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Hello everybody out there using Linux -

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, even if it's big and professional) for 486+ AT clones and just about anything else out there under the sun. This has been brewing since april 1991, and is still not ready. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in Linux 3.11-rc7.

I originally ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), but others have taken over user space and things still seem to work. This implies that I'll get the final 3.11 release within a week, and I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-)
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Yeah, I don't really want to get feature requests this late in the rc series...

But it is 22 years today since that email, and I would like people to try the current 3.11-rc7 kernel I just cut and uploaded to the usual places.
Yuki Fox
Wow.. it's been 22 years... that means I've been working with Linux for over two decades.   God I feel old.   Well done though on getting Linux to where it is today!
So, only 10 years to go to the next nice round number :)
One of my friends is a few days older than the Linux Kernel (18-th August...). That is pretty cool.
No way man! Minux 4 life!
And we're still waiting for GNU to finish Hurd!
Got my first copy in 1996 (slackware), a Belgian friend gave me and I thought: "hey, this might be interesting". Now, I'm proud to be one of the millions users. Nowadays I use Debian on several projects, but still maintain a version of Slack 13.37 ;)
22 years in development and still going strong. Was too small to see the original post so I guess this will have to do :)
Dislikes: enabling hardware weather as a module or built in it disables or hides other things in the menu. Although this is good to avoid total breakage it would be nice for more information soying where its gone why its gone etc. I know its hard to try and get all that in menuconfig but it helps if some sort of info regarding it is available, it helps backtrack to an understanding on what has changed.

New features in the kernel are always awesome, be nice to see new features some what highligted a bit more better than just (NEW).

I dont like gconf or kconf so i am glad you stuck with menuconf.

Biggest complaint i have as a dislke is the hard disk drive naming scheme. I change options like enable fuse or something like that and my entire HDD layout naming changes so i am having to chase my root partition. Works fine once you get it right and dont need to change that area of the kernel but when updates come in or something changes it can be a headache to have to fix it all the time then update fstab oh man i hate fstab even thoug i almost never visit it still hate that file lol.

Opps its getting long sorry. other than that Sir you are running perfectamundo
Oh yea logs dont get logged until the root partition is mounted. Be nice to get a log in the boot partition maybe when things go wrong prier to the init stage, just a thought. My computer is too fast so i dont get to see the output before the kernel panic just saying
+Fireicer Cooper You mean the /dev/sdXY and hd(X,Y) naming schemes? Don't use them.

That's why it recommended that one uses the partition UUIDs with fstab and grub.cfg.
Linus, you forgot to add the P.S. there. So, let me suggest one:

PS. Yes — it’s free of any non-GPL code, and it has multi-threads.
It is VERY portable (uses task switching etc), and it probably
will support anything since AT-harddisks, and all other hardware that we have :-).
yup thats the ones, have you tried to fix a system when UUIDs change lol. Grub has its challanges.

be nice if GPT was actually the standard rather than MBR but its not.

That BIOS and the new UEFI systems are challanging to say the least, what the kernel modules are doing to read them is well somthing else.

How do you get grub2-mkconfig to apend UUIDs as the root automatically rather than reading it from /dev
+Claire Farron
Oh thats why i see code in the modules that is kind of dynamic, not caring about fixed sdXN values.

Dislike *3: No one tells me anything untill the last moment lol. :p :D
+Fireicer Cooper You mean until it's too late? This is normal.

I found out about UUIDs back in 2007/8 I think because my first installations of Ubuntu were on an external Hard Disk so that I could take my personal computing environment with me and use it both at home and at school :D
I think it'd be cool to rearchitect Linux as a microkernel which passes messages between user-space threads. 

(grins, ducks, runs, gives ast a hug)
Installed red hat 5 on my old 386 in 1998. Thanks for all the memories +Linux !
The operating system of the future! One worry, though: At 15:30:08 UTC on Sun, 4 December 292,277,026,596 the 64-bit versions of the Unix time stamp will cease to work.
There are still a lot of basically healthy 486 systems - and earlier, scattered around, so any upgrade they can utilize to enable wider usage will be appreciated.
The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then one day...Sam Flynn: You got in.
Microkernels are inherently superior in design.  They do suck at implementation though and Linux's extensive pedigree has toughened it up a lot longer through darwin's trials of fire.
22 years and I still can't get my printer to print more than a test page...
+Mark Newton Microkernels ARE superior in design, but Linux has a longer pedigree and has had more time to roast to perfection the darwinian trials by fire.   Plus microkernels are new and it's harder to implement them without the experience we already have plenty of with monolithic kernels.
3.11! Nice work Linux, 22 years and still the best made kernel ever!
Your doing WHAT? a free operating system? are you on drugs??????
this is linus said? rigth?
I knew Linux was to going great when back in those days I used to install SCO Xenix (with just 5 5 1/4 floppies it took a full morning to install)... and  a friend of mine just gave me Linux 0.99 in something called Slackware using 37 3 1/2 disks :D
+Michael Graham Yeah, but 5 years from now everyone will be running free GNU on their 200 MIPS, 64M SPARCstation-5.
This just threw me to the wayback days of compiling Linux on my Minix box on a borrowed school PC (I worked in the library in all my spare time, I'm that much of a nerd). Oh, and I'm so glad you finally got something other than an AT Harddrive so we're not still stuck using them. And my only feature request is to make this version 'protable' ;)
Everybody will be using GNU/Herd in a few years... Had you been my student, you would not have gotten a very good grade ;-)
I tried this in 1991. It'll never take off ;-)
Funny that Linus said in the second comment on the original post that porting would be impossible :-)
Great post! I thought it was the original post, although some details weren't as I remembered. Professional? Everything under the sun?? Then I re-read the version number...

