortage of learning when it comes to programming, before you master one thing, another thing comes along, just keep learning and practicing.
Oh, and Macs, iPhones and iPads also run linux, people just don't know it.
@Jim Taylor - hum... don't you mean they're both (Linux and Mac OS) based on Unix?
+Jim Taylor Macs and iPhones? I'm not so sure. Apple doesn't appear to be a fan of GPL, well neither am I but I happily make exception for Linux.
Mac was based on BSD which in turn was based in Unix
Macs and iPhones do not run linux. Mac runs OS X which is based off of BSD Unix.
I don't know about 'dominating the enterprise'. It definitely occupies a niche but Windows still dominates the enterprise.
Windows dominates the desktop only because consumers are denied proper choice. Whenever you buy a PC, your choices are windows or GTFO! Unfortunately most users don't have the sense to shop around for something better. Linux rules the server side though!
Reminds me of the "Matrix" LOL!
Only Linus Torvalds takes the final call... isn't that's too much...
I am sure there would more people involved at the final stage too...
Well, the buck has to stop somewhere with high stakes in the game. Who better than the original developer?
Chief Linus certainly has a tight grip on things! Forget democracy, this is his life project!
Yep, Linux came from Unix, so did the MacOS, and iPhone iPad OS's. I wasn't being that precise. :-)
+Asieph Midlain Microsoft is a company that buys each game for his OS, if a company do this for linux, for sure we can have the same performance in linux
+Maseood Raisi Without GPL, Linux = NOTHING? How is that? Apache is the most ubiquitous web server in the world if I'm not mistaken, it isn't GPL. If Linux had gone the Apache/BSD way, then perhaps windows would by now be derived from Linux!
+Andrew Visor I dont think windows is better than linux. Linux gives you the ability to customize things to suit your taste and needs. To me, this is the beauty of linux.
+Baker Kawesa Linux kernel use glibc and some other gnu softwares that are GPL, can you compile linux kernel without GCC, Make, ...?
and after that, linux is just a kernel, without GNU software you cant do anything with that ...
+Joshua Filstrup - yes actually macs DO run linux, You just need to install linux on them which is a breeze and has been for some time.
+Asieph Midlain While windows plays to it's strengths on the desktop i.e gaming, Linux plays to it's strengths on the server-side.
There will always be a place for Windows, running inside a virtual machine on a Linux host.
+Asieph Midlain Linux is just a kernel, but we have some replacements for DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL
sme games come out just for game consols, some for just win, some for Mac
the reson is Owner of game consols, Microsoft and Apple must buy the game from developers for their own platform, and for linux, there is no company to do that
Many of times i tried ubuntu and some other flavors but didnt like the feel of gnome or kde so i always switched back to windows, but then i found the perfect taste when i found a linux mint 3 cd in a linux magazine, and today i kind of want to install fluxbox on my current install of linux mint 12
Hello all, does anyone know of any linux certification. i will like to be linux certified though for now, i use kubuntu linux thasts based on the KDE. Thanks for any info...
A lot of bold and blanket statements being tossed around. Windows Server plays a HUGE role in the enterprise environment. Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, are you kidding me? Nothing comes close to these technologies scalability wise. I work with both. We use Linux and Unix where it makes sense. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. To say that Windows is only relevant in the desktop is insane. Oh, and dual booting - so 90s. Ever heard of virtualization?
Oh oh, the windows fan boys have arrived.
Funny how Windows Server became popular for admins that didn't want to learn how to script in the shell and just use a GUI. Now Windows is moving towards a very heavy PowerShell environment and good Windows admins need to know how to script.
Educate the masses? Really?
Ever heard of virtualization?
what do you mean?
ever heard of Xen?
No fanboy'ism here. I am a Mac user as a matter of fact. I do extensive Windows and *NIX administration for a living. I run Debian servers with Cacti, OpenVPN, Nagios, Apache, etc. I can also script in VBS, Bash, PowerShell, some Perl and PHP. I bet thats more than I can say for you... sorry, did I break out of the box you put me in yet or shall I go on???
