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Tom Dumas
"Now that is a Great mind"...Happy B-Day...!!!
Happy Birthday, Linus! Thanks for your contribution, to the world!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Torvalds! Thanks for everything.
Rick T
Happy Birthday Linus!  I can't thanks enough for creating the Linux kernel.  The world won't be the same without it.
Oh..........Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Mr.Linus..........
Happy birthday  
thank you for linux and all free program
Wishing you a very happy birthday +Linus Torvalds
Without you, we wouldn't have seen Android, Ubuntu and almost every other modern tech. 

For me, this is the person who contributed in making computers a massive useful tool for mankind, not the other greedy dogs who made it a mere commercial business for its profit.
He looked to be doing something crazy yesterday from a post I saw. Wonder how that turned out. Looked cold.
Happy Birthday Linus: You changed the world. You've made computing available to even the poorest of the poor on a Global scale. a feat that can't be measured by mere words. Linux now dominates the world in everything, from Servers to Smartphones. Thank You for Everything, Live Long and Prosper.
Thanks to you, a lot of good "Flavors" are happening. Happy Birthday
Thanks Mr.Torvalds, thanks... & happy
Happy Birthday! With every device I use, I benefit from your work. Even as I type this.
happy birthday +Linus Torvalds i like the linux operating system so much thank you for creating it i am using Linux for life!
Your contribution to the world is now recognised and we salute you!  Happy Birthday!  Long may you be the thorn in the sides of those greedy corporations.
Feliz Cumpleaños y gracias por ser el libertador tecnologico de la humanidad!!!! Viva el "Open Source"!!! Viva Linux!!, Esto es el comienzó del futuro donde... bueno no se si alguien ha visto "star trek first contact", donde Jean-Luc Picard explica sobre como el conocimiento ha superado todo inclusive hasta el mismo dinero... Este Sr... cree en lo mismo y yo tambien... Viva Linux!! +Linus Torvalds 
Many more happy returns of the day +Linus Torvalds You made a huge impact in the world of technology and hope to see more in coming years. God bless you!
happy birhday<@^<kep for yo 
What is a person called that doesn't eat meat but does eat fish?
Happy birthday Mr. Tux ;-D thanks for everything!
and Stan Lee's 90th Birthday.  
Comics and Linux made my life happier.
Pax SA
Happy Birthday!
Feliz Cumpleaños desde Ecuador a cual tienes un gran legado de seguidores 
happy b-day hope kernel 3.8 is good
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A great mind. A great gift to this world. Thanks.
May you continue to shine.
Happy birthday to you, Linus. 
Happy Birthday Linus, All praises to Almighty for your super brain...
Kop Tan
Happy birthday!!!
Thank you very much for your work...
Happy Birthday may Linux forever make the world better.
i lv my family bcoz they do lot of things 4 me.teens let respects ur parents bcoz thy lv u nd thy threat us wit lv nd care.
Happy Birthday Linus! Thank you for helping create an excellent and open source alternative to Microsoft and Apple. You truly make the internet a better place overall.
Happy birthday, Linus!!! The man that brought peace to so many computer users! :-) 
Happy Birthday

Great Personality

Happy birthday! Without you, the GPL would not be in the position where it is today. My computer is able to run 100% with free (like in freedom) software, and that is thanks to you!
Wait....he shares a birthday with Stan Lee?! Might have to rethink my views on astrology...
Happy birthday! You are truly an inspiration to all!
Happy birthday Linus! Thank you for all you do!
Linus Torvalds and Stan Lee share a birthday?  Who knew?
Linuxman!, Linus shares his birthday with Stan Lee. Excelsior!
I had my first experience with Windows 8 on my son's new laptop yesterday so let me give a hearty Happy Birthday and thank God for Linus!  and Stan of course! (whose head is actually in my profile picture at the bottom left - believe it or not)
Happy birthday +Linus Torvalds ! Maybe one of these days I will get a chance to play a game of pool with you. (The line was too long the last few times.) If it wasn't for you I would still be writing code for Windows. I owe you.
Happy birthday! Ugly Bitch! :DDDDD
Happy Birthday Mr. Linus, and thanks a lot for all the great things you've done for all of us.
You can follow me back if you'd like.
Happy Birthday +Linus Torvalds !
Happy birthday, you are the great technology...
Happy birthday! Love Linux. Wish there was a good affordable CAD program for Linux
Happy Birsday! A am happy to work with Linux! Linux is a future of humanity! You are a man number One today, for all nations! 
Cordially yours.
Gennadi. (Tambov University, Russia.)
Happy birthday Mr Torvalds.
If you didn't write linux kernel hackers didn't have any thing to deal with it.
you no that your life is one year less from orginal life  
  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,happy birthday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hope you gonna distroy bill till the end ;) god bless you and gives you the power you need ;)
Happy Birthday Linus Torvalds, Thank you for giving us all one of the greatest operating systems ever made and releasing it free to the world for everyone to learn from it! :)
Happy Birthday to Linus from LR7 and os Developer using his kernel to build my os L-Core
Happy birtday mr. Linus, thanks
HBD... In spanish.... Feliz cumpeaños, gracias por tus aportes...
It's also Stan Lee's birthday. Lee created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, etc. Linus created Linux.
Both have brought a lot of joy to the world.
And endless debates ("No! Spider-Man could definitely beat Wolverine!!" "I can't believe you're running your self-compiled application from port 3141! I would've chosen 6969!!")
Thanks, guys! Happy birthday. 
Happy Birthday - May your day be as awesome as Linux!  All the best.
Alex A.
Happy Birthday Linus!!
Bonne Anniversaire and happy new year
Happy Birthday and thanks for Linux. 
Onneksi olkoon, Linus! :)
Stan lee is awesome.  Especially his Big Bang theory appearance.  Leonard: hey penny we're going to see stan lee.  Penny: Stanley who?
Wish you a ever lasting b'day and thanks for developing this revolutionary open source Linux.
josh W
happy birthday Linus and thanks for developing and making linux open source and free to the user. Thanks, also i use linux on all 3 hard drives in my desktop :)
Happy Birthday and Thank You!
Many many happy return of a day wish u lots of happy birthday
"open source is the only right way to do software"
Happy birthday! HAHAHAHA it's even my bday today! Didn't know I share my bday with someone so awesome
Keo Fu
A man with a vision. Happy birthday and mahalo nui for your contributions
Happy Birthday, Mr. Torvalds. Wish you many more.
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday Linus! Your vision echoes the way toward making Operating Systems more than ubiquitous, but truly fun!