I remember playing with Linux sometime around 1993, booting my old PC from Linux floppies. But in my daytime work I used SUN boxes, so I lost interest. Wasn't until 2002 that I became a serious user...
Were do you even start to write an OS I am a beginning Java programer I was interested in it but didn't know were to get the Linux kernel can you tell me were to get a kernel
Features most people would want.. i dunno. But i (and that is a start) would really like to read

a Linus book trilogy, disguised as inspiring biography, that actually leads me into developing software, drivers, and kernel modules for Linux.

And then write.
I first downloaded version 0.99 from a bulletinboard into floppies. It was slackware, still use it today.
After Linux 3.11, just skip Linux 95, Linux 98, XP, Vista and 8. Go directly to Linux X -  preferably ahead of Apple: to version 10.10. Nice job +Linus Torvalds  to bring back old memories! 
I would love some of the old features that have been removed, such as hover over a song and it plays, also screensavers, which really personalizes it. I also wonder if there is any way to implement a program which uses a webpage to program HTML, not just to see its changes but to code it. I'm dabbling in it right now, and it was fun, but a nuisance with an HP Mini, switching between them both.
+Jasper Nuyens : Linux has been "x" since the beginning. cough LinuX cough... 

But seriously, I've been a Linux geek since Red Hat 5.0. Now well over 10 years and I don't regret a single day, even though you won't find me on LKML. Thanks guys, to job well done! 
Been using linux since my first version of slackware in 2000.  Still using it on all of my computers, using Linux Mint 15 Olivia
Happy birthday ;) My biggest wishes: speedy USB transfers and BFQ (CK patches). IMHO, a must for the desktop 
2002 or 2003 when I installed Linux Mandrake (can't remember version or kernel numbers). Now on Mint 14...
I've been running Linux for only 5 or 6 years now, but then again I'm only 18 years old, so I guess that's all right. If it weren't for micro$oft office and all the video games I like to play, I'd never buy an operating system ever again and just use Linux operating systems.
Yeah, some stuff is hard to replace, but I have adapted well, considering. Virtual Box was a great remedy.
+C Rogers yup, I got those. Still doesn't let me play skyrim on native Linux. And if Google docs gets any better (AND GOOGLE RELEASES A DRIVE CLIENT FOR LINUX), I may be able to drop windows for everything besides videogames. More often, I'm noticing that I can use Linux for everything besides games. I may even be able to use nothing but Linux in my freshman year of college. I use Kubuntu.
Are you looking for any contributors? or beta testers? Let me know
"just a hobby..."

I would love to see what would happen if he took something seriously.
well then.. let's take it seriously.. where can I find the source? :)
+Frans Elliott It is easy, just remove Windows from you computer and forget all excuses, believe me! I never bought an operating system and already received reimbursement twice from Dell because I don't use Windows on my laptops. You shouldn't pay for something you don't use.
I'd like the next version of Linux to be able to control the weather, is this something you will consider?
yeah.. I am currently running Ubuntu 13.04 LTS .. Love it!
Can you add a doc like in Mac or something like the finder in Mac that has the program name and the options separate from the program 
Congratulations, and  Huge Thanks for doing something so profoundly amazing, and so infectious in human spirit, that so many have joined at making it one of the best things to ever happen with computer science!! Here's looking forward to even more amazing things to come with GNU/Linux!! Every time I fire up my Linux box, I get excited all over again. So much amazing software, and all provided with freedom of spirit, and opportunity of leveraging future! Linux Forward!! Rah Rah!! Cheers!
Great! Ive been using Linux from 1998 at home, and from 2006 in the office.
It's so great! and Thanks LT!
My first encounter with computers and linux was in 2009! OpenSuse.