+Robert Alonso I used to be a windows fan boy: windows server, .NET, SQL server, powershell and all, but I finally glanced into the light.
So is OSX as a matter of fact, perhaps to an even greater extent. And that's a good thing! Most users dont want anything to do with the nuts and bolts of systems. Like Steve Jobs once said, great technology is the one which gets out of the way.... (paraphrasing here).
Unix (Linux, BSD), Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Groovy, C/C++, Unix shell, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
Love this video, its very educational and interesting.

Long live Linux!
I want my system be in control of me, not me being controled by my system
I think linux is in control of me, but windows controls it's users
What does that even mean Rober Alonso? I know what the word paraphrasing means..... but the rest of it I have no idea what it even means!!! Can u explain it 2 me plz?!? Thanks!
+Alexander Neumann Apple is something diffrent from hiding
iOS for example, hashing the iPod database with iTunes and then the OS check the hash, if it's correct (you using iTunes) so it read the database, if not, its do nothing ...
Yes, I've heard nothing but the best about this OS alternative to Windows. Dual boot option seems to be the way to go. Will give it a shot. :)
Alexander, this is precisely where OSX is headed. It is evident that Apple (as well as Microsoft) is doing its best to move towards a single codebase. The convergence of mobile features and desktop features via a single, tightly controlled, more secure ecosystem. Lion was just the beginning, Mountain Lion borrows even more from iOS. I see it as is a side effect of the whole consumerization of technology phenomenon. I love ubuntu, mainly because it is based on Debian, my favorite distro. I can't say I am a fan of some their moves in recent years (read Unity) but nevertheless. At the end of the day, it comes down to adoption. Unless linux is able to compete with the big boys in the desktop market, it will remain a backend technology (for the most part). The lack of uniformity between the various linux distribution does not help matters as far as consumer and OEM adoption is concerned...
The Linux Foundation is a good example of the efficient collaboration for Oracle and Google. I hope to see posts from the "Java Foundation" in the future.
+Artak Petrosyan yeah I'm sure Oracle will get right on that, as soon as they finish stabbing Google in the back.
+Alexander Neumann yes, .deb is a debian package format, and Ubuntu is emerging as the most popular Linux distribution. I believe they make up over 55% of all Linux machines.
Ubuntu, IMO, is the closest and most refreshing step I've seen in terms of a move in the right direction as far as uniformity goes. Hell, package management is fantastic. I couldn't live without apt-get (specially with my headless boxes) ;-)
I think I saw a 2 in there.
And here i was thinking windows was big...
I didn't know Linus still held that strong a hold on the project. It must be a full time job to review all those patches.
Thai Le
Linux is the way to see outside the Windows box!
1. Great informational commercial .
2. Both Linux and Windows have their place in the world (Windows has no place? PHLEEEEEZE!)
3. I wonder, if Linux is so fabulous and so secure, why most of the computer brake-ins run, by professionals, happen in ... Linux?
If you want to practice religion, go to church or simply pray. Computers simply do not qualify. Just saying....
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Bogdan Szuta, actually, when it comes to religion, just about anything qualifies. I, for instance, worship ESXi and plan to start a cult named the cult-of-vi. Wanna join?
I wanna learn Java but don't no where to start
Linux is becoming more and more desktop relevant as Apple and Microsoft push toward a crappy consumer-dispowering future. Right now I run many major OSes but with the politics behind Windows 8, I have a feeling my future with Windows is coming to a close.
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Fantastic.. Just what Linux needs to be more exposed.. Though I would've loved mentioning some Linux distros instead of just mentioning Android by the name.
yes. Just YES! (Now all I need to do is install it on our box.)
linux is for geeks, windows is for gamers, apple is for everyone else.
I use all 3 platforms.
I bet no one knew all this before watching this video.
Kal El
what's a penquin? suits? anyone...anyone..
+Amberdeep Singh Linus has the trademark for Linux name. So, no matter who does what, it's his thing. Irony!
osx runs on the linux kernel nicknamed darwin.
I believe the whole Linux rules servers and markets thingy has to do with what Linux is. It is a free Unix. You know where I am going..
