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#Ubuntu #Linux version 14.04 LTS has been released. How do I upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS from Ubuntu 13.10 or 12.04 LTS?
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I live life in the fast lane when it comes to drivers.

If you are using 14.04 for the LTS support on a server or workstation, I'd suggest staying away from what I'm about to post below.

Now, if you are willing to take a chance on something that might break or might make your computer try to take over the world or something, then I suggest you go to the Oibaf page and install the PPA for graphics drivers. You can find that info page here:

I use Nvidia cards in my 3 newest systems and older ATI cards in my 2 other systems. While my newest system is an Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell CPU with Intel HD graphics, I have never used the built-in graphics ability. For the massive amounts of raw video and audio encoding that I do, I didn't want to risk the main processor frying, even though I have a liquid cooler on it. But, I babble too much here. Personally, I have not have any issues with the drivers provided from this PPA. They are updated almost daily to stay caught up with the daily Mesa commits to Git.

If you aren't afraid of the command line, I'd highly suggest adding a little system update alias to your ~/.bash_aliases file:

alias osup='sudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean'

I don't think 'aptitude' is installed by default, so I'd suggest installing it. The 'safe-upgrade' option it offers does a much better dependency check than what the standard 'apt-get' does.

I apologize for rambling on here so much. I just wanted to share with everyone what works for me and offer it so that maybe you can have some of the same benefits.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to circle me and/or initiate a Hangout with me. I will try to help you as much as I can. I am not one of those JFGI people. Have a great day.
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Lots of news coming out of the Red Hat Summit this week. A lot of the buzz is around containerization in general and Docker in particular. Docker is set to ship with the latest version of #RHEL (RHEL 7.0). Also, Docker will integrate with Red Hat's Open Shift PaaS. This is in addition to the earlier announcement that Red Hat is launching certification of applications delivered in the Docker container format. #Linux
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RPMs were as good as the people who packaged them and gave the various versions providing optional features for each. Unfortunately, most of the time a single package is provided with all features enabled by default.
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Linux News Here

Shared publicly  - announced a slightly pricier Rev C version of the BeagleBone Black that doubles eMMC flash and switches from Angstrom to #Debian #Linux.
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#Microsoft on Monday conceded that #Google's #Chrome OS and the #Chromebooks the operating system powers are capable of doing real work, a reversal of its "Scroogled" campaign that once blasted the laptops as worthless.
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Agreed. Admitting you have a problem (I.e. credible competition) is half way to solving it.
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The hype is growing for the iPhone 6, and TheStreet jumped on the bandwagon with another silly article about how the #iPhone 6 is going to “demolish Android.” TheStreet essentially claims that a larger screen iPhone 6 will be so good that it will just blow away every Android phone and bring zillions of #Android users over to the iPhone. The fanboyish blather in this article reeks of a desperate attempt on TheStreet’s part to gin up page views and ad impressions. #Linux
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Me too +Francisco Collazo. I would love to see them both succeed. We need more competition in the market.
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Have them in circles
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Robert has a great story. He was a #Linux enthusiast in theory who became one in practice when he could no longer run the Windows programs he wanted to run. It’s the perfect story for this moment, because as this is being written, #Windows finally ended support for XP after 13 years (making Debian look downright bleeding-edge). I suspect a lot of XP users will experiment with Linux, because if you stayed with XP for this long, there’s something very specific about it that you like and odds are Windows 7 and Windows 8 aren’t going to address that need. Linux provides a flexibility that will allow at least some XP refugees to create a familiar experience on their computers. That’s what brought Robert to Linux and it’s what kept him there.
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Despite this being a long term support release, and usually these type of releases don't get many important changes, #Unity 7 has received quite a few new features with #Ubuntu 14.04. #Linux
Ubuntu 14.04 - With Unity Final - See What`s New. Despite this being a long term support release, and usually these type of releases don't get many important changes, Unity 7 has received quite a few new features with Ubuntu 14.04.
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Xubuntu FTW!
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The #Linux company made the availability announcement of #Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, codenamed "Trusty Tahr" on Tuesday, coincidentally alongside chief rival Red Hat holding its Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.
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Kirk M
It is today. The article is a day old and was probably written on the 15th and published yesterday.
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As others who commented before me I've noticed some things about this picture. It is a ~4 year old if not older picture of  Don Stewart's triple head setup at Galois Inc.  Dons is one of the guys who made XMonad,- a tiling window manager. He is also Co-author of the O'Reilly Book "Real World Haskell". The Keyboard is a Kinesis Advantage Pro. I am writing this because I think he should be credited for this picture and for his contributions to the haskell community.
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Linux News Here

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There was a time when working in the library I found it very frustrating (as many librarians do) that there were so few options for software that actually did what I needed. In libraries we're so used to there being this vendor=software model. Where one vendor controls a product and while there might be other similar products, they too are controlled by a vendor.  #OpenSource
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Not to be rude, but this story reads like it was written by some one from middle school. You'd think that, working in a library, they'd learn to write better. 
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