Thank you humanity for making it happen.
Since 1999. Lost contact around 2002-2008. Now using it everyday ... as android :-)
You forgot the "all like GNU". I liked that part.
I got my first copy of Linux was RedHat 9 about 9 years ago. 
Using Linux, only, since 2008. Congrats, linuxers.
Parabéns pelos 22 anos!!! Obrigado por fazer parte da minha vida profissional!!!
Mobile versions are the most interesting distros to be followed. On released devices Harmattan 1.2 is pure joy and most ppl will never understand the fact. Hope on good sails.
+Raymond Jennings, what makes microkernels inherently superior? I suspect Mr. Torvalds disagrees (and I seem to recall that he's even written about why). +Michael Swearingen, I truly hope you're joking too. +Paul Parker, those old systems tend to be serious power hogs. What is a 486 doing for you these days? My first Linux was some sort of Slackware, and I seem to recall that it was kernel 1.3.3 or so. I guess it must've been in '98 or '99, but I don't really remember for sure.
My first time was my as a freshman in college, 1997. Slackware. I was alone, scared and confused. But very excited when I finally got my dial up to work for the first time. The littlest achievements back then were hard won. Now I can setup my webserver, database, and development environment in under an hour. It's come such a long way. I love Linux and always will.
I can still remember the headaches of trying to figure out PPP configuration for dialup. Ugh.
I remember learning to configure the xwindow system on a Slackware distro in the 90s...
+Jeffrey Day, my relatively recent experience attempting (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to get the image the right size using HDMI output was definitely reminiscent of the old times. Also, anyone who uses NVidia et al is still in the old times.
Some fun ideas:
1: Integrate DDELinux (or similar technology) library inside the Kernel source tree (similar to the "Anykernel" rump stuff in NetBSD) to be able to build each part of the kernel as an independent (user space) driver for any operating system that got the interface library (for example DDEKit). Pros: * more users/eyeballs on certain aspects of the kernel (device- and file system drivers mostly). * Easy driver/filesystem development without porting from FUSE or similar (in the case of NetBSD and Rump: drivers source code is identical for userspace and in-kernel use).

2. Implement a syscall compatibility kernel module for *BSDs, Illumos etc similar to that found in many BSD kernels - that way one could run an unmodified BSD (or Illumos) userland in a chroot :)
And it still sucks.

Although a lot less than the alternatives. ;]
An issue that I suffer with across multiple operating systems, and across multiple revisions of the Linux Kernel (Thanks by the way Linus) is the unresponsive nature of detecting USB device removal and plug-in.
USB 3(4?)G dongles represent a large issue for me, living in a third world country.  Is there any way that this issue could be addressed?
i want an editor it should run all the thing, support non-linux & linux , it should be powerfull editor compare to emacs & vim.
+pampana harish, your editor has nothing to do with the Linux kernel. Emacs and vim are almost completely different from each other. Furthermore, Emacs and vim will both run on numerous platforms. Vim, at least, seems to have versions that will run on just about every platform supporting a monitor and keyboard or a terminal, and probably some mobile devices without such support, although only old versions will work for some things like Amiga and 16-bit MS-DOS. The major exception appears to be pre-Mac Apple machines, so if you need an editor for your Apple IIc, your options will be limited.
still going strong after my first install of RH 4.2 on a Cyrix 586. Glad I stuck in there; those installs were rough on a newb.
22 year ago I was in Junior High, in Mexico, Que es una computadora? (What is a computer?) I guess I'm a noob as well. First install FC6 ~ 2006
+Alan Carvalho de Assis What reimbursement? If I buy a laptop and remove the Windoze OS can I get my money back? Since when? I feel cheated :-( I haven't use Windoze @ home since 2008, that is at least 2 laptops ago.

No backward compatibility with common used closed drivers (NVIDIA).
This card is almost a Linux partner. Kernel developers must care about.

I'm back to 3.10
Word of warning, they're usually very overpriced.
My dad bought us 2 old 486s for $50 to do 'this computer thing' with. My uncle came over and installed Red Hat (~3 I think) and I saw it and it was good. SOOO much better than NT at uni. Then my uncle hit a problem and replaced it with Windows 3.1. and it was bad. I bought a red hat disk set at the newsagent. I had a vaguely sane install by about my fourth or fifth attempt.
Gnome back when it had features & Enlightenment as the default window manager.
My first encounter with Linux was with mandrake I heard about Linux on several bulletin boards an the guy at the software store just called me up and gave it to me been using it ever since on Linux mint now
David B
I just switched to Linux and it's been a great experience.
I started my computer career in the Air Force in  1970, 43 years ago, that's is longer ago than many of your are old! I had HPUX (Hewlett-Packard Unix) back then. I had to ask questions back then, and still have to ask today. SO..
What are the key differences between Ubuntu and Zorin? I cannot get Ubuntu to install on either of my old laptop "toys" a Dell 1505 and an Acer Aspire 5315, yet Zorin installs well and does a good job.    
Is is true that someone running Linux can easily hack my WiFi ?
Yes, using John-The-Ripper or Rainbow Tables.
how can I get the basic command of debian linux?
I've been looking for the original UNIX OS disks and a Solaris desktop for sh## and giggles an to say I've got it 
Can you people help me in Linux please 
I feel free tu use LINUX (Manjaro, Arch Xfce, Plasma 5 : I LEARN EVERY DAY ! Happy Birthday :)
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