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Linux 3.3.5-rc1 and 3.0.31-rc1 is out for review, please test.
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I would, but I could use a donation for my computer, it can barely run VirtualBox, and uninstalling Windows is out of the question...
+Milos Zivadinovic why dont u increase the memory of ur machine or on virtual box ..use text mode installation ....and use command interface.... thats what is the beauty of unix
+Gonzalo Velasco C. hmm that seems like a good idea... but it isn't very accesible, but it is better than virtualbox, where my Fedora doesn't show gnome 3 properly. I just hope I can set usb booting properly from my motherboard, since it was borked from day one
+amit kulkarni I would if I could, I'm running at two gigs...
I am used to "play" with VMs to test several GNU/Linux distributions too. As said, depending on the distro and the desktop environment, you should increase the RAM and video memory for the virtual machine.I guess to see Gnome 3 effects, you may need at least 32 MB of video memory, and for Fedora, 512 MB or better 1 GB of RAM, even though after opening it will consume only 250 - 350 MB.
For some minimal distros, you'd be OK with 8 MB for video and 256 for the system.
+Anuj More I thought of it, but the lack of package signing bugs me. I am more comfortable with a community edition of a commercially backed GNU/Linux OS like Fedora, or CentOS
+Gonzalo Velasco C. +Milos Zivadinovic i was so tired with my old machine as i was absolutely not able to play anything on linux..finally i threw it and got a new amd phenom 2 x6 1090t with 8gb ddr3 ram... and the processor is vt i am runnung 5 linux at a time....
+Milos Zivadinovic Dont worry time is not a constant factor.. Am sure u will come out of ur rough time...

BTW where r u from ?

Today i got a magazine 'LINUX For You " and got a gento latest DVD.. now am gonna add this to my Virtual machine now.. B-) ..

Am learning red hat security specialist...atually , If any one can help me or share things with be , it would be wonderful..
Never got package signing working with my Arch install. hmm....
Arch is configured by you, so there isn't anything going on that you didn't expressly set up. All the startup daemons are manually added by you, all the config files are manually written (or at least verified) by you. It's the closest you can get to a custom-tailored OS for your computer, without actually compiling everything.

It's funny how these kernel RC updates deviate like crazy, but it's always a good discussion forum.
In addition to what +Thomas Dalbo said, Arch is rolling release, so you don't have to bother with EOL of your current distro (which for Fedora is really, really small (13 months))
I'll try it for my server in the following months after I've finished with my other commitments. Thank you everyone.
Although, I have been nipped in the rear end by the more bleeding edge rolling release. Kernel updates: no more wifi. I find out it's a bug that renders pretty much every Atheros chipset useless. No problem, I revert back and wait for the update to be released.

A few weeks later, yet another kernel update is released. This time is renders DBus unusable... which is a bit more important!! Suffice to say..

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