Any OS that costs you money sux. The OS is a vital part of any device, and devices are now a vital part of life. You should not have to pay to upgrade from one version to another (I.e WinXP to Win7) if the new version is better. That's what I love about Linux: it's built on the idea that everyone deserves to use a computer without paying through the nose for it. Pay for the hardware, sure, and for any apps you want to use, but not for the OS.
windows 7 windows 8 sucks and the os is clunky!
Absolutely Amazing.. Im gonna begin learning more about Linux than ever... Right Now
I love Linux but recently I have had a tons of problems with it. It shuts down randomly and severely slow but all computers are different.
I really like learning and I am teaching others about it but it just doesn't work with my laptop. 
Thank you Linus, and everyone who contributed to Linux :)
Hi I like school and enjoy researching with my laptop
If you want to program, the language you need to learn is anything but English, because computer programming has either gone or will go overseas soon.
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linux... simple fast and... well, complex
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it looks like linux is gonna take over the world
Linux run on Unix, OS X run on Unix, the printer I currently use run on Unix… but because windows are not announced to run on Unix, the printer like to not print what come from the windows, but we knows when it does that because of OS X and I can connect to the windows server via Linux! Unix win the battle against windows! I used to be a fan of Microsoft until I met apple, then I used to be a fan of apple until I met Linux, now I don't care which one I use, but I like to be with OS X and Linux! Go Unix!
Free.......Open......Computer Called..Linux Kernel...
Linux does not run on Unix it is based on Minix that is based on Unix but it does not nor has it ever ran on Unix you ignorant bastard....
22:18:08 up 27 days, 14:26

PC/server up for months at a time with no re-boots needed. That is what Linux brings to the table.
ubuntu is the best operating system which i like most....
Many people say Linux is not for desktop. Yes, people now using Andriod mobile devices to replace desktop. So, why do we care if Linux can domain desktop or not. In future, only mobile device anyway.
And from what I hear windows 8 will use the Linux kernel but that was from a source that I wouldn't put money on. Would be cool I guess but then windows would actually have a chance. Although the whole legal aspect of that would potentially be insane...oh well I'm happy with my gentoo.
Ubuntu is fun to use but I still use my Windows pc for online gaming
so sick of these web 2.0 infographics everyone seems to use. did people forget the good ol fashioned coverage?
Very impressive! Since ever I knew about how Linux is developed, I had that one question in mid; How the code of one contributing programmer will be validated to ensure that it is safe to be part of an Operating System? I think this is nearly impossible to do.
Wow, I had no idea and I run my servers off Linux, It is great, flexible, Reliable.
love..i joined! but mac is better!
Great video indeed, but was it made on Linux? Video editing apps on Linux are a joke imho.
Linux is great, but too difficult for normal users!
Oh ... so u guys are the ones pulling all the strings ... good to kno
@Christopher Stokes - Unless that's a rethorical question, yes you can. With Wine, you can run most Winows software on Linux. So far it has been working very well for me, but I use it very rarely - Linux software fits me very well :)
Yes you can run windpws software on linux using wine software.
+Internet55 Its not difficult for new users My mom don't know english and how to move mouse but after 1 hour teaching she is use ubuntu 12.04 in Gujarati (Indian Language) to watch some online show easily

In Linux you don't need to understand what is antivirus and don't need to scan all pc and update your antovirus s/w every couple of days also don't need to install any extra drivers s/w and no need to install ubuntu linux just for testing just make bootable cd or usb and use live sessions to test (A comple ubuntu is load in your ram withing couple of minutes and ready to use)
+Internet55 - Linux is not hard to use. It's just a question of habit. For example, if your first computer was a Mac, it would even be hard to learn to use Windows. My first computer ran Windows and I've been using Windows for about 7 years. Then I met Linux and now I got used to it. It's that simple.
But in Linux main problem is GUI- User Interaface. It isn't so user friendly, just ALMOUTS user friendly. I'm using Ubuntu on work computer half year and still I don't like him. There are lot of small details, that destroy all good impression and make work uncomfortable
I will always support Linux, but I had to go back to the classics because all linux distri brought me problems with WiFi and printers. Otherwise about being user friendly, absolutely no pb, even better than W or M (to me).