Happy New Year and may you enjoy a healthier and wealthier ones in the future.

My question is Finnish birthday traditions are highlighted by what?

Jobs never had a world-changing OS named after him. Happy birthday Mr. Linus.
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Happy birthday, have a good one!

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Happy birthday Mr. Torvalds! You are a great man! Thanks for everything you've made :)
Happy Birthday, Mister! 
Happy birthday linux. Am a boy of 25 and wish to work under you sir. 
Happy Birthday Linus! Thanks for the O/S!!!!!
Man, you started something that changed the world. Happy birthday Linus.
Hyvää syntymäpäivää Linus !!!! Kiitos Linuxista :-) käyttänyt jo 18 vuotta.
Linus is a world-changer without the crap baggage that usually goes with it. Thank you Big L for taking the high road in life.
Have a wonderful year ahead! You have a wonderful difference to the world.
Happy Birthday Linus!! Thanks for all your wonderful creation!
I got you a copy of Windows 8.  The man at the store said it was what all the cool people use on their computer boxes.  Now give your grandma a hug.
Happy Birthday Linus, thank you for changing the world
Happy birthday to a great man
Happy Birthday to u too Marcelo
Dear Linus, thanks for giving the world an alternative to Microsoft and Apple, and have a great birthday and a wonderful new year to you and your family.

"The Man!"  Rah Rah Rah Linus! 8-)
Sean G
Happy Birthday inventor of the coolest kernel ever... Glad Google and Android followed your lead. Linux Rocks!
Your name will live Forever... & you have the same BDay as +Stan Lee . you must be a SuperHero(;
Happy bday man. Your project gave me purpose
What do you do? My you are a popular fellow,eh? Happy Birthday To You, who ever you are. Care to elaborate? Thx.
Not only he changed the world, he changed it for better. And for developers, he did it a second time, with git.
many many happy returens of the day! sir i want give you some gift in your birth day! please addd me on your skype. prakash.dxnmlm2u
Happy birthday, Linus! Thanks for all the competitiveness and flexibility that Linux has brought to businesses.
Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you HEY!! 
Happy Birthday! You're the man.
Tq from saving me!
TIL: I share a birthday with Linus Torvalds. 
HB! It's really hard to find more straight forward person!
Happy Birthday Linus! Thanks for making the Linux kernel :D
thank you for open source contribution from a Chinese coder 
Hope you had a big birthday BASH!
Matt B
Happy birthday +Linus Torvalds - enjoy your birthday and downtime - you deserve it ! :)
You da man! Please have 100 more birthdays! Happy birthday! 
С Днём рождения Linus. Чтоб хуй стоял и деньги были, а денег столько как хуй стоит. Thanks, you made our world better. And imho you wrote your name in the pages of history 
I dont know if I trust this whole monolithic kernel design. Clearly it can never be considered for production...
Happy Birthday, +Linus Torvalds, and many happy returns of the day! Thank you for everything you've developed and made available to the world.
Happy Birthday, + Linus Torvalds , and many happy
returns of the day! Thank you for everything
you've developed and made available to the
ahh this is him, a person whom makes my windows 7 got abandoned lol Sir, Linux is so difficult lol 
Linux is truly an invention that shook the world!
If Linux melted down as often as Linus seems to, then it would be a useless OS.
Happy birthday Linus thanks & GOD Bless 
happy birthday linus

Happy Birthday !! You have an actual place in history amongst the greatest !
Happy Birthday, from my desktop Linux.
Happy Birthday and thank you for all of your work...
Happy birthday sir hope you have a great day! Also thank you for having made the world of IT a better place!
Happy Birthday, Linus. :)
Send from Archlinux.
Nice footprint Linus, Happy Birthday.
doesnt he get like a nobel prize or something at some point?
He did receive a prize this year, but it's not Nobel. That organization gives prizes to pointless stuff, like Obama for peace and stuff like that. Higgs did get it, but I think prizes for physics and other sciences have to be justified otherwise they would lose significance. 
Happy birthday Mr Linus for contribution to the world
happy birth day sir  many many happy returns of the day
John Bond
Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, my birthday gift is my wish for you and yours to live long and prosper.  Thank you so much for your uplifting contributions to the world of technology.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Torvalds. :)
Happy Birthday +Linus Torvalds and to every other person that reads this, It's going to be an amazing year!
+Take2seconds to wish someone Happy Birthday today.
So Happy Birthday to the one reading this right now and to everyone that has commented on this post.
joh my new skul rocks bt we ar over crowded .
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