+Raitis Briedis So, if it makes you happy, I'll tell you something. I guess no one likes Ubuntu's GUI (it's called Unity, and it's exclusive for Ubuntu). If you were used to Windows, then maybe KDE could be a better idea. Anyway, I think any other GUI would be better than Unity (just my opinion). If you are still willing to, try another Linux GUI. And BTW, Linux desktops tend to be much more customizable than other operating systems, maybe that could help you too ;)
definately not more than windows.
and u would agree if u have had glimpse of my comp.
fully customized from boot screen to Desktop.
That was beautifully put together - it achieves it's purpose splendidly
+Raitis Briedis You can always switch to Linux Mint, it's based on Ubuntu, but has a smarter looking and easier to use GUI. Ubuntu went the wrong way when they introduced Unity.
+Sam Wronski "The one thing Linux lacks is a GUI that doesn't look like it was made by a 5 year old"? I guess you haven't seen Linux Mint yet, it's far better looking than Windows 7 in my opinion.
+Robert Alonso "Most users dont want anything to do with the nuts and bolts of systems", until they desperately want to jail break their iphone.
+Sam Wronski what are you talking about??? Linux has a very pretty GUI. Even KDE looked great
All hail Linux... made Android possible to exist. I love it... Cyanogenmod 9 (ICS) on my GALAXY S GTi9000 (a.k.a. "sgs1") runs perfectly. Fast,nice looking and works great. I can change how my phone behaves and basically how it looks... so yeah,im definitely NOT one of those who hates "anything to do with nuts and bolts of systems".
P.s.: sorry if i went a bit off-topic ;)
Never knew about the Linux operating system. Simply amazing
Linux is really good, but I hate the dev's that puts a GUI on a Linux server... Nothing better then command lines !
+Donald Daniels hey,welcome to the magical world of Linux...unicorns not included ;)) (just kidding... i remember when i first heard of Linux,had a similar reaction "wow...this is so cool" :) )
Great video. Great OS. Thank you Linux. Thank you to the Linux develkpment community!
I was used to windows os, but 3 years ago I started to try linux os and now I can not work without linux, linux is awesome, super powerfull and the best of all TOTALLY FREE
For the people wondering how Linus manages accepting all those changes. Every node on the diagram is a separare source control server. Anybody can pull changes from anybody else. As soon as a change is revised to an acceptable degree the next level pulls the change into their source. Linus' pull is the last one because he's the only person with write access to the master server.

Effective open source projects work like the military where people earn their position in the hierarchy based on trust, merit and confidence in one's abilities. It's the only way a software project can effectively scale to that size.

If you've ever heard anyone talk about 'Git', it's the source control program everybody uses (and Linus originally wrote it but doesn't maintain it anymore). Patches can be used too but they take more effort to merge in so they're usually used by one-off contributors.

Most people who like to talk about 'meritocracy' as some pie-in-the-sky abstract idea. Open source development is meritocracy in practice.
I like it. This is a big win for linux. I'm posting public on fb as well as g+. Good work!
Need easy way to use these whenever desktops lock-up, so they can screen such excellent educational promoting :-)
I'm glad they have this video, most people don't understand just how widespread and useful Linux is.
OMG, I finally understand how it all works. I'm working on a senior project to complete my degree in CS and I've been looking around on how to get permission to "commit" my code. Now I know I just email my patch to someone. Thanks for the informative video.
I've managed windows and linux nodes for over a decade now and can honestly say if I had the choice I would toss out windows all together. If it weren't for certain applications being so embedded into the business world it would be possible. Exchange (though it be a clunky beast) is unmatched for collaboration in an enterprise, except for maybe Google Docs, which is not nearly as reliable. And I LOVE Google Docs. There is a time and place for everything, but given the choice, I would choose Linux every time. And those who say it doesn't work for them, you just don't know to use it. Don't be scurrrrrd! Pick up a book!
Been using Ubuntu for the last 3 years. Never looked back